Will there be a Hellraiser 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Hellraiser 2

The new Hellraiser is getting rave reviews from horror genre aficionados. While the film does not rely on jump scares, there is an eerie discomfort with the reinvented Cenobites. David Bruckner ensures that this namesake of a reboot does not lose the essence of the original while carving out a path of its own.

The characters feel fresh, and the dialogue for once compliments the mature thematic spectrum, and the existential questions around the insatiable human greed trouble you for long after you’ve finished watching it. If you haven’t watched the film already, it is available to stream on Hulu.

The movie does not come to a conclusive end so there is scope for a sequel. It did mark the 11th venture in the franchise that is about to complete four decades. But will there be a Hellraiser 2? Or are the chances for a sequel scheduled for retirement? Here’s what we know at the time of writing:

What is Hellraiser about?

The title of the movie comes from the little puzzle box that begins the chaotic events of summoning cryptic humanoids who demand the blood of the mortals. They play God by taking the lives of whoever is pierced by the knife inside the puzzle box. This action does not happen by itself and Roland Voight, a billionaire infamous for his notorious occult practices, starts it. Several years later, Riley, a recovering waitress, has to confront with its evil effects after she and her boyfriend steal the box from an abandoned warehouse.

After they discover it was kept hidden on purpose and Riley’s brother disappears, they frenetically look for a way to stop it. A frightening figure, called The Priest, or Pinhead, gives Riley an almost impossible choice in order for her to give Riley’s brother, Matt back.

Will there be a Hellraiser 2?

Now, the big question. While it is unthinkable to think that the rebooted Hellraiser will not have a sequel, it is not a guarantee. The franchise has indeed spanned more than four decades and that just not happens because people don’t come to like it. The novella-inspired stories have raked in millions for the studio and who wants to kill a cash cow? I mean, look at all American sitcoms. Literally, all of them could be at least three or four seasons short.

To disappoint you with the reality, there are no planned sequels at this stage. Even with the quality personnel involved behind the camera who have done a brilliant job preventing Hellraiser from falling into genre traps, and the inspired performances from the newcomers, the studio did not plan a continuation while producing the first instalment. Does that mean that the new look Hellraiser will not be renewed for a sequel? Hard to say yes. Bruckner has gained a generous fan following and his efforts in Hellraiser will definitely add to his audience.

The director is ready indeed to come back again for a sequel. When asked about any tentative plans, he said, “Should the fans respond to this, should there be a desire to go further with it? I would be absolutely honored.” He is a fan of the franchise and Clive Barker’s validation seems to have touched him.

What could Hellraiser 2 be about and when could it be released?

Barker’s novella stretches across multiple storylines and universes. The version we saw in this movie was a reimagined look and differed from the lore quite a bit. If need be, Bruckner can dive into a number of ideas from the novels to adapt into the film. And considering his choices in this rebooted version, anything at this point would be pure conjecture. However, it is unlikely that the sequel will follow the ways of the old franchise films.

As far as a release is concerned, filming Hellraiser took around two months and the post-production went on for another three. If the project is greenlit this year, we can see a sequel by the end of next. Here’s hoping!


Would you like to see a Hellraiser 2? What do you think should happen in the sequel? What did you think of the first movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Will there be a Hellraiser 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. Huge Hellraiser fan since I was a kid, read all the books and comics. This film was a masterpiece! Left me in awe. really hope this isn’t the last of the franchise. I really like the direction Hellraiser 2 could go! Expand more on the six configurations please! Haha

  2. The 2022 Hellraiser remake was only okay because the last few direct sequels were so awful. They should try again with a new remake and not a sequel to the 2022 version. Use a more masculine Pinhead than the trans one and have better cenobites.

  3. I’d definitely love to see a sequel, i went into this one with high expectations, and I must say, I definitely was not disappointed.
    I think that each of the new cenobites were fantastic, and I believe that the actors and actresses did an amazing job.

  4. I loved it, I just got done watching it a 4th time. It’s such an interesting horror movie, and and really captures a LOT of what made the original great.

    Id absolutely be down for a sequel.

  5. This was a very good film. People who wanted to at the same damn movie again are free to pop in the vhs, adjust the tracking, and hush. It was a top notch reboot. I loved how inescapable the Order of The Gash was… even in a moving vehicle!

    I have watched it so many times. Please… more!

  6. As a series fan and one that wasn’t happy when hearing the changes going into the 2022 reimagining, it was great. The characters were great the girl replacement of the priest was even done very well. The way the box forms and changes in each configuration, the explanation that goes into its background was great. Even the characters who I’ve never seen in anything else, played their parts very well. Top shelf reinvention and Everything you want in a horror movie. Really hope they do a sequel.

  7. I hated the movie. The first one cannot ever be topped so why bother. Its all cosplay horseshit. Come up with some new ideas for christs sake

  8. Pinhead has always been one of my favorite characters of all time. The movies suck after the first 2… possibly 3… Cenobites suck in 2 but the story had potential. I was unsure about the new rendition, but so happy with it. Love the Hellbound Heart story, and would definitely love to see the Kirsty/Old Hell priest Pinhead reprize his role, and see Kirsty transform into our present Hell Priest Pinhead. Hope we get to see it!

    Love it! Need more screen time with the Cenobites! like a “marvel type” action scene of a holy/hellish war with the Cenobites… throw some Angels in…. a lot of torture and blood and NEW ways of people dying. Sounds like potential to me!!

  9. This was always my favorite movie.
    Ans this one was amazing.
    I have to see another one.
    This would be the best thing ever. And maybe some what of an old twist and bringing the story or how Pinn head became.
    Super excited.
    Than you so much

  10. I would love to see a sequel. There’s so many variables that could happen. Guilt could over run Riley about her brother and she could seek 6 sacrifices to try and release him. Her addictive nature could make her seek out the cenobites. She left the box in the mansion. A stranger could solve the first piece and barter a trade for his release. They can redo an origins story. Seeing how they remade the cenobites I could be wrong but I’m sure the hell priest is t Elliot spensor. They can show how each one of the cenobites desires and how leviathan changed them. I will say this though my only criticism, and not so much but I just felt a liking to the character l. I wish butterball would have been in it.vother then that, I loved the acting the special effects the new twist on the lore and would love to see more of the cenobites in the future weather it be a movie an anime a chi or a novel.

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