Will there be a Rorschach 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Rorschach 2

When it comes to releasing movies with an intense plot and a bankable storyline, the Malayalam film industry can be considered one of the most superior companies in India. Over the last few years, given the pandemic, fans of cinema have been flocking to different movie industries all over the world which explains the boom of the Malayalam film industry.

After being known for his massy roles over the last five decades, mega-star Mammootty has now started growing more experimental with the stories he chooses to deliver, and his 2022 releases are a testament to this fact.

With his most recent movie, Rorschach seeing immense success in theatres all over the world, the intense neo-noir psychological thriller is gaining a lot of favourable reviews online. That, paired with the intense open-ended climax scene has fans wondering if there will be a sequel to the thriller.

Having watched the film, you must be wondering if there is going to be a sequel. However, there is not much has been revealed about it so far. So, here is what we know right now about a possible sequel to Mammootty’s Rorschach:

What is Rorschach about?

Throughout its 150-minute runtime, Rorschach narrates the story of an NRI man named Luke Antony who has recently returned from Dubai. After meeting with an unexplained accident, Luke’s wife, Sofia goes missing. Just to add to the stakes, Sofia was pregnant when she disappeared.

Worried about her wife’s sudden disappearance, Luke reports the incident to the police. Since there is no trace of Sofia whatsoever, the cops conclude that Luke’s wife was attacked by an animal and suggest he simply move on.

Luke decides to try and find Sofia himself and befriends a villager named Balan. However, it is evident that Luke has more going on under the hood than he’s initially letting on. The story of Rorschach is not extremely complicated to decipher and off the bat, you know that his true motives are much more sinister than what he is leading us to believe.

As the plot progresses, Luke’s true intent is revealed and viewers finally get to understand what the story is all about. Aside from a revenge-addled Luke, the characters of Seetha and Dileep (despite his limited appearance) make a lasting impact.

Will there be a Rorschach 2?

While there is not much said about Rorschach getting a sequel, fans can hope for one to be made in the near future given the exceptional reviews audiences and critics have been giving to the movie. As of now, there aren’t any concrete plans for this one from the makers.

Given the kind of budget that the film has been shot on, it is extremely likely we can have another film to continue where we left off in the first movie.

The makers are still tight-lipped about a sequel for but the movie is still going strong in Indian – as well as international – theatres, which seems to be a promising reason for more to be told about Luke’s story.

What could Do Revenge 2 be about?

If a sequel does happen the writers have plenty of options to choose from and pick from how it ended. It seems completely implausible that Luke managed to escape solitary confinement. One possible outcome is that all this had been Luke’s imagination and that he is still in the white room in Dubai.

It is also not known when Luke was in confinement so it can also be possible that the white room torture actually takes place after he has surrendered. Another theory suggests that Luke is finally able to bring Dileep’s ghost down on his knees now after Seetha’s death and Sujatha’s lack of love for him.

Helpless that he has no one to latch on to, Dileep’s ghost actually wants to be set free. It is likely that if there will be a Part 2, it will most likely revolve around Luke finally avenging his wife’s death by punishing Dileep meanwhile setting Sophia free as well.

When could Do Revenge 2 be released?

If a sequel is given the green light, there is the chance that it could be released as soon as next year but as a follow-up doesn’t seem to be in pre-production, we might have to wait until the mid of 2024 to hear more. Optimists can even mark their calendars for an end-of-2023 release.

But if we do hear news of a sequel, we will update this page accordingly.


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