Biggest Movies on US Streaming Services in June 2023

There are some great movies coming to US streaming services this month, including Tár on Amazon Prime Video, Infinity Pool on Hulu, and Avatar: The Way Of Water on Disney+.

Below is a rundown of all the biggest movie releases that are available to stream this June.

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To Leslie (2022)

Release Date: June 1

Where To Watch: Netflix

Andrea Riseborough received an Oscar nomination for her role in this heartbreaking movie. She stars as Leslie Rowlands, a West Texas woman who wins big on the local lottery but who then squanders her money on drugs and alcohol. She becomes destitute after alienating her family but is eventually given a second chance by her son. He offers to take her into his home under one provision: that she stops drinking.

Giving up the habit is easier said than done for the desperate Leslie but her life is turned around when she finds support from a caring motel owner named Sweeney (Marc Maron).

Margaux (2022)

Release Date: June 2

Where To Watch: Paramount+

When a group of young people rent a smart house for a partying weekend, their fun and games are interrupted by Margaux, the house’s super-advanced AI system, which has sinister designs for each of them.

Susan Bennet, the original voice of Siri, voices the malicious AI. Perhaps now is the time to delete Siri from your phones, just in case…

Magic Mike’s Last Dance (2023)

Release Date: June 2

Where To Watch: Max

Channing Tatum bumps and grinds once more in this third movie featuring the big-hearted male stripper. After retiring from the stage, Mike is offered an exorbitant sum of money to perform one last dance by a wealthy socialite (Salma Hayek).

Does he give in to this temptress? The answer is in the movie’s title but while there won’t be many surprises in Steven Sodbergh’s latest movie, you might still want to tune in if you’re a fan of Mike and his sexy dance troupe.

Living (2022)

Release Date: June 5

Where To Watch: Netflix

Bill Nighy earned his well-deserved first Oscar nomination for his role in this British tearjerker about a humourless office worker in 1950s London who decides to ‘seize the day’ after being given a grim medical diagnosis.

Aimee Lou Wood (Sex Education) and Alex Sharp (The Good Lord Bird) also star in this sad but very well-crafted weepie that may well make you reflect on the fragility of your own existence.

Tár (2022)

Release Date: June 6

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

In Todd Field’s powerful new movie, Cate Blanchett gives a magnificent performance as Lydia Tár, a renowned conductor for the Berlin Philharmonic, who is accused of sexual misconduct.

Field wields his baton with effortless ease to give us a performance-driven movie that was deservedly nominated for several Oscars but disappointingly went home with nothing. Don’t let that put you off this breathtaking piece of cinema!

Avatar: Way Of Water (2022)

Release Date: June 7

Where To Watch: Disney+/ Max

James Cameron returns to Pandora and reaches new heights (and depths) in a movie that once again utilizes the best in special effects technology to showcase the fantastical world he has created. In this sequel, Jake Sully and his family are forced to seek refuge with the aquatic Metkayina clan when an old threat returns to disrupt their paradise existence.

This long-awaited sequel to 2009’s Avatar was well-received upon its release, mainly because of the stunning special effects, but the story is a bit of a damp squib as it’s basically a retread of the original movie’s plotline. You may be too swept up in Cameron’s vision to care about the story’s familiarity but it’s a little disappointing the director couldn’t come up with a narrative that is as groundbreaking as the visual effects.

Flamin’ Hot

Release Date: June 9

Where To Watch: Disney+/ Hulu

Flamin’ Hot tells the story of Richard Montañez, the Frito Lay janitor who came up with the idea of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, the snack that became an iconic global pop-culture phenomenon.

Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) directs this inspirational true-story drama with Ambulance star Jesse Garcia in the lead role.

Creed III (2022)

Release Date: June 9

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Creed II was disappointing but this third movie, which has been directed by its star, Michael B. Jordan, is a welcome return to form for the Rocky spin-off franchise. This time around, Adonis Creed, who has been dominating the boxing world, takes on a new challenger: his childhood friend and former boxing prodigy Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors), who is eager to prove he has what it takes to come out on top in the ring.

This doesn’t have the power of the original Rocky movie but it still packs a knockout punch thanks to Jordan’s dazzling direction and the magnetic acting from the two leads.

