Will there be a Purple Hearts 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Purple Hearts 2

If you’re looking for a romance movie on Netflix, you are pretty much spoiled for choice. Wedding Season, All My Life, and Persuasion are just some of the movies that have recently landed on the streaming service and Purple Hearts is another.

This marriage-of-convenience story won the hearts of many after its release and if you were captivated by the love story between Luke and Cassie, it might be that you’re interested in a sequel.

But will there be a ‘Purple Hearts 2’? Or is your heart about to be broken? Here’s what we know at the time of writing:

What is Purple Hearts about?

Purple Hearts isn’t a typical ‘love at first sight’ type of story. Far from it, in fact, as when troubled marine Luke and aspiring singer-songwriter Cassie meet at a bar, they initially clash with one another.

However, these conflicting characters both have money issues; Cassie is struggling to pay for her diabetes medication and Luke owes thousands of dollars to a drug dealer.

To get around their financial problems, they decide to marry as this will make them eligible for military benefits. After making this morally dubious choice, the two stay in touch via video calls when Luke is away on active service.  When tragedy strikes, Luke returns home and the two then start to fall in love with each other for real!

Needless to say, if you enjoy romantic tear-jerkers, you might fall in love with this one!

Will there be a Purple Hearts 2?

At the time of writing, Purple Hearts 2 has not been announced. Despite the movie’s popularity with streaming audiences, not every reviewer has been kind about the movie so Netflix might have cold feet about making a follow-up movie.

The chances of a sequel are pretty slim anyway as the story doesn’t end on a cliffhanger so there isn’t necessarily a need to continue the story of Luke and Cassie.

However, in an interview with Variety, Cassie actress Sofia Carson did hint at the possibility of a sequel. She said:

“Now fans have kind of been demanding a sequel and there’s so many fan theories and fan stories and potential spinoffs, so of course it’s lovely to think of a life for Cassie and Luke beyond this film,” she says. “I adore being Cassie and I’d be curious to see where it goes. Who knows. You never know!”

The movie’s director, Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, also weighed in on the possibility of a sequel. In Variety’s article, she is quoted as saying:

“I mean, I could watch the two of them (Sofia and co-star Nicholas Galitzine) and their chemistry all day. And they’re just great people to work with, so I definitely won’t rule it out,” she says. “We wouldn’t do anything unless we really, really loved it, because we want to stay true to the integrity. We haven’t landed on anything specific yet. It’s always a possibility.”

It’s fair to say then that a sequel might be on the cards but again, this depends on the higher-ups at Netflix as they have the final say on the movies that they want to see on their streaming platform.

What could Purple Hearts 2 be about?


If you have seen the movie, you will know that it ends up with Luke and Cassie together. Despite this happy resolution, life takes a downward turn for the pair when Luke is discharged from the army and sentenced to six months in prison for his role in their fraudulent marriage. This is bad news for the pair but if saw the credits scene, you will have seen Cassie hanging up a flag that reads “Welcome Home” – an indication that Luke has served his time and is on his way home.

The sequel could follow on from this moment with Luke’s return home and their reconciliation. It could continue with Luke trying to find a job outside of the Marines and Cassie trying to pursue her musical dreams. If Cassie has to be away from home for prolonged periods on concert tours (a neat twist on the first movie where Luke was away on a tour of duty), there could be tension in their relationship as a consequence of them being apart.

We are just speculating here as there has been no news of a sequel yet. But even if another movie doesn’t get the green light, you can still enjoy the fan fiction that has been written by Purple Heart devotees.

When could Purple Hearts 2 be released?

If the sequel was to get the green light then the movie would probably be released in late 2023 or early 2024. But as there is no news of a follow-up movie at this stage, it’s wise not to get your hopes up as the chances of a sequel are probably very slim.

