Will there be a Meg 3? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

The Meg 3

The Meg films, based on Steven Alten’s novels of the same name, have been big box office hits. The first film was released back in 2018 and a follow-up hit theatres just a week ago. Jason Statham leads both the projects but it is really the prehistoric sea monster that captures the imagination. Even though it is tacky and offers campy thrills, the Meg films have nonetheless been major attractions.

Rumours have it that plans are to develop it into a franchise of multiple films. However, if you did enjoy watching it and are hoping for another story set within the same universe – be that a sequel, sidequel, or prequel – you will want to know whether or not Warner Bros has given another movie the green light. Here’s what we know:

What is Meg 2 about?

Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) is still continuing his vigilantism against eco-destructors and large corporations. He has been working on the Mana One, a marine life station in the Mariana Trench where the first megalodon was found as well.

Zhang Jiuming (Wu Jing) the director of the Oceanic Institute, has developed state-of-the-art submersibles that are capable of reaching the thermocline. This term refers to the boundary that separates the normal ocean and the freezing water where the megalodons still live. Zhang is the brother of Suyin, who died in the last film.

Hilary Driscoll, the CEO of a tech company, has joined hands with Zhang to make it happen. During a routine dive into the Trench (as if something like that could ever be routine), Meiying, Suyin’s daughter, is discovered to be in Dive 1 (the first submersible).

Jonas, who is looking after her as a promise to Suyin, is upset. But what comes next gathers his and the rest of the team’s attention. The Trench has multiple numbers of Megs swimming around and also an active seafloor station. What happens next forms the crux of the story. 

If you would like to know more about Meg 2, check out our Ending Explained article which goes into further detail about the movie. 

Will there be a Meg 3?

At the time of writing, a second movie has not been announced but we do think a follow-up movie is highly likely

Ben Wheatley, the director of the second film, has already given interviews where he has expressed intentions to make a third film. According to Wheatley, there is “a lot of things to discover” about the shark world. He wants a third film to materialize, although it certainly isn’t in his hands to greenlight the project. Speaking to Total Film Magazine, Wheatley had the following to say about a possible third film.

There’s a lot more to explore in that world. It’s very rich. The international-ness of it is very interesting. What’s so smart about the first film is that it’s not Rush Hour. It’s not East-meets-West, ‘Oh, we’re all confused about each other.’ It’s just people working together, and being in an everyday adventure, and the people just happen to come from places all over the world. I think that’s good for audiences, and it’s a good message as well.

Thus far, the reaction from critics and audiences has been as expected. Meg 2 was certainly not predicted to rake in high critics score and it has been universally panned – even by us. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t successful.

The film has comfortably recouped its production budget with a strong showing at the box office in its first week. To everyone’s surprise, Meg 2 has beaten more established titles currently showing like Dead Reckoning Part 1 and Haunted Mansion.

No one fancied it do so well but Meg 2 has got people flocking to theatres in swarms. It is one of the “it is so bad that it is good” kind of films. There is no pretense about it at all and a creature disaster movie is always fun to watch. 

We do hope and strongly feel there is yet another Meg film since there is no lack of source material from Steve Alten. We aim to update this page when we have more information.

What could happen in Meg 3?

Well, that is anyone’s guess really. The makers have six books to choose the plot for the next one from. We cannot be sure which one they will pick or how the next part will be formulated. All we know as of now is that the producers haven’t given it the greenlight just yet but given the strong Box Office performance, they will surely come up with a decision soon enough. 

What did you think of Meg 2? Do you think there should be a sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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