Will there be a Pinocchio 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Over the last few years, Disney has released several live-action remakes of their beloved animated classics. The Jungle Book, Dumbo, and Beauty And The Beast are just some of those movies and in September of this year, Pinocchio was brought to life as a live-action retelling of the 1940 original.

If you enjoyed Pinocchio and want to see more adventures of the wooden puppet, you will likely be interested in a sequel!

But will there be a Pinocchio 2? Or have the chances of a sequel been swallowed up by a whale?

Here’s what we know at the time of writing:

What is Pinocchio about?

As in the 1940 original (and every other version of Carlos Collodi’s classic work), the wooden puppet Pinocchio is brought to life by the Blue Fairy when his lonely maker, Gepetto, wishes he could have a son.

Gepetto is overjoyed when Pinocchio begins to move around and speak on his own but the puppet, now free of strings, isn’t content with being a talking puppet. He wants to become a real boy and, with the aid of Jiminy Cricket, he sets off on a series of adventures to prove to the Blue Fairy that he is worthy of becoming human in the hope that she will make his wish come true.

On his journey, Pinocchio falls foul of the wicked Stromboli and a giant sea monster, makes some trusted and less than trustworthy friends, and learns some valuable life lessons on his voyage of self-discovery.

At the end of the 2022 remake, we don’t see Pinocchio turn into a human boy. This is one of the ways this version of the story is different to the others, although, in the final voiceover from Jiminy Cricket, we learn that, if rumours are to be believed, Pinocchio did become a real boy eventually.

To learn more about the movie, check out our Ending Explained article.

Will there be a Pinocchio 2?

There is no news of a sequel to Pinocchio at this stage but there is scope for a sequel. As we stated above, we don’t see Pinocchio become a human boy in Robert Zemeckis’ 2022 remake so we could see his transformation in Pinocchio 2 if it is ever given the green light.

In an interview with Variety, producer Jacqueline Levine hinted that a sequel could happen when asked about the possibility of a ‘Pinocchio Cinematic Universe.’ She said:

“Hard to know, I guess we have to see how this one does. Hopefully people love it was much as we do, and that’s the start of other instalments. There’s definitely a place for this story to go, so I guess we’ll see.”

Jacqueline’s nose didn’t grow so it’s likely that she really is open to the possibility of a Pinocchio 2. But despite her optimism, critics haven’t been kind about the recent adaptation and it is now considered to be a flop. As such, you shouldn’t get your hopes up for a Part 2.

What could Pinocchio 2 be about?

As we said, Pinocchio 2 will likely see the puppet transform into a human boy. If the sequel is given the green light, it might be that he gets into a few more misadventures before this happens, so the Blue Fairy might give him another test to prove his worth.

This is just speculation as we don’t think a sequel will happen. But if enough people wish upon a star for a follow-up movie, it might be that Pinocchio 2 will eventually spring into life, despite our low expectations.

Who might be in Pinocchio 2?

If a sequel is given the green light, Tom Hanks would likely return as Gepetto, the kindly old wood maker. Cynthia Erivo would probably reprise her role as the Blue Fairy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth would likely return to lend their voices to Jiminy and Pinocchio.

Other cast members might also return, including Lewin Lloyd who starred as Lampwick in the first movie. But casting really depends on the people pulling the strings at Disney as they could introduce new cast members if the original cast is too busy to return for a follow-up movie.

When could Pinocchio 2 be released?

If the original cast members return, we probably won’t see a sequel before 2024 as several of the main actors are working on a number of other projects.

In the meantime, check out Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio, a stop-motion retelling of the original work of fiction that will be streaming on Netflix this December.


That’s all we know for now. But if more information is released about Pinocchio 2, we will update this page accordingly.

Would you like to see a sequel to Pinocchio? What did you think of the first movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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