Will there be a Teen Wolf: The Movie 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Teen Wolf: The Movie 2

Teen Wolf: The Movie hit the streaming platform Paramount+ in January 2023 and there has been much excitement surrounding it. It happened to be a reunion project of the teen supernatural TV show Teen Wolf. On top of that, we also got back almost all of the original cast including our very first female lead, Allison. And while the film was full of nostalgia for Teen Wolf fans, it also introduced new characters and storylines hinting at future sequels.

Well, if you have seen it, like every other viewer, you may be looking for its sequel. But will there be a Teen Wolf: The Movie 2? Or is there little chance of a follow-up film? Here’s what we know at the time of writing.

Please note: this article contains spoilers about the film’s ending!

What is Teen Wolf: The Movie about?

Teen Wolf: The Movie starts off with a mysterious man attacking Liam and freeing the evil trickster spirit, the nogitsune that he was guarding. Elsewhere, Scott, Lydia and Chris Argent start hallucinating the very dead Allison and decide to perform a ritual in Beacon Hills to put her soul at peace. Unfortunately, it ends up bringing her back to life.

And while they expect a happy reunion, she greets them with knives and arrows as only select memories return including the fact that she is supposed to kill Derek Hale for wiping out her family. The pack need to help her out while also dealing with an old enemy that would like to kill them all.

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Will there be a Teen Wolf: The Movie 2?

At the time of writing, a sequel to Teen Wolf: The Movie has not been announced. The film ends happily for almost all of our favourite characters. However, in true Teen Wolf season finale fashion, the reunion film introduces several new characters and storylines that could serve as the foundation for a sequel if needed.

It should be noted that reunion projects, in general, do not get multiple sequels unless it is a modern classic like Sex and the City. On top of it, Teen Wolf’s creator, Jeff Davis is focusing on his new supernatural teen show Wolf Pack which will keep him quite busy. However, with the cast’s love for the series and the enthusiasm with which they joined the reunion movie, not all hope is lost.

Additionally, fan-favourite Dylan O’Brien who could not make it for Teen Wolf: The Movie due to clashing schedules has shared that he is open to the idea of a future appearance. 

What could happen in Teen Wolf: The Movie 2?

If we do get Teen Wolf: The Movie 2, it would probably focus on Derek’s son Eli who has now finally learned how to turn into a werewolf. Or with Liam already being in a relationship with Hikari, a kitsune, they could possibly do a spin-off about the couple, their supernatural friends and escapades at their Japanese restaurant.

Lead actors, Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed suggested that they would like to see a sequel which focuses on heavier elements like mental health and their burdens now that they are adults.

We also would love to see more of Scallison of whom we were robbed when Allison died in season 3 and Scott was heartbroken. And with Dylan O’Brien hinting that he wouldn’t mind returning for a future appearance, the creators better fix Stydia because having Stiles and Lydia break up over a dream after everything they have been through together was the most disappointing reason anyone could come up with.

And of course, seeing that no dead characters stay dead thanks to the resurrection of Allison and Peter Hale, we do hope that Teen Wolf: The Movie is not the end for Derek and he is brought back to life to revel in his true alpha form while being proud of his son.

When could Teen Wolf: The Movie 2 be released?

We first got the news of a reunion movie in 2021 during Teen Wolf’s 10-year anniversary celebration. Filming began in March 2022 and finished sometime in May. It took 5 months before we got an update and the movie was then released in January 2023.

Given that the reunion was announced 4 years after the last season of Teen Wolf since the cast and crew were busy with their present ongoing projects, it could take a couple of years before we get any news on a sequel.

Of course, this is all speculation as there has been no official news regarding a second movie. Keep an eye out for this section as we will update readers if there is any news.

Would you like to see a sequel to Teen Wolf: The Movie? What did you think of the first film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  2. Definitely yes. Need a Teen Wolf 2 plus a new series. All the characters are available and even Dylan O’ Brian is up for another.

  3. Omg yes i want another movie, and bring Derek back too life. And hope stiles will come too.

  4. Derek can’t die just like that and pleeeaaase bring stiles back. Moreover too we want to see a little bit of romance as Allison is now back into Scott arms, I like their fearless LOVE. Please we want Teen wolf: the movie part 2. We move!!!!
    “The bite is a gift” ( the true Alpha #Scott#)

  5. I love teen wolf and I’m 50 I use to watch years ago and I started watching the season again. I have chronic pain and I have trouble focusing on things to watch sometimes but teen wolf got me focused and help with some of my pain. I just finished watching the series and watched the movie last night and loved it but was upset the Derek was killed. I would love for another series to start or a couple of movies and with wolf pack it would be great if they joined the to series a couple of times like they do in other tv series. I don’t know why they can’t continue teen wolf and make more series as other tv series like murder shows never stop and I find the super natural more interesting then the murder shows. And it would be great if Styles and Lydia would get back together and some of the show looks at her dream And her do more of her power even teach another banshee. Please bring it all back. I love it so much and I was so happy when they brought out wolf pack and the to joining together and Scott’s pack teaching them how to use there power for good and helping others.

