Will there be a ‘Samaritan 2’? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

The Next Samaritan

Samaritan, a new superhero movie based on a 2014 graphic novel, is available to stream on Amazon Prime right now. If you have seen and enjoyed the movie, you may be interested in a follow-up. There is certainly the potential for a sequel as the ending leaves us with more questions than answers. But will there be a ‘Samaritan 2’ or is Samaritan a standalone movie?

Here’s what we know about a potential sequel:

What is Samaritan about?

The movie focuses on the relationship between 13-year-old Sam and Joe, a reclusive garbage collector that lives in the apartment building opposite him. When Joe rescues Sam from a group of thugs, the boy begins to think his saviour is Samaritan, a superhero who apparently perished in a fire 25 years earlier after a battle with his villainous brother (aka Nemesis).

As the movie progresses, we get to learn more about Joe and his real identity as he continues to protect Sam and the other residents of Granite City from a criminal gang led by the villainous Cyrus.

Is Joe really a superhero? Or could he be somebody else entirely? And if Joe is Samaritan, could Nemesis be alive too?

To find out these answers, you need to see the movie yourself or read our Ending Explained article.

Will There Be A Samaritan 2?

At the time of writing, Samaritan 2 has not been officially confirmed. The possibility of a follow-up movie will likely depend on viewing figures, critic reviews, and the availability of Sylvester Stallone who plays Joe.

The movie debuted at No. 2 on Amazon Prime Video’s top 10 shows and movies list in the US so it has clearly been very popular. In terms of reviews, the reception to the movie has been mixed. However, the high viewing figures might take precedence when the decision-makers at Amazon sit down to contemplate a sequel, so regardless of the reviews, we might still see a ‘Samaritan 2.’ This is dependent on Stallone’s availability, of course, unless Amazon decides on a prequel movie without the Rocky star.

What could Samaritan 2 be about?

If Amazon decides on a prequel, the movie could focus on Samaritan and Nemesis and the events that led them to their apparent ‘final’ confrontation.

If there is a sequel, we could see another face-off between the warring brothers if it transpires that neither of them died.

I’m being careful not to reveal any spoilers here, just in case you haven’t seen Samaritan yet, but if you have seen it and you have your own story ideas, let us know in the comments below.

When could Samaritan 2 be released?

If a sequel is given the green light, we could see it at the end of 2023 or at some point in 2024. This would give Stallone enough time to finish work on Little America, a futuristic movie that is currently in pre-production.

If a prequel movie is made, there could be an earlier release date. Should this take the form of an animated movie in the style of Samaritans opening credit sequence, there is a chance that we could see it at some point next year.


Would you like to see a sequel to The Samaritan? What did you think of Amazon’s latest superhero movie? What would you like to see a sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

36 thoughts on “Will there be a ‘Samaritan 2’? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. Samaritan 2, would be a great assess to complete the 1st. It left me with more questions as the ending showed. We need to continue telling this story.

  2. I want whatever Stellone can give and in my opinion Stellone can and will continue to give as long as he is around. Also, his legend will continue after he is gone.

  3. Yes I agree a sequel and build up with prequel that lays out what happened. I loved it, very entertaining and wonderfully done. Stallone is a great actor and really brings the character to life. Let’s see more. If Prime doesn’t want to go then sell us the rights and we will do a kickstarter fan based / owned movie.

  4. Only movie I’ve really liked this yr,probably my fav and it destroys black adam in comparrison which was good. I compare this on the level with rings of power and house of the dragon but theyre series. Favorite thing I’ve watched all year in total. If you haven’t seen it this rocks whether you like super hero movies or not.

  5. Huge super hero fan … absolutely loved it. Need to do a second. And Stallone has to be in it. Before he gets too old for the part … pretty sure he’s like 83 … awesome movie. Awesome premise.

