Will there be a Jung_E 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Jung_E 2

Jung_E hit the giant streaming platform Netflix in January 2023 and there has been much excitement surrounding it. Firstly, it is made by director Yeon Sang-ho of Hellbound and Train to Busan fame which had fans eager to check out his take on sci-fi adventures. Second, it, unfortunately, ended up being veteran and beloved actress Kang Soo-yeon’s comeback and last film as she returned to our screens 9 years later but passed away before Jung_E’s release.

Well, if you have seen it, like every other viewer, you may be looking for its sequel. But will there be a Jung_E 2? Or is there little chance of a follow-up film? Here’s what we know at the time of writing.

Please note: this article contains spoilers about the film’s ending!

What is Jung_E about?

Jung_E is a sci-fi action film set in a dystopian society where two factions of humans are at war. In an attempt to end it, the Allied Forces send in the legendary Captain Yun who is a war hero. However, she ends up failing and going into a coma.

Decades later, her daughter, Seo-hyun is working on project Jung_E to create the perfect combat AI robot by cloning her mother’s brain as the world believed that she was the only one who could end the war. But several obstacles litter her way before she can create the perfect AI of Captain Yun.

Will there be a Jung_E 2?

At the time of writing, a sequel to Jung_E has not been announced. The film ends on an optimistic note for the AI of Yun, but it also shows us Seo-hyun who is bleeding. Additionally, the writers have introduced several storylines that could be further explored like the civil war, Yun’s freedom, Kim’s status and Kronoid’s nefarious motives for Yun’s actual brain.

While it is unlikely that Jung_E will get a sequel as Korean films, in general, do not get a sequel there is hope. This is because the director himself has created a sequel for his super hit film Train to Busan. Additionally, the trend in the Korean film industry is changing with more and more films getting sequels while it is a given that Netflix greenlights sequels if the original is a success.

What could happen in Jung_E 2?

Whether you liked Jung_E or not, you have to agree that the movie ended with quite a few loose ends. And with the director and scriptwriter actually having a brilliant filmography, who knows Jung_E could end up being part of those ‘sequels that are better than its original’ lists? If we do get a Jung_E 2, there is enough scope for it to be a prequel or a sequel.

A prequel could probably give us the beginning of the civil war, the beginnings of Kronoid and how the chairman made the first AI or the life of Captain Yun that made her such a legendary figure. If we get a sequel, it could possibly focus on the AI of Yun making her way in the world as she evades Kronoid. And with the bad guy falling from a height but not seen dying, you know there are ways to bring him back, more vengeful than ever.

When could Jung_E 2 be released?

The first film began filming in November 2021 and ended in January 2022. An update regarding the post-production was given in March before its release in January 2023. Netflix Korea also happens to take two years when it comes to sequels as evident with the same director’s Hellbound 2 and other Korean projects. With this in mind, if we do get a sequel, Jung_E 2 would probably be released sometime in early 2025.

Of course, this is all speculation as there has been no official news regarding a second movie.

Would you like to see a sequel to Jung_E? What did you think of the first film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “Will there be a Jung_E 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. There’s also a possibility that the daughters brain was copied too. I don’t think the director and writer put that possibility in the movie (brought up by her doctor) with all the other plot possibilities not tied for no speculation in mind.

  2. Loved the Movie, a prequel and sequel, on the characters will make an excellent franchise!!!

  3. Needs a sequel for sure loved it. I wonder how this one did 🤔 ? I hope it did so well that there will be a sequel. I will be waiting.

  4. Loved the movie 🍿 they need to make a prequel and a sequel to this movie it would be awesome if they do it

  5. Great movie but I doubt it will get a sequel. While Train to Busan was an amazing movie, the follow up was an absolute disaster.

  6. We don’t just want a JUNG_E sequel, but we NEED ONE! I know all of us are dying to see the mother actually acknowledge that she recognizes her daughter verbally. Also we need to low what happened to Seo_Hyun following the last scene, the breakdown of Kronoid, and we all know the Captain didn’t pass on a simple fall. So much more story to tell and captivate watchers, especially since this first release was such a huge hit. Don’t let us down please! <3 So much to to build on! I have a feeling there will definitely by a sequel, starting off with a world of housing robots modeled by Jung_e and developing into a story line of her remembering her daughter more and more. Let's keep this amazing movie going! Thanks to Netflix/producers/cast for putting out another amazing watch! Thanks sincerely, Rachel.

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