Will there be another Halloween movie? Here’s what we know about a sequel:


You just can’t keep a good boogeyman down! Just when you think Michael Myers has finally been laid to rest, up he pops again to seek out more victims in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois.

He recently returned in Halloween Ends, the latest franchise entry from Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green. If you have seen and enjoyed that movie, you might be interested in another sequel.

But will Michael Myers return to our screens? Or was Halloween Ends, as the title suggests, the last of this long-running horror franchise?

Here’s what we know at the time of writing.

Warning: spoilers ahead!!

Will there be a sequel to Halloween Ends?

2018’s Halloween was a part reboot/part sequel to the original 1978 film and its director, David Gordon Green, went on to direct two sequels; Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

At the end of the last movie, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) finally triumphed over Myers as she completely destroyed his body after putting him through a shredder. It could be assumed that Myers is gone forever, but as we all know by now, this masked killer has beaten death many times before.

So, will there be a sequel to Halloween Ends?

The answer appears to be no. David Gordon Green has been adamant that the film is the last in his trilogy so there won’t be a direct sequel to Halloween Ends.

Jamie Lee Curtis confirmed this in an interview with EW. She said:

“Halloween Ends is the inevitable conclusion of a 44-year trip that started with this little girl in Haddonfield, Illinois, who had her life interrupted by this incredibly violent act, this incredibly violent human…The audiences have watched these movies over the years where Laurie and Michael have, in all these various forms, come into contact with each other again. Now we’ve created the final confrontation, that final battle between the final girl and her monster, and it’s incredible.”

It’s sad that Laurie won’t be returning but let’s be honest, she deserves a rest after the traumas she has endured over the years.

But is this really the end of the Halloween franchise?

Have we seen the last of Michael Myers?

We don’t think we have seen the last of Michael Myers. After all, he has risen from the dead repeatedly over the years so it’s likely that he will be resurrected again at some point in the future.

David Gordon Green won’t be responsible for his return and neither will Blumhouse but franchise producer Malek Akkad could revive Michael again with another filmmaker and movie studio. Fans of the character will certainly be hoping this is the case and so will those studio execs who recognise Myers’ ability to make them big bucks at the box office. John Carpenter, the director of the original Halloween movie, recently joked about this in an interview with ComicBook.com when discussing what could happen after Halloween Ends. He said:

“Let me explain the movie business to you: if you take a dollar sign and attach it to anything, there will be somebody who wants to do a sequel. It will live. If the dollar sign is not big enough, no matter what, it will not live…”

We suspect the Halloween franchise will live and so too will Michael Myers. We are unlikely to see Laurie again unless the director of the new film reboots the movie with a new origin story featuring a younger actress in the role.

This is all we know for now but we aim to update this page with fresh information if we hear of Micheal Myer’s return.

Would you like to see another Halloween movie? How do you think Michael Myers could make his return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

33 thoughts on “Will there be another Halloween movie? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. Please please let there be another movie. I love them, I grew up watching them. I was 22 when the first one came out. And I hope Jamie Lee Curtis will Also be in it . Please let there be another one !!!!!!!!!

  2. They think the threw Michael in the shredder but they realize it wasn’t him alongside he is still going strong as ever

  3. Hey David, great ideas! I do think another Halloween movie will happen and there is a chance they will base Michael’s return on an idea like yours. There’s no word on a sequel yet but I reckon another movie will be given the green light in the next 3-4 years (maybe sooner).

  4. Yes I have the perfect way to Resurrect Michael very easy and simple if the Script writer,s or whoever looks at what I have to say, if they use my idea ( just) give me some money not much lol😑 ok here it goes, when Michael went through the shredder and if they collected his remains from the shredder and just went and buried it somewhere there’s no reason why he could not be resurrected with all his chopped up remains I’ve seen things like this in movies in the past Dragula is one of them so there’s always possibilities that Michael can return if the (producers use my idea) do you guys agree or disagree ? P/s and then only then they drag this Halloween movies for awhile longer and they could use doctors, Witcher’s, scientist , Priest to try and find a cure to kill this evil, let it ride for a bit if the movie makes money keep going…

  5. They Can Continue from Halloween Ressurection when at the end of that movie Michael is brought to a morgue and when the girl owns his body bag Michael Opens his eyes and I thought that was so kool

  6. The dumbest thing they did was kill Michael myers. They should have killed Laurie and have it be her end. Evil should have definitely prevailed.

  7. There has to be more halloweens i am 64 and have watched them every year. I have almost all the dvds halloween would not be the same without the movies

  8. Please !!! another Halloween Movie!!!!! Michael Myers is Halloween forever!!! It’s the whole scary saga that makes you can’t wait for Halloween season….
    Maybe they could make a new Halloween Movie theme with the idea that Halloween Ends was just all a Dream Laurie had while in a coma ( auto Accident ?) or another Nervous breakdown in a Rehab. Hospital ??
    Michael Myers is Halloween !!!!