Brooklyn 45 (2023)

Release Date: June 9

Where To Watch: Shudder

During the winter of 1945, a group of old friends gather together at a Brooklyn brownstone parlor to support their troubled host who is grieving the loss of his wife. Little do they know that they have been brought to their old pal’s home for a reason. He wants them to take part in a seance so that he can connect with the spirit of his lost loved one.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, quite a lot actually as they all discover when the metaphorical ghosts of their past become all too literal. Anne Ramsay and Larry Fessenden star in this critically acclaimed period horror piece.

dune hbo max

Dune (2021)

Release Date: June 10

  Where To Watch: Hulu

Dune is one of the biggest science-fiction movies of recent years although those expecting Star Wars-level thrills might be disappointed. This isn’t to say it’s not worth a watch as visually, the film is absolutely stunning. The story is good too although newcomers to the Duniverse might find it a little complicated and as dry as the desert setting of Arrakis.

A sequel is on the way at the end of this year.

Extraction 2 (2023)

Release Date: June 16

     Where To Watch: Netflix

After barely surviving the events of the hit 2020 movie Extraction, Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is tasked with another dangerous mission: rescuing the family of a ruthless Georgian gangster from the prison where they are being held. When the extraction goes awry and the gangster dies in the heat of battle, the villain’s brother tracks down Rake to get his revenge.

The first movie was one of Netflix’s biggest hits so here’s hoping this second movie, in what could be a very profitable franchise for the streaming service, is just as good as the entertaining original.

Armaggedon Time (2022)

Release Date: June 20

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

James Gray (Ad Astra) directs this deeply personal coming-of-age story about Paul Graff, a 12-year-old boy who is keen to follow his dreams of being an artist, despite the disapproval of his father.

Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong, Anthony Hopkins, and Banks Repeta (as the young dreamer ) star in this absorbing slice-of-life movie.

Infinity Pool (2023)

Release Date: June 23

 Where To Watch: Hulu

Brandon Cronenberg (Possessor) directs this disturbing new horror thriller about a young couple whose lives take a downward plunge when they discover a hedonistic culture outside of the holiday resort where they are staying.

Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth, and Cleopatra Coleman star in this movie that will make you rethink your vacation plans!

World’s Best (2023)

Release Date: June 23

Where To Watch: Disney+

Prem Patel is a 12-year-old mathematics genius but when he learns that his recently deceased father was a rapper, he decides to forego the world of numbers for a career as a rap superstar! Is hip-hop in his DNA? All will be revealed when this brand-new movie hits Disney+ this June!

Barbarian (2022)

Release Date: June 25

Where To Watch: Hulu

When two people double-book an Airbnb, they decide to share their accommodation, despite the inconvenience it will cause them. Unfortunately, they have more to worry about than one another’s sleeping habits as they soon discover they aren’t the only residents of the house they are staying in.

Georgina Campbell and Bill Skarsgård star in this entertaining horror that throws up several surprises during its runtime.

M3GAN (2023)

Release Date: June 2

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

A grieving young girl named Cady (Violet McGraw) is partnered up with an artificially intelligent new playmate in this surprisingly decent horror movie about the titular killer doll.

We have seen movies like this one before, most notably Child’s Play and its various sequels, but this stands out as one of the best due to the impressive performances and the disturbingly life-like robot that is one of the best horror antagonists of recent years.

Run Rabbit Run (2023)

Release Date: June 28

Where To Watch: Netflix

In this Australian horror movie, Sarah Snook stars as a mother whose daughter may or may not be possessed by the spirit of her dead sister. Is the little girl playing tricks on her mom? Or has she really been possessed by her aunt?

Daina Reid (The Handmaid’s Tale) is at the helm of this promising new chiller.

Nimona (2023)

Release Date: June 30

Where To Watch: Netflix

Based on the bestselling graphic novel sensation from ND Stevenson, this new animated sci-fi adventure movie tells the story of a shapeshifting teenager named Nimona (Chloë Grace Moretz) who is targeted by a knight named Ballister Blackheart (Riz Ahmed) for assassination.

Children Of The Corn (2020)

Release Date: June 30

Where To Watch: Shudder

Stephen King’s classic work of horror fiction has been adapted for the screen before, most notably in 1984 when Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton starred as the road-tripping couple who stumbled upon a devilish cult of children who were beholden to the demonic figure known ‘He Who Walks Behind The Rows.’

That movie wasn’t as good as the short story on which it was based but it was far better than this latest adaptation which dilutes the scares with a confusing ecological message.

Which movies are you most looking forward to this June? Let us know in the comments below.



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