Will there be The Apology 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

The Apology 2

Shudder’s The Apology subverted genre norms. Like the BJ Novak film Vengeance, this Anna Gunn starrer too had a refreshing twist to the idea of exacting some new capabilities from this cinematic norm. It has all the makings of a primal revenge plot and the vulnerability of emotional duress a mother suffers because of her long-missing child. As a single-location fiesta, the movie is satisfying but perhaps turns the ladle too soon and too conveniently in the end.

There was so much that was unsaid in The Apology. The crisp running time of 90 minutes excluded many significant details, hence opening up the possibility of a sequel. Here is what we know about a sequel to Shudder’s The Apology.

What is The Apology about?

Darlene (Anna Gunn) weathers another stormy night in her secluded cabin alone after her only daughter Sally went missing almost 20 years ago. The grieving mother has yet to stop looking for her. Her friend and only neighbour Gretchen takes her leave and Darlene plans to open her bottle of vodka, breaking her sobriety since Sally went missing. But, there is a knock at the door. It is Jack, her sister’s ex-husband.

Their conversation starts innocuously but gradually, the can of worms opens on their past relationship, their present feelings, and of course, Sally’s disappearance. The movie quickly turns into a home-invasion kind of story where both the main characters, Darlene and Jack, turn averse to each other.

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Will The Apology have a sequel?

Shudder has not yet commented on the film or a sequel. They do not have any plans at the time of writing this, and it will be difficult to get a concrete yes/no any time soon. The Apology has a tough run ahead of itself. Not only did it release on Shudder but also released simultaneously in theatres, making it a two-pronged litmus test for the film. The numbers from both avenues are not too encouraging.

The response can best be classified as lukewarm. Critics too have been divided over the film and combining those two realities, we anticipate that we will not see a sequel for The Apology.

What could the The Apology sequel plot elements be?

The most obvious answer is a plot that it highlights the events leading up to the disappearance of Sally. Unless there is some new invention in the same universe or another universe is set along similar lines, this seems to be the most compelling plotline. But if that is the case, the resultant sequel would be more of a tense affair of emotions, drama, and internalized feelings. It could be very interesting but again, this is guesswork on our part.

When could the The Apology sequel come out?

We have no information about the same as of yet. But, as and when the situation changes, come back here for the news!

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