  9. Thanks for your thoughts Jen – really interesting! I appreciate you going into so much detail on your love of (and ideas for) Halloween. I expect there will be a sequel but here’s hoping the filmmakers find a way to bring back Michael in an interesting and semi-logical way 🙂

  10. i’ve been a fan of these movies since i was a child & my grandmother would take us to blockbuster & rent them for us (since my mom didn’t exactly approve of a 7-9 year old kid watching the halloween movies, or any horror movies for that matter lol!) i was so terrified after watching Halloween II that i couldn’t walk down stairs if the lights weren’t on, if i did, i made sure i had a weapon. i grew up in the south with three brothers, so we learned how to sneak out without making noise, drive anything with two/four wheels, to fight (having 2 older & 1 younger brother helped me in that area a lot since i was the only girl), shoot guns, short/long bows, crossbows, knives, the works etc. at an early age by my daddy (rest in peace🖤), so i was ready for a fight every night i’d walk down those stairs lol. When they started the Rob Zombie reboots i wasn’t thrilled at first bc most reboots are awful & just drag down the original, but since I’m a huge White Zombie & Rob & Sherry Moon Zombie fan, I did have hope that it would be something worth watching since all of his other movies have been incredible. I loved them both- my older brother actually got me the first one for Christmas bc he knows my love of horror movies. when they stopped i was a little disappointed bc i wanted to see what happened to laurie or Angel Myers, when she comes out with his mask on & a knife; i would have really loved to see if michael transferred his spirit/soul/curse to her & she became “The Shape”, but sadly we never got an answer to that. Then, in 2018 when they released this reboot/sequel to the original (it bothered me that they didn’t include what happened in Halloween II bc it was the same night as the original Halloween, so i feel like it should have been included instead of saying he only murdered 3 ppl. he killed 4+ people (Annie, & their other girlfriend & her boyfriend, & if im thinking correctly, a store owner or a cop?), & if you want to include Judith, it brings it to at least 5, but when he escapes from the mental hospital & the guy calls Dr Loomis, i feel like i remember him saying “it’s a bloodbath” or “it’s a massacre” insinuating that he killed to escape the mental hospital. then in the sequel he kills at least 9 people at the hospital. so that’s 14 people in the first & second original movies occurring on the same night. i don’t understand why they didn’t include the second Halloween bc again, it all happened the same halloween night when Laurie was first attacked. producers/directors do what they do for a reason i guess, but i would’ve loved to see Josh Hartnett come back from H20 as her son, but instead now she has a daughter? i know they said that it’s basically a requel to the original Halloween, but i think including Halloween II & H20 would have been great since Jamie Lee was in all 3 of those movies. I know most are saying we won’t have anymore Halloween movies, but i really hope they’re wrong. Halloween has been a tradition between my little brother & I since we started watching them. every halloween we have a movie marathon of Halloween & sometimes we’ll pick another horror franchise to watch after the Halloween movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, Final Destination, Scream, Child’s Play, Evil Dead, Children of the Corn, anything by Stephen King, or to switch it up we’ll just watch a couple different horror movies (after our Halloween marathon of course lol). I’ve read a lot of your comments & i LOVE the idea of Corey’s baby becoming the rebirth of “The Shape”, or Corey himself being “The Shape” since Michael did sort of take a liking to him & made him almost like his other half, so if he had Michael’s abilities, he could come back as Michael as done many, many times as we’ve all seen, & maybe he’s Michael Myers or maybe he’s still Corey, but with the curse that Michael was instilled with. So they could easily make another movie with either Corey’s baby with Laurie’s granddaughter, make Corey reanimate & come back as The Shape, or do a prequel to the 2018 movie as one of you suggested. i think they’re all great ideas. i would love to see another Halloween movie. it’s always been one of my favorites because you can’t kill the boogeyman, & as Laurie says in Halloween Kills, Evil can’t be stopped by brute force (as poor Tommy & most of the other original survivors found out a little too late..) Evil transcends. It will always find a way.
    I loved all of your ideas! Thanks for taking the time & reading my post!
    xoxo, Jen.

  11. I Loved the Halloween movies, each and everyone of them. I hate their is an End to the Halloween movies. But everything at some point has an end. Maybe someone could use the idea of
    Michael Myers, and do something fresh , new, different ideas of another sort of person .

  12. If Michael was to return. Considering all the attacks Michael took on. He should be dead. So no I refuse to even think this is he end or a true end. After all he is cursed by evil. They could revive him by making him have a slow healing factor. After all how was he able to survive all the attacks he took on. Michael Myers was Possessed as they showed he was cursed. In fact in Halloween 2 They had a scene that showed writing ✍️ on a Chalk board Said Sam Hain. As they talked about what it ment; about a Witch”
    That cursed the town Year’s ago on Halloween and was killed.
    Also with that said. Halloween 3 was named season of the witch.