Would you like to see a sequel to Purple Hearts? What did you think of this new romantic movie? What would you like to see in the sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Omg, I would live to see a sequel. Them actually having a real loving wedding, her getting pregnant. Her singing career takes off. Luke works at the family garage.etc etc etc. I need to see more of them together. They have amazing chemistry… I’ve watched this movie so many time and would cont to watch again and again. A part 2 would be even cooler!!! Pls bring on a part 2…

  2. Yes, there HAS to be a sequel. They’re great together. Here’s my thoughts. Since everyone stayed in the hotel b4 going on tour. What if Frankie’s gf got pregnant that night? Since Frankie was a big part of both of their lives. They could help with the raising of Frankie jr, or something happens to gf where they raise him. That brings in difficulties while Cassie is on tour yet also brings them together as a family… just my thoughts.

  3. Yes, I watched it millions of times and every single time I just so happy to watch it. I love it so much and they have to make a number two. I love it too much and they have to make another one because it’s kind of a cliffhanger because the running on the ocean like I wanna know if like he gets a knew job and if he does like, is he gonna say bye to his military friends would like is he gonna stay with them like obviously he would have new military people but like if he does get a new job where he join Cassie’s band or just get a random job?!?! We need to know!!!!!!!!

  4. I absolutely love that movie. For the first Time watching it, it was pretty amazing. I think that a second movie would be great. They should do it, because I believe the fans would like to see a second one. I know I would.

  5. If Netflix doesn’t make another Purple Hearts I will die. It is the best movie watched it at least 90 times in the last week. I wanna see what happens with Cassie’s career and Luke after prison. I want to see what happens next. If they end it imma cry. It is my favorite movie, I need another one. For the people who criticize this movie fuck off. 🖕 you suck and are garbage. Anyway it is a good movie I love all the story lines and how we see Cassie pursuing her dreams dealing with type 1 diabetes. If Netflix ends it imma cancel my subscription and tell everyone else to too. I need at least one more movie!

  6. There needs to be a second one. The First one was so good we need to see them carry on there love life with peaches and them two and we need to see cassie go on more tours. Purple hearts 2 – please Netflix

  7. I’m on pins and needles. There’s gotta be a Purple Hearts 2!!! I would love to see Luke be released from jail, continue his married life with Cassy and possibly start a family. I Loved the Purple Hearts movie.

  8. There definitely there needs to be a Purple Hearts 2. I wanna see what happens to Luke and Cassie.

  9. I really would like to see a part two because it has really drawn me in with the romance, there is something you should know about me I’m a sucker for romantic endings. So please make a part two i would love to see what happens

  10. There definitely needs to be a part 2 as it about ‘love and romance’ and I would love to see how they ‘real love’ Carry’s on. I feel like everyone else here agrees so please do a part 2 (best movie ever).

  11. There’s needs to be a part 2!
    This is by far one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. Had me bawling my eyes out. We need to see Luke getting out of lock up and Cassie being there to pick him up

  12. Pls netflix if your smart this movie should have a part 2 i just love everything about this movie and i just want another movie pls netflix plsssssssssss

  13. If by now the producers or powers that be. Are not convinced to make a part 2 of this movie I don’t know what to say. I’m a retired veteran. 22yrs. Seeing the Mari e base again. Brought so many fond memories. And this story. The cast played such a great part. Excellent! This couldn’t have been made any better. People will remember this movie for a Long Time. Kudos to all who participated in bringing this to tv. I know damn well. It will be a favorite movie of mine. For years to come. And finally. Thank you all soo much for creating such a Great movie. Please! Make a part two. Just like “Top Gun”. This has to have a follow up. Part two! 🤗🫡

  14. All I can say for the people who bad mouthed this movie typical liberals hating on everything Oh my gosh there’s a Marine in the movie. Netflix if you go woke you’ll go broke ask Disney about that.Now to the movie one of the best I have ever watched I’ve seen it many times and seen many many movies in my 72 years and this one is one of the best. It took me back to my Army days when I was deploying to Vietnam that seen where they get on the bus was just like mine in 1969 at Ft Lewis only difference I had no one to see me off. I hope they make P.H. 2 it is much needed in these times.
    P.S. I also received a Purple Heart on Oct, 31 1969 Halloween.

  15. I want to see Purple Heart 2 which should show what
    “true love” between 2 persons should be like , how they have a forgiving, caring, extremely patientiently, understanding,tolerant Hearts for each other in ALL challenging situations that can last through all the storms in life, that the normal young men and women with “fake love” today so easily and impatiently get frustrated over.

