Will there be a Lou 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Lou 2

In Netflix’s new thriller, Alison Janney stars as Lou, a mysterious older woman who is kickstarted into action when a young neighbour’s daughter is abducted.

If you enjoyed the movie and the sight of Janney kicking butt as she carried out her mission to save the child, you will likely want to see a sequel.

But will there be a part 2? Or is it time for Lou to go into retirement? Here’s what we know at the time of writing.

What happens in Lou?

Lou is a twisty-turny thriller so we won’t say too much in this section for fear of giving away any spoilers.

But to give you a basic run-down of the plot… Lou is an older woman with a mysterious past. The estranged husband of her neighbour Hannah takes the young woman’s daughter and this gives Lou the incentive to go after him, using the tracking skills that she developed years before. As the story progresses, we learn more about Lou, her former career, and a possible connection to the man who has taken the girl.

Does Lou rescue Hannah’s daughter? Check out our Ending Explained article if you would like a closer look at the story.

Will there be a Lou 2?

There is no news of a sequel to Lou at the moment. Netflix’s decision will likely be based on viewing figures, ratings, and story ideas for a Part 2.

As the movie has only just been released, it’s a little too early to talk about viewing figures. But in terms of ratings, Lou currently has a Metascore of 50 and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 63%. These aren’t bad scores but they aren’t particularly great either.

But as many average movies have been given a sequel, there is the possibility that a sequel to Lou could happen. The ending of the movie leaves the way open for a follow-up movie so for now, we will have to wait and see.

What could Lou 2 be about?


At the end of the first movie, Lou is missing, presumed dead. However, she pops up again before the closing credits roll and we see that she is watching over Hannah.

If there is a sequel, Lou could protect Hannah and her daughter from another threat. Alternatively, we might see Lou go on the run from her former employers as they were keen to dispose of her in the first movie.

This is just speculation as there is no news of a sequel or a potential plotline. But what do you think should happen in Lou 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

When could Lou 2 be released?

Allison Janney, the star of Lou, is currently busy with several other projects. As such, we shouldn’t expect a sequel next year. If a follow-up movie is announced, we would likely see it in mid-to-late 2024 or sometime in 2025.

That’s all we know for now. Admittedly, we haven’t been able to give any definite answers but if a sequel is announced, we will update this page accordingly.


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Would you like to see a sequel to Lou? What did you think of the first movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

43 thoughts on “Will there be a Lou 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. Absolutely fabulous movie, extremely inspiring for abused ladies, survivors, warriors. One of the best movies ever. Please a Lou 2 would be much appreciated! Stunning! Louise

  2. Participating in a family history assignment leads to Ancestry dna account which leads to Phillip’s biological father learning he has a grand daughter and he wants her back.


  4. Absolutely the bet movie. Just finished watching and searching for part t. PLEASE PLEASE MAKE PART 2 A.S.A.P
    same characters.

  5. We need more movies about strong women. Lou seemed to fill that slot. She is mysterious so more could be learned about her as she protects her granddaughter again.

  6. I just finished Lou literally 5 minutes ago and googled to find out about pt. 2. Good movie. Definitely looking forward to Lou 2.

  7. The movie was really well directed . I know it was not something super but let’s be honest lately there are no too many movies out there to do the minimum , entertain you . So yeah definitely Lou 2 !!!!

  8. Allison Janney as Lou was a real good movie and it would be nice to see what other adventure could come from Lou’s past. I enjoyed all the Actress and the Actor, maybe someday we will be surprise with more of Lou.

    Thank You,

  9. Dynamic and great characters! Kept me on the edge of my chair the entire film. Janney is exceptional and convincing and I’d love to see her in a sequel. Setting was powerful and set the tone well.

  10. There should 💯 be at least a Lou 2!!!!
    Loved it till the very end. Amazing cast. Reasonable storyline. Beautiful relational issues. A lot to think about. We need it to continue.
    Love from Berlin

  11. I’m already googling to see if there’s a “LOU 2”- So that should answer your questions how good a film it was.. . Believable cast, Believable storyline, Gripping til the end!! Best film on ages!!!

  12. This movie was fantastic. My husband stayed awake until the very end! It has legs for a prequel and a sequel. Can’t wait!!

  13. My husband and I just watched “Lou.” Allison Janney did a great job and what an amazing role for her. I loved the way Hannah evolved during the film. We need more movies like this and I would love to see a Lou 2.

  14. Great movie 10 out of 10 best since I don’t know when but yes you need a part 2 Lou deserves a chance to live a life of love and her granddaughter becoming the ultimate kickass cia agent would be spectacular ps the best movie I’ve seen in decades hands down

  15. Lou should have a series about her adventures. She could continue to protect Hannah and her granddaughter.She can protect her family like Liam Neeson does in his movies. She could also be sent on covert missions as a deep undercover agent. Only a few know she did not die. I would like to see Allison Janney continue as Lou!!!

  16. The storyline is excellent. Who would have thought it was her boyfriend the mother that are involved. There must be a follow up please.. Well done to the Director. We need more movies like Lou…

  17. Hey Bad Robot..Jax gave it away so perfectly on the ferry when we see him turn towards the motorcycles and whine..he was actually looking up..Please give us a prequel..I need to know who Lou was in that photograph and the back story on her relationship with her sons father..and I want Jax to get a better role..I have a medical Service Dog..I could see Jax having a secret too, as a trained agent himself who now is retired as Lou’s emotional support service animal.
    Robot, I have followed you all over..spent a lot of my time hunting easter eggs on a deserted island..that did not end well..so please you owe it to us to give us her back story and maybe a mini series later.
    Thanks for a great plot and great womens roles. I loved this.
    Signed a 71 year old grandmother who still believes they are all still on that plane..

  18. There should be another sequel to “Lou”. The government finds out that Lou is still alive and desperately needs what she has. The bring her in as an agent again and her daughter in Law train to become an CI A agent…or Lou finds out she has another grandchild a boy that grows up looking for her. There could be endless scenarios ☺️🙏🏾👍🏾

  19. Loved the movie!!!!!
    Please have LOU 2
    Lou deserves to get revenge
    & to live close to her granddaughter

  20. There should be a sequel or turn it into a series on Netflix. It’s just too good a storyline to not do more. My wife and I liked it a lot.

  21. There should definitely be a part 2!!! Maybe her protecting Hannah and vee from another threat and getting even with her old employer and even her reuniting with them and Jax (:

  22. This movie was great, and to leave me with anticipation to see a part 2 of Lou getting even with her ex-employers, it was cold what they think they did to her…..let her come back with vengeance and score to finish. Let her secretly reunite with Hannah & vee.

  23. There better be a sequel! This movie was such an emotional roller coaster and had me on the end of my seat. Definitely one of the best movies I’ve ever seen!

  24. The original is amazing, well written and directed. An intricate plot with twists and turns. Female charcters were strong and evolved as the movie progressed. Looking forward to Lou 2.

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