    Maybe they could do something that Halloween 3 had in it so it ties in Halloween 3 better giving more of a reason for Michael Myers events and ow he was able to survive.

    They could tie in that story how the family was cursed. With Michael Myers all chopped up they could have him slow out through the Year’s that passes by make him slowly revive himself. Orwhat we seen with cure passing on to Cory from him being around Michael Myers. Maybe he is still alive. After all Cory wasn’t chopped up.
    Or they can use like a chucky thing where Michael passes his self into Cory and witch would explain a lot of things how Michael lived after being brutally attack out through the Year’s. Making Cory taking on Michael’s features. Because he is really Michael Myers.

    Because we all know Michael was Possessed now since they changed the original plot for Michael bringing him back lots of times.

    I have noticed in each Halloween film they always leave room for Sequels.
    Halloween Ends did show 3 ways they could extend Michael Myers story on.

    After all I always said this n the past. Halloween 🎃 is a tradition. These movie’s always are a tradition. Halloween is a every Year thing. Not something that comes and it’s gone forever.

    There for I can see either reboots or reviving sequels.

    Witch people prefer sequels more than reboots. Because of changing the story up. Something people don’t like.

  13. Tbh I would like them to do a prequel on Halloween 2018 where they kill Michael Myers in the basement where it would be the same 3 from 2018 killing Michael the same way laurie did herself in the kitchen in halloween ends just in the basement with allyson and karen. Then they bleed him out like laurie did and then burn him to death like an inferno fire and they watch as his melts away until you can see his skeleton to confirm that michael is dead. Then the scene it shows when they get on the back of the truck, they introduce corey that way because if you watch the beginning of kills we don’t know whose driving the truck, so they introduce corey that way and still do the same story in halloween ends its just corey becomes the “new shape” and has the same mask he did and everything and brings the same terror as michael did in haddonfield and evryone loses it because its happening all over again but people got a feeling its michael because of fear but it’s really the new shape of corey cunningham.

  14. Yes more more more Michael. Allyson with Corey’s baby would set the table for anew Mikey.But bring Lindsay back as an aunt figure. The baby would have Michaels rage. But if the mask changes and his creepy ways like tilting head after a kill need be kept. Hoping Malek Akkad n Cody Carpenter could be the next force in this
    It would also honor Maleks Dad who got Halloween started in78

  15. Halloweens ends can’t be the end of Michael Michael could’ve killed some one else like he did on the end of Halloween H20 Laurie thought she killed him by cutting his head off she didn’t kill him it was some one else so there could be another Halloween he’s faked his death alot in these Halloween movies
    The next Halloween they could show that he killed someone else and put his mask on them before he was suppose to die

  16. I would love to see another Halloween where Alison is pregnant and she has a boy and he grew up to be the next Michael myers in the future but I enjoy the Halloween ends as the story not the film franchise is still strong so why not make more films

  17. I 100% agree with the theory of Cory’s baby and to add a spin on things there was never any information on the baby from the 2018 Halloween movie. The baby that has the Myers family blood just disappears and Cory shows up, in the end, I say Cory was that baby as they appeared to have a connection between him and Mikey. In the end, I was sad to see Mikey go but Jamie Lee did say “Evil never dies it just changes shape or changes form but it never truly dies” I think the new Halloween will be Allison’s baby Cory’s Son the new shape will be reborn and it will make for one hell of a movie series especially if they start off with something like Rob Zombie’s Halloween showing him growing up and then as an adult doing the family business 🙂 I will keep hoping for this to happen.

  18. Personally I would love a redo of Halloween ends my personal opinion is that movie sucked . They made poor Michael look like a bitch. You can’t kill the boogieman.

  19. More Halloween, more Michael Myers YES !!! But no sequel to Halloween Ends. The new Halloween should be a reboot or a remake. (Not another requel)

  20. Im a true fan of Halloween you just can’t get rid of Michael Myers you can’t kill the boogeyman please make more Halloween movies i would pay to see it every time

  21. I love the Halloween movies and would definitely like to see another sequel! I would also love to see Jamie Lee Curtis come back and the resurrection of James Jude Courtney as Michael Myers, without them it wouldn’t be HALLOWEEN!

  22. Please. Be sure Bring back Michael Myers fir next year instead of 2024 I hope we pick a younger actor for Michel Myers in the next film and a new director

  23. I CANT WAIT……………………..TO OWN////////////////////////HAVE HALLOWEEN ENDS……………DVD………I REALLY”””””’DO HOPE THIS IS THE LAST ONE……………………////////////////////////////////////DVD………..SINCERLY………………….JAMES JETT

  24. No, I think they should leave the franchise where it be. Halloween Ends ended the way it should have some Halloween movies ago. His body was shredded to bits so there is no coming back from that. I’m a HUGE HALLOWEEN FAN and I’m very satisfied with how it ended. It would be dumb to bring Michael Myers back after this.

  25. Omg yes I think that I Allison might be pregnant with Coreys baby and I think he’s going to be the new shape

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