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The Monster

Moving Episode 10 takes us to Ulsan in the year 1990. Here, we meet a young Ju-won who works as a gangster. He is using his powers to help his boss, Gwang-jin, take control of the gang territory in Ulsan and kick out the reigning gang leader, Jae-sung. 

The opening scene starts with an intense fight as Ju-won solely takes out Jae-sung’s men. Jae-sung deduces that Ju-won is not normal after watching him slit his stomach and remain standing. Be prepared for some bloody, grotesque scenes!

Ju-won narrates that since he learned of his powers, he decided to take the easiest road and use it as a shield in his gang life. It is why the people call him “the monster.”

He also had a close confidante, Min-ki, who helped him. He considered Min-ki his right-handed man. Min-ki was a good friend. He took time driving Ju-won around and catering to his food cravings. Mostly, Ju-won would crave sunfish from his hometown, Pohang.

After getting Jae-sung to sign over the rights to the Gukbingwan nightclub, his mafia base, Ju-won was under the impression that everything was done. He expected his boss, Gwang-jin, to build up the business and excel. However, things took a turn which ended up surprising Ju-won.

His boss, Gwang-jin, wanted to merge with Jae-sung and make more opportunities to earn money. For Ju-won, his beef with Jae-sung was never about money but the fact that he hurt their men.

After noticing that Gwang-jin and Jae-sung are getting too close, Ju-won tries to convince his boss otherwise. Slowly, Ju-won starts being alienated by Gwang-jin and Min-ki, who fail to tell him that they’re moving forward with their plans. Min-ki starts being too busy for Ju-won, and Gwang-jin insists the merger is good. He is even ready to humble himself before Jae-sung, and call him the big boss.

One night, Ju-won meets for drinks with Gwang-jin and Min-ki. Unfortunately, Min-ki drugs and hands them over to Jae-sung’s gang. The drugs only put Ju-won out for a few hours, unlike Gwang-jin, who passed out cold.

Ju-won wakes up heavily tied to a car along with Gwang-jin and about to be drowned. He begs Jae-sung to let Gwang-jin go since he is under the impression that his boss has a reason for wanting the merger. Jae-sung reveals that the merger was never his idea. Gwang-jin used Ju-won as a shield to expand his business in Ulsan.

It turns out Gwang-jin was behind the attacks on his men to make it look like Jae-sung was attacking them. This impassioned Ju-won to go after Jae-sung and hand over the club. Ju-won also learns that Min-ki betrayed him and told Jae-sung how to kill him. This is why he is tied to the car and about to be drowned. 

Luckily, Ju-won manages to free himself and escape. He leaves Gwang-jin for dead and swims to the surface. He visits Min-ki and slices his left cheek to symbolise his betrayal. Min-ki begs for his life, and Ju-won spares him. He, however, kills Jae-sung and his men. 

After the big fight, Ju-won decided to stay at a motel. Sometimes, he would stage an accident and get paid. Usually, he would ask the driver to settle by giving him money without involving the authorities and go on his merry way.

At the motel, he meets a coffee lady named Ji-hee. At first, he doesn’t approach her and only watched her from afar. He could tell that she was a lady who stood her ground and didn’t let men walk over her because of her job.

As they continue to run into each other though, they have a casual conversation in the hallway. Ji-hee is surprised by how respectful Ju-won is. She argues it might be because he is older, and Ju-won feels offended that she thinks he is old.

One night, she accidentally catches him staging an accident, and he is embarrassed. Initially, she thought he was a hit-and-run victim, but later he reveals the truth. As Ju-won is terrible with direction, she tries to help him, and he ends up lost again. Ji-hee later finds him crying in the street, claiming he can’t find his way. 

The episode ends with Yong-jun meeting with Min-ki and asking about the monster. He promises Min-ki freedom to continue his illegal activities if he hands Ju-won to him.

The Episode Review

Ju-won must have suffered a lot. Every stab and hit must have been painful. He regenerates, but he still feels the pain. He probably meant this when he asked Gwang-jin what he knew about being stabbed. Ju-won was ready to lay his life down for Gwang-jin and Min-ki; they used and betrayed him. Sorry, but Ju-won made a mistake letting Min-ki live.

Min-ki is a weasel who can’t be trusted, but at least he is handing him over to Yong-jun. Maybe Ju-won can find his way now. 

Speaking of finding his way, Ju-won must be implying that he feels stuck in the dark. The events of the past must have been overwhelming for him. He is probably looking for a way to live a better life away from gang-related violence. Will a fresh start lead him to a new beginning?

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