Will There Be An ‘I Used To Be Famous 2’? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

I Used To Be Famous 2

I Used To Be Famous is available to watch on Netflix now and if you have seen and enjoyed the movie, you might be interested in a sequel.

But will there be an I Used To Be Famous 2? Or will this movie go down in history as a one-hit wonder?¬†Here’s what we know at the time of writing:

What is ‘I Used To Be Famous’ about?

The movie focuses on Vince, a former boy band star who now makes a living busking on the streets of London, and Stevie, an autistic teenager who has a real flare for drumming.

When Vince becomes aware of Stevie’s talents, he sees an opportunity for a second chance at fame. After striking up a friendship with Stevie, the two form a band but their first gig ends in disaster when some of the audience members mock one of Vince’s songs and act unkindly towards Stevie.

Stevie’s mother forbids Vince from seeing her son when she becomes worried about the boy’s safety. This is upsetting for both Vince and Stevie but as the movie progresses, the two find a way to continue their friendship. To learn more about the movie, check out our Ending Explained article and read our review.

Will there be an ‘I Used To Be Famous 2’?

A sequel has not yet been announced but this doesn’t mean a follow-up movie will never happen.

If viewing figures are high and if fans of the movie demand a sequel, Netflix could consider the possibility.

A sequel will also depend on the availability of the central actors from the first movie.

Ed Skrien, who plays Vince in the movie, is currently filming Rebel Moon but according to his IMDB page, he has no other movies in pre-production. In theory, this could give him the opportunity to work on a sequel as early as next year if Netflix and director, Eddie Sternberg, are open to the possibility.

A sequel would also depend on Leo Long, the young man who plays Stevie in the movie. Like his character, this passionate folk musician is on the autistic spectrum, and he is keen to make the music and film industries more people-friendly for disabled musicians and actors (according to his IMDB page). So it might be that he agrees to make a sequel to further both his career and the career of other disabled actors, such as those featured in the first movie.

There is certainly scope for a second movie and perhaps even a third, but until we get official confirmation, we will just have to wait and see!

What could happen in ‘I Used To Be Famous 2’?


At the end of the first movie, Vince decided to give up his second chance at stardom. He decided that his friendship with Stevie was far more important; a decision that was likely tied to a mistake he made in the past when he decided to join his band on an extended tour instead of doing the most important thing –¬† spending time with his dying brother.

Stevie isn’t dying but Vince realised that friendship and his ability to support the young teen’s dream was more important than a comeback tour with one of his former bandmates.

The sequel could continue their story with Stevie and Vince re-forming their band and going on the road with their unique brand of music. If they were to leave Stevie’s mother behind, it could be a road trip movie in the vein of Rain Man, which was another movie that focused on the relationship between two people, one of whom had autism.

This is just speculation but if you have story ideas of your own, please leave us a comment in the reply section below.

When could ‘I Used To Be Famous 2’ be released?

The sequel could be released next year if the director and actors are in a position to work on a follow-up movie. But as we said, the decision will also lie with the people at Netflix. If the movie is a hit for the streaming giant, they are more likely to fast-track a follow-up into production.


If and when a sequel is announced, we will update this page with fresh information.

Would you like to see a sequel to I Used To Be Famous? What do you think should happen in the sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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