Will there be a Fantastic Beasts 4? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Fantastic Beasts 4

There have been three Fantastic Beasts movies to date and if you’re a fan of the franchise, you will be keen to go back into JK Rowling’s world to see the next adventure of Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne).

But will there be a Fantastic Beasts 4? Here’s what we know at the time of writing.

What are the Fantastic Beasts movies about?

The Fantastic Beasts movies act as prequels to the Harry Potter movies that came before them. They are centred around Newt Scamander, an introverted wizard and magizoologist (a collector of magical creatures), who is called upon by his former professor Albus Dumbledore to defeat Gellert Grindelwald, a dark wizard who has plans to rule over the muggle world.

Does Newt defeat Grindelwald? Well, there will be no spoilers here but if you have seen the most recent movie in the franchise, you will know that several major plot points were tied up, even if a few others remained tantalisingly open.

Will there be a Fantastic Beasts 4?

At the time of writing, there is no news of a fourth movie.

There were supposed to be five movies in the Fantastic Beasts franchise but after the box office and critical disappointment of the most recent movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, the future of the series now seems to be in question.

Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav is interested in working on more movies within the Harry Potter universe, according to this article at Variety, but there is no indication that these movies will be a continuation of the Fantastic Beasts saga. It might be that Zaslav is keen to distance the studio from any follow-up films after the recent controversies surrounding Credence actor Ezra Miller and the recasting of Grindelwald which upset a lot of fans.

Still, if Warner Bros does return to the wizarding world of Harry Potter in the future, we might still see Newt Scamander and his friends again at some point, even if they aren’t the main focus of any new movies.

What could happen in Fantastic Beasts 4?

As the Fantastic Beasts movies aren’t based on a set of novels, it’s difficult to know what might happen in the sequel if it is given the green light. We know from Harry Potter lore that Grindelwald and Dumbledore will have a climactic battle that sees one of them become the victor but there is no guarantee that this will happen in the next movie.

Who could appear in Fantastic Beasts 4?

We imagine most of the main stars would return for the next outing if it does ever happen. This would include Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore, Mads Mikkelsen as Gellert Grindelwald, Katherine Waterstone as Tina Goldstein, and Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski.

We aren’t sure if Ezra Miller will take on the role of Credence again, not only because of his controversial behaviour but because his character appeared to be dying at the end of the third film.


This is all we know for now but if we do hear news of a fourth Fantastic Beasts movie, we will update this page with the relevant information.

Would you like to see Fantastic Beasts 4? What do you think will happen in the sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

15 thoughts on “Will there be a Fantastic Beasts 4? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. Please bring at least a 4th showing the battle between Gillert an Albus. I never agreed with recasting Grindelwald but that still wouldn’t have stopped me from watching. Every time you release a new wizarding world movie I’m going to buy it and I’m going to the theaters to watch it plain and simple. Keep them COMING!

  2. A 4th and 5 th movie would be greatly appreciated…….. I might have missed it…. But how did dumbledor come into possession of the elder wand???? I saw Grindelwald had the elders wand……

  3. They need to make 4 and 5 and ret con all the gay shit going on with Dumbledore. It’s not appropriate to have sexuality tied in with children’s movies. Go make some gay porn fan movies or something but Dumbledore being gay in cannon is borderline pedophile bullshit. Sexuality should never be in movies targeted at children. Period especially when you have Dumbledore working so closely to these children . I never once thought ever watching the first 7