Will There Be An ‘Interceptor 2’? Here’s What We Know:


Interceptor is a new action-thriller streaming on Netflix starring Elsa Pataky as Captain JJ Collins, the badass combat veteran who is tasked with tackling a terrorist group alone after they attack the Interception Station that she has been reassigned to.

The station is the US’s last line of defence against a nuclear attack but after infiltrating their way in, the terrorists, led by the slimy Alexander Kessel (Luke Bracy), disable it and set off a series of nuclear missiles that will destroy the United States.

Do these terrorists succeed? Well, there wouldn’t be much scope for a sequel if they did so you can probably guess the ending. To learn more, you need to watch the movie or read our Ending Explained article!

Has a sequel to ‘Interceptor 2’ been announced?

At the time of writing, a sequel has not yet been announced.

This doesn’t mean Netflix won’t commission a follow-on movie, however. Viewing figures have been high, despite the poor reviews from some critics, so this could give the streaming service the incentive to consider a sequel.

If they do release a second movie, they should concentrate on a better script. Interceptor has some reasonably decent fight scenes but the plot and dialogue are weak and they undermine the few positives that the movie does have.

What could ‘Interceptor 2’ be about?

The first movie focused on Captain Collins and her battle to take out the terrorists.

At the start of the film she has been demoted but before the closing credits start to roll, she becomes a national hero and gets the promotion that she deserves. Who gives her this promotion? The President of the United States herself and she gives Collins a position on her National Security team.

If there were to be a sequel, we could see Collins take up her new role as protector of the President. It could echo Olympus Has Fallen (and the other movies in that series), with Collins battling against terrorists who carry out an attack on the US leader and/or Washington DC.

Alternatively, the President could give Collins her own secret mission to take on another terrorist threat single-handedly.

Or perhaps Collins could turn down the National Security role and take on a job outside of the military, only to be called back into service when the world faces a new threat.

Should ‘Interceptor 2’ get a sequel?

Despite the weaknesses within the first movie, there probably should be a sequel. There aren’t many action movies with a female lead so an Interceptor franchise could correct the gender balance and give us a heroine worth rooting for.

Actress Elsa Pataky clearly has what it takes in both the fighting and acting department so there is no reason why she shouldn’t be given the opportunity to reprise her role as the kickass captain.

For now though, we will just have to wait and see. If a sequel is released, expect to see the review listed on our site!



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