  16. I really hope they make a 2nd movie. The was so good that I have already watched it twice, but there is no telling how many more times I’m gonna watch it, its so good. If they do make a second one I hope they continue it where the first one ended.
    Please netflix push for a second one!!!

  17. i swear if they don’t come out with a 2 movie i am gonna die!!!!!! i loved this movie it is the best i cant stop watching it i really love the end where they are at the beach and they kiss and go in thw water i love every thing about this movie everything they better make a 2 one or i swear i will die.

  18. Please make a sequel of purple hearts cause it’s a good romantic movie I’ve seen it over 3 times can’t get enough of it Cassie and Luke makes a cute couple would like to see more of them and maybe kids in there future.

  19. Honestly, I’d love a sequel because when Luke gets home what if he finds a really good job? Then Cassie is doing her music and she’s far away from Luke a lot? It would hurt their relationship. If they break up I’d actually go in tears.

  20. Yes definitely make a second one of it so we can see what happens when he gets home. Also see how it works with her constantly going on long trips for her music and if he goes with her or stays home

  21. Most definitely should make a second movie enjoyed it was.not only done in my.home town one of the best movies I have seen in awhile

  22. Please release a part 2! This movie is the best movie ever, I need to know if their marriage last and if any children 🙏! How far her music goes, I know she’s a artist and I’ve downloaded her music! They make a cute couple..PART 2 LET’S GO!

  23. i can’t stop watching the movie. it’s amazing and i would love to see their story continue. they have a great story already. i truly hope there is a sequel!!

  24. I have watch this movie so many times and to be honest there has be a sequel for purple hearts luke and cassie would be the perfect couple for a love story so yes have a part 2 of Purple Hearts.

  25. I heard bad comments about the movie but I tell the people that you will love it if you watch it over and over again with love in your heart you will love it to

  26. I loved this I want to see more of luke and classy and there love together I watched it over and over aging and it gets better and better every time I watch it

  27. I just finished watching it and I love it! I didn’t want it to end right from the beginning and now I feel like watching it all over again. I definitely want a sequel. However, is it possible for Luke’s dishonourable discharge to be changed to good since the marriage is now real? I’ll really love that.

  28. Yes, yes, yes please!!! You absolutely have to do a sequel!!! This is such a beautiful love story! You are making a huge mistake if you leave it where it is! We as fans want to see this story progress!!!

  29. It is a must for sequel 2 Purple Hearts – These 2 extraordinaire actors could discover that they have in commun the music and they can sing and they are so much in love after what happened in the beginnig of their life together than that they will worked separately in the beginnig and they will find a way to reconnect -Most Important they will persued their figth for their rights and their conviction for the better in this sequel 2 – they have to put aside their prvious errors and differences –
    IMPORTANT – Cassie and Luke have to show that love can do everything and make the world better by doing the sequel 2 of Purple Hearts – Caissie and Luke have this extraordinaire chemestry to make people to beleive and follow them in a SECOND JOURNEY of their lives – IT IS A MUST – PEOPLE need to beleive that Love is stronger than everything and anything and can do MIRACLES – It moves the World –
    I am a Fan of these 2 Actors Caissie and Luke – thank you from all my Heart and I am 75 years old and I never stop to be in Love with this kind of Movie and Good People like You –
    Hope and waiting for the sequel 2 Purple Hearts
    Nicole from Magog Quebec Canada – I love you Caissie and Luke – God bless You!!!

  30. I loved this movie this is the first movie i ever loved so much that i been watched so many times i can’t wait to see purple heart 2 with the same character ❤️

  31. I don’t cry and this movie made me cry this is the best movie I have ever watched I think it would be so cool and amazing to see a second one I have watched this movie a round a million times so hahah ya. Definitely needs to be a second

  32. Are you kidding ?! Just finished watching this movie with my mum 🍿. We absolutely adored it ! The chemistry between Luke&Cassie is something else, therefore we want moooreeeeeee. There could be so many stories made up from the last point so pleeeeeease 👋🏽 don’t let us hanging 🥲🥲.