  6. Samaritan is alive. Obviously he is the librarian or writer man the kid was talking to who is obsessed with finding “samaritan” then is seen later at the end…

  7. I loved it. A sequel is not only possible it’s necessary. Disclose more about the brothers animosity. The boy can’t be his brothers son as he isn’t 25… but he could be related somehow. A cousin? While Samaritan died we don’t know what the brothers quarrel was about. Where they came from and if there are others like them. If yes another villain rises… Joe feeling guilty about his brothers death starts carrying on his work… could be a whole series and a new ongoing mythos…

  8. My last comment meant to end with “Maybe Cyrus had a brother” loved this movie and would recommend it to everyone. Already have. 😊👍

  9. I wasn’t sure going into this movie that I would like it but because I like Sylvester Stallone, I figured I would give it a try & boy am I glad I did. This was nothing like other super hero movies I’ve seen in the past. It was unique, original & full of surprises. I would absolutely love a sequel. I think it’s too early to just jump to a prequel without continuing the story first. I’m pretty sure most fans of this movie would agree & an animated version would butcher the whole series. We know who Joe is now & we know whatever happened between he & his brother, Joe lived his life with regret & remorse because of it. The little boy brought good out of him, gave him a purpose in life & helped bring his brothers good name back into the light. A warming feeling that his brother didn’t die in vain. Now he lives on as Samaritan. Maybe Chris had a brother?

  10. Joe is Nemesis and the boy Sam is the son of his dead twin, Samaritan. Even the name discloses it. Joe lives cross the street to keep an eye on his nephew.
    Samaritan 2 could be about how Joe helps Sam realise he actually is one of them, a superhero just waiting to discover his powers. Add a villain and you have an good story.

  11. Its easy. Call the second instalment Nemesis. Return of the deformed and badly scarred brother both recap over what happened leading up to the fight and “Samaritan” returns as the villain after seeing “Nemesis” use his name and become evil.

    Great character development and opportunities for an all out super human battle.

  12. I love this movie. Need more. Please 🥺❤️🥺❤️ my husband and I are big fans of Sylvester Stallone and Balboa Production. We are begging for more.

  13. Absolutely thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I’m a big superhero fan and to see Stallone as one was awesome and what a job he did! Please please bring us a sequel.. roll on Samaritan 2 … 👊💪

  14. Awesome…Stallone and the young actor playing Sam killed it! Something different for Stallone and he doesn’t disappoint. Danny Trillo would be great addition. Sequel not prequel… Wouldn’t be right without Sly, bring back the kid too.

  15. Loved every second of it. Watched it three times back to back. Excellent performance by Stallone, especially the line “you keep calling me the good guy, I’m not the good guy: I’m the bad guy”. Most definitely needs a sequel with Stallone returning as the main character!

  16. Absolutely on Samaritan 2!! Still great at his age. Some of the guys from the expendables would be great, some Danny truilo as a villainous leader. I’m all in!!

  17. Just finished the movie, seems like lately the world has been bombarded with super hero movies, and although a fan of most of his movies, i thought this would be something that has been kinda done to death, but i was wrong! In my opinion it was a very good movie and the twist towards the end was great, I would definitely watch a sequel and more if they stayed as well done as this one was!

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed Samaritan. I am a big fan of The Punisher and that is probably why I loved Samaritan. I would really like to see more of Samaritan either in more movies or a series.

  19. Thanks for getting in touch Mario. I’m glad you liked the movie and THAT twist!! Hope you have less of a rough week ahead of you.

  20. This movie is awesome loved every bit of it. The twist was amazing and left my mouth dropped. It was a mind blown thing. I vote yes a hundred million times. Worth it to see Sylvester Stallone show why he is a legend. I had a rough day and this movie made it worth it all the way.

  21. Samaritan 2 please, I’ve watched every movie Sylvester Stallone did, and I want more of it. Please Samaritan 2

  22. I loved this movie. It was the classic good vs. evil, yes with some violence. But you can’t have a decent fight without some aggression. No swearing and no sex. Justa great movie. It is really good to see Sylvester back in action. I vote yes for a sequel.

  23. Hi Scott, I mentioned in the article that reviews have been mixed. There are definitely some critics that like it – our review was positive – but there are also those that don’t. I’m glad that you and your son enjoyed it though.

  24. I watched this movie with my son(Me 49, him 15) and we loved it. Every review I’ve read has been positive yet the sites say the movie isn’t liked. Odd.

  25. Samaritan is a very good movie. Lots of violent fighting action with minimal gore, was smart. Sylvester Stallone does a great as a reluctant super hero.
    There definitely needs to be a Samaritan 2. I vote yes.

  26. Thanks, Connie. Did you check out our review on the film? It’s more positive than many reviews online.

  27. I enjoyed it! 👏👏 It’s escapism. It’s entertainment. No spoilers here, but the 😯 moment? 👍👍
    Definitely need a sequel. Critics can put a sock in it. 💁

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