Will there be an On The Line 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

On The Line 2

Mel Gibson stars in On The Line, a tense thriller about a Los Angeles radio host whose life is shaken up when he receives an ominous message from one of his callers.

If you have seen and enjoyed this 2022 movie, you might be interested in a sequel.

But will there be an On The Line 2? Or is it time to disconnect yourself from the hope of a follow-up movie?¬†Here’s what we know:

What is On The Line about?

The movie takes place over one night as LA shock jock Elvis Cooney (Mel Gibson) deals with a threat given to him by one of his callers. The caller in question is Gary who claims to be holding Cooney’s wife and daughter hostage at the DJ’s home. Gary tells Cooney that he will kill his family if he is taken off the air so the panicked DJ has to do all that he can to calm down the would-be killer before he does the unthinkable.

Does Cooney’s family survive the night? We aren’t going to reveal any spoilers here but if you would like to know more about this twisty-turny thriller, check out our Ending Explained article which goes into a little more detail about the movie.

Will there be an On The Line 2?

At the time of writing, a sequel to On The Line has not been announced. As the movie hasn’t been critically well received, the chances of a follow-up movie are very slim. But regardless of the low ratings the movie has gathered, we don’t think a sequel is likely anyway. It ends on a conclusive note so while the movie’s makers could come up with a new story idea for Cooney, we don’t think that will ever happen.

What could happen On The Line 2 be about?

In the unlikely event a sequel ever happens, the movie would probably focus on Cooney again. During the first movie’s runtime, it’s evident that he isn’t a particularly nice man, so his behaviour could result in a catastrophe that forms the basis of a second movie. To say any more would move this article into spoiler territory so we aren’t going to go into further detail here. But if you have seen On The Line, you will already have an understanding of Cooney’s reckless side and the potential for something terrible to happen.

When could On The Line be released?

A sequel could be fast-tracked into production if it retains the studio setting of the first movie as it shouldn’t take too long to complete. As such, we could see the sequel at the end of this year or in early 2024. You shouldn’t get your hopes up though as we really don’t think On Line 2 will ever happen.

Of course, we could be wrong! So if we do hear news of a sequel and a potential release date, we will update this page with the relevant details.

What did you think of On The Line? Do you think the movie deserves a sequel? Let us know in the comments below. 

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