  33. I love the Movie Purple Hearts , the story to it is amazing and best one in such a long time..
    I’ve watched it over and over again because i love it and I’d love there to be a Purple Hearts 2!! Watching the end of the movie , when she realises shes fell in love with him and it is a real marriage is heart touching.. Purple Hearts 2 could be made of so many storys , with watching the end of the movie

  34. I loved purple hearts. Please make a part 2, I like how they came together and I would love to see their future.

  35. I love that movie! It was the best movie I ever saw and all my friends enjoyed it. It wasn’t anything about killing and bloody and it was just about a loving movie. I hope they make another purple hat too

  36. Even though some says how bad the movie is, it is strange that I fell in love with Cassie and Luke. Maybe I found it relevant and quite relatable. Especially the ending part got me hooked up. Now I keep re-watching this film on Netflix. They have chemistry and I definitely want to see them together again.

  37. Love this movie, well done actually felt so real , please another part 2, definitely. Yes if Netflix doesn’t give the green light will be very disappointed and they is so many twist and turns they can can do n new movie but must have a happy ending. There so many triumphs in real life and marriages . Please release another part 2

  38. The movie was kinda confusing at the end please make a sequel this is the greatest movie of all time on Netflix please make a sequeMl Netflix please give them the go ahead

  39. Please make a sequel, I love this movie. It is so relatable to real situations . cant wait to see what their future looks like. 5 stars

  40. I love this movie and would like to see a part 2!!! It would be nice to see Luke’s perspective on him staying behind while Cassie is the one that is on the road and follow their story 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  41. I really hope they make a part two I saw it already 13 times my husband even liked it and he’s not a romance movie kind of guy please please pleaseeeeee Netflix give us part two

  42. We have watched purple hearts toooooooo manyyyyyy timessssssss to even count with your hands, we NEED a second part. The movie was soooooooo gooooooood we cried soooo many times you cant even imagine. BEST MOVIE EVER <3 <3 <3

  43. I am in high hopes of part two of Purple Heart!!!! I watched it when it was first released and I just finished watching it again. Netflix go ahead and Greenlight this heartfelt love story. I’ve watched this over and over again and each time I still get emotional. Great movie to watch. I approve this movie 100%!!!

  44. I have witnessed this circumstance while in the military -well done. Nicholas Galitzine is an exceptional actor; talented in fitting any character. Good luck in making the sequel as believable (and uplifting) as the 1st PH.

  45. I really enjoyed Purple Hearts! I watched it took many times to name. This movie had so many heartfelt issues that kept the tears flowing at times. Also the music was so entertaining. The lead actors were awesome, BRAVO!
    Please develop a sequel!! I kind of guessed right for the sequel in which Cassie’s music career takes off and Luke is struggling to find his way post military — their marriage is tested… and children may not be in the cards for this couple
    That’s just my theory – so management please green light Purple Hearts 2… such a beautiful story that still needs exploring!

  46. I’ve heard about purple hearts but never watched it until today I really wanna watch it again which I’m going to the film is it I can’t explain I was cry through out the film the best film I seen in my life so cry I love how in the end she said to luke I will wait for you WE NEED PART 2 PLEASE

  47. I would love to see a second part of this movie I watched it on Netflix and I gave a two thumbs up because it is a great movie this was one of the best movies I watched in along time. Please let there be a Purple Heart 2.

  48. I would love to see purple hearts part 2vinreallyblovebthe movie I watched it over 100 times please make another purple hearts movie part 2

  49. I can’t wait to see purple heart 2 if they do make the Second one I will be so happy I think it’s a good movie to watch on Netflix

  50. I would Love to see a purple heart 2 the movie was so breath of fresh air how hate can turn into love would love to see Luke an Cassie romance continues such amazing acting love it

  51. I honestly hope to see a Purple Hearts 2! Absolutely loved the movie, it’s the first movie that I’ve watched the entire way through in several months now.

  52. The chemistry between them is really strong.I love this movie. I think it`s my favourite one! I`m waiting for Purple Hearts 2- please Netflix!

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