Will there be a Viking Wolf 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Viking Wolf 2

If you’re a fan of werewolf horror movies, you might be interested in Viking Wolf, a Norwegian chiller that has recently landed on Netflix. It tells the story of a young teenager named Thale who has a rather nasty encounter with a lycanthrope. The conclusion to the movie is rather ambiguous so it leaves the way open for a sequel.

But will there be a Viking Wolf 2? Or will you be baying at the next full moon in disappointment? Here’s what we know about a follow-up movie.

What is Viking Wolf about?

As mentioned, Viking Wolf tells the story of Thale, a teenage girl who moves to the Norwegian town of Nybo with her family. She has trouble fitting into her new school at first but her social life starts to improve when she is invited to a late-night party by a young guy named Jonas.

Unfortunately, the party ends in a horrible fashion when a werewolf attacks Thale and drags another girl away into the forest. As the movie progresses, it is clear that all is not right with Thale after this encounter. When a series of murders take place, there is the suggestion that she could be to blame.

Has Thale become a werewolf? Or is somebody (or something) else responsible for the savage killings that are taking place?

We aren’t going to reveal the answer here but if you would like to know more, please check out our Ending Explained article that goes into a little more detail about the movie.

Will there be a Viking Wolf 2?

There is scope for a sequel as the first movie ends in an inconclusive way. It can be supposed that the open-ended nature of the finale was intentional so as to continue the story that is started here.

But at the time of writing, a sequel to Viking Wolf has not been announced. This isn’t a surprise as Viking Wolf has only just been released so the decision-makers at Netflix will probably be checking viewing figures and review scores before making a sequel announcement.

Should news of a sequel emerge in the coming days and weeks, we will update this article with the relevant information.

What could Viking Wolf 2 be about?

Viking Wolf 2 could be a prequel rather than a sequel as the opening prologue of Viking Wolf explains the origin of the werewolf menace that is the cause of the carnage in the small Norwegian town that Thale ends up in.

According to the movie, Vikings plundered an abbey in Normandy in 1050 and discovered a rather foul-looking creature hidden in a secret room. They sailed back home to Norway with the animal in tow, but on the way, all of the Vikings died. Their canine passenger was obviously responsible for their deaths but as to what exactly happened on the ship, we can’t say for sure. A prequel could fill in the blanks and continue its story in Norway when the beast landed on the country’s shores.

If the follow-up movie is a sequel, it could focus on the hunt for the werewolves that still exist in the local woods. The deaths of these creatures would put an end to the bloodline that began with the original werewolf so we could get a truly epic movie that focuses on the battle between the town’s inhabitants and these hairy terrors.

This is just speculation as Viking Wolf 2 is still unconfirmed. But what do you think should happen in the prequel/sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

When could Viking Wolf 2 be released?

Viking Wolf 2 could be released in February next year, in line with the first movie’s release date. Or it could be released in time for Halloween this year or next if Netflix wants to add more seasonal horror tales to its roster! There is also the possibility that a sequel will never happen as the first movie hasn’t been warmly received by many critics. But if we do hear news of a sequel and a release date, we aim to update this article accordingly.

Would you like to see a sequel to Viking Wolf? What did you think of the first film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. It’s bin a long time for a good werewolf movie to come out. This one was amazing and I would like to know what happens next since they left it as it could continue.

  2. Plenty of scope for both prequel and sequel. Great performances all around in Viking Wolf. A striking motion picture which has you hooked.

  3. Definite both sequel and prequel. There are the kids that were only bitten in the last attack. I don’t think they all died. That’s a lot of werewolves running around and to explore the back story would be interesting. Bring it on.

  4. Definetly we need viking wolf 2, hate it when the story is left open. So netflix yes please do another

  5. Absolutely Make BOTH! Release the Prequel on Halloween and the Sequel in February 2024 About Thale! I’ve Spent 50+Years Reviewing Horror Movies and Viking Wolf was an 5 Star Movie! Netflix Had the Right Idea & Really Should Build on BOTH a Prequel and Also a Sequel With Thale and Arthur, Since He was Bitten By Thale & Lived! The Twist of Being Her StepFather Would Be Awesome!

  6. I loved the movie and thought it was pretty good though it was sad that Thale turned while she was on a date and killed the boy she liked

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