  6. Yes another movie. Too many on answered questions. Where is their real enemy Monroe. And what happen to Gerald Lord of ways to go. Derek did not die bring him back as an alpha. Dylan bring him back. Lots of things can still be done. Leave the cussing out. Not necessary.

  7. I would love sequel movies, another series or a continuation of their adult lives from the 1st series. Since Scott & Allison were robbed of their teenage relationship and since she is back in the movie their relationship should continue. After all they clearly are still in love. Stiles & Lydia were robbed also and need to pick up where they left off. There are many ways to continue the series. All I ask is to bring back ALL the cast from the original series, please. I loved the series & the movie. Was heartbroken when it ended. So yes, please give us fans more Teen Wolf!!!

  8. Wow teen wolf 😍😍😍😍i love you all the guys are really hot and the girls are nice!! I like all the actors i hope there will be another movie I can’t stop watching 😍😍😍 and pls let dylan obrien in the movie, let scott be in it let everyone be in it pls 😍😍

  9. I enjoyed teen wolf. Wish there was a second d teen wolf series or even movie. Wolfpack just is not grabbing me like teen wolf did. Teen wolf grabbed me immediately as for Wolfpack nope it’s boring.

  10. Team wolf is better than wolfpack I cannot get into wolfpack team wolf is the best hope it comes back soon

  11. I hope they make another team wolf and keep on continuing I really enjoy watching it I grew up watching it I never get tired of teamwolf I love it I really don’t like that episode wolfpack I tried to get into it but It can’t be team wolf team wolf is better Nothing could be Team wolf

  12. That was the best movie of all I really enjoyed it so much and I hope there will be part Two 2 of the movie and I can’t wait to watch the part 2

  13. This was in the best shows and movies. I really hope there is a spin off or a Teen Wolf sequel. It just can’t end all the characters are so good.

  14. when alisson died i could not stop crying and if this movie ends here i wont see another movie because i like the old teen wolf. Malia, scott and the funniest stiles are my favorite carectors. I hope it continue and i want dylan obrien in it.


  16. I would literally die if the story ends here. I was literally mourning the end of the series and rewatched it a handful of times, I thought I’d die before seeing the pack in action again. But this movie left me wanting more!
    Derek Hale was one of the primary reasons to why I got addicted to the series first, and it would be distasteful to know he doesn’t get a happy ending too.
    I really wanted Stydia to feature, to my (sadly) dismay.
    I think we are ready for another true alfa!!!
    It wouldn’t hurt seeing some more of Mr. Argent and Mrs McCall, though, just saying.

  17. Loved it, hope u can do a second movie. Bring stiles back in it was a shame he wasn’t in this movie with the rest of the gang. It be good bringing Derek back to.

  18. BRING IT BACK!! Another movie, another series, spinoff series, do it all! And bring back Stiles! He was always my favorite and made the show a million times better.

  19. Make a part 2 to teen Wolf Movie. It was great. But slot more you could do with new and former casts.


  21. Love to see this franchise continue in whatever form is possible. This story is far from over and the fan base in loyal,

  22. Loved the movie I really hope they do a second film to carry on from the first movie

  23. Yes,absolutely need a sequel to Teen Wolf:the move2, or make more seasons. Like most this has potential to grow.I would love to see Stiles bk with Lydia.that’s a couple love connection that just doesn’t die. Would also love him bk with his baby blue jeep, i think the 🚙 jeep has more to say,as into why it was soo important to Stiles in the first place. I also strongly agree.Derek reuniting with is son,after all with his eyes turning red again at the end, they can’t end it like that,his got to come bk. I would also love to see the twin brothers bk with the pack. Jackson with out his love was hart breaking. Oh, “YES” we need these love stories sorted. I also agree with most they do need to show their true form characters play out.Having the wolf pack, the fox, hellhound, even Jackson when he get shot didn’t transform, I was waiting for that.As I said this movie slash series has much growth potential. Some loop holes unsolved, Love stories unresolved. So, ” yessss a thousand times yessss “. Bring it back. !!Please!!!

  24. I strongly feel that a sequel would be a great idea there is so many ways it could go and they could spin another series off of the sequel or even start a series now there is so much more they can do and I look forward to seeing it all on paramount

  25. This movie was sooooooo good!!!! I love the series! I looooved the movie!!! Would love a sequel or new seasons of a show!! I don’t think a spinoff without all the characters would be as good. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!!

  26. Love the original series and that there was a movie. Would really love follow up movies , plural or new series to pick up on their lives now and see the new characters.

  27. You should totally make a sequel!!! I just LOVED the movie and obsessed with the series!!! Maybe in the sequel, can we see Stiles?! I was upset when I found out he wasn’t in the movie! He was a huge part of the series too!

  28. Most Definitely would love another movie, I think also think that Jeff Davis should combine his characters from Teen Wolf with the Wolf Pack series now that would be a great series that I’m sure would be a big hit with everyone new and return fans of it!

  29. Please more movies or another series. This cant be the end. Im obsessed with Teen Wolf and there is so much scope for more story lines.

  30. Well to be honest I think it should be another Teen Wolf movie because it’s a great story about love drama and heart aches an losses.Teen Wolf shouldn’t be ending off as a movie it should keep going be cause I see that Teen wolf still has a lot of growth there but I feel like this movie should of been last I think they should of kept the 7-8-9 season going into this movie at least it would of became clear for the fans to understand better we still don’t know what happened to that woman hunter who was in season 5 or 6 nor what happened to the young boy Scott them found running from her hunter guys those are missing stories that has a big loop hole an a lot of us fans want to teen wolf to continue and grow this movie was great to me I’m always going to be a big fan an im always going to be a wolf pack with them guys I want to see Scott turn Allison in to a wolf I want to see them have children of they own an teaching them how to become both wolf an human an teach them bout the hard aches an pain they went thru in they lives so yes teen wolf needs to continue

  31. We need another Teen Wolf movie and another series! Add in the new series Wolfpack or join them together! I don’t care but myself and my grandchildren love this show! It is and always will be the one I rewatch over and over. All the characters are important to tell each their own story. Seth Gilliam ( The veterinarian ) needs his own backstory as well. We need them all! Have Stiles return with a new werewolf friends from where he has been living. Have the new kids in the Wolfpack stumble across some of the old pack and start from there. Idc but we need more! If nothing else is in tv but this show I’d be happy!

  32. omg me and my to girls cryed wen derek got killed ,i cant beleave thay did that .thay have to bring him back to his son. we want more ….moves

  33. Need more !!!!!!! That’s all I can say the show needs to be back the movie needs to be back

  34. Most definitely. I was gutted when the tv series ended. So another movie would be amazing, be even better if they actually bought bk the tv series. More more more please !

  35. I would love another season or movie and have it end the series on a high note without there being room for another. However if your going to do it please have all characters because not having stiles in it was a big disappointment because he has been my favorite out of all of them.

  36. Plz do another movie or bring back a series cz iv been a big fan of both. So has my kids… I cried when Derek Hale died cz he wz my biggest crush…. we as fans cant get enough. Best werewolf show or movie ever!

  37. I hope for a sequel i love the Teen wolf Series and the movie wow this is the best movie and series of all time lets hope for a second movie be safe 🙏

  38. We need a sequel!! Jeff Davis, please bring Lydia and Stiles back together. We would love to see their love story!!!

  39. After seeing a movie no I don’t think this should be the last movie but I do think the writers show do a wolf pack show with new cast member but the old cast popping up throughout the season due to their other project it can happen because I have seen some shows that does that which makes the fans love teen wolf is an amazing show I watch it when It came out till the end if you you send the show it tell a story about everyone changing into a creature they can’t control the movie with out styles was question which also means it should be a sequel to lead to a show or a another movie but if you do another movie let it be a little bit longer for teen wolf to be out of show for years you have to bring it back stronger and longer I like the new movie just the end shows that Derek doesn’t rest so this could never be the end for Derek and that should be the next movie bring styles home and Derek coming home to his son or that could be in a show for wolf pack I hope the cast, director and producer will continue on with project because I wish it was more to the movie everyone didn’t go into their form which brings me back to my point that the show was everyone change into a creature that they can’t control but Scott Derek His son Lydia to scream for once and Jordon burning up like hellhound the fox didn’t change nor did jackson turn which wasn’t much interested so I feel like everyone should play the role and everyone didn’t do that should leave an open for other in a show or another movie 2hr at least this time everyone change for fight no one dies and if so let it be someone that not strong cast member like Derek in the movie or one of the creatures

  40. Please Can we have a part 2 of the teen wolf: the movie
    Derek comes back to live just like allison did and reunite with his son

  41. Need a sequel bring back styles and Derek .love this show now movie need more and more and more . Now there is more material for the show to continue and continue and continue . Absolutely brilliant .bring it back please please

  42. I love the teenwolf movie Derek didn’t have to die need part two to the movie teenwolf.

  43. Please do a sequel , awe need more and we needs answers on couples and how they happened . We definitely need Derek to come back to life . And the fact that’s Allison is back we can’t leave it like this . And omg Stiles coming back would be the best . I think there is a lot more to tell and if not a movie a series come back would also be just as good . Loved the movie love the show I want more !!!

  44. Yes they have to make another movie teen wolf is one of the best wolf shows/movie there is and how it ended they can’t leave it like that

  45. Yes they have to make another movie teen wolf is one of the best wolf shows/movie there is

  46. I loved it so much but why did Derek have to die at the end. It was so sad but I hope Eli becomes a good werewolf.

  47. Yes PLEASE!! I didn’t want the movie to end!! There’s no good shows on like Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries anymore. Hopefully the new show Wolf Pack will be good 🤞🏼!!! I still continue watch through all the seasons of TW & VD. I’m really sad both series have ended. Vampire Diaries could def have a movie as well that would be awesome I would love to see what Damien & Elena are up to!!!

  48. I loved it except the end when Derek dies like seriously y would u have Derek die beside Scott he was the other mean character like y y would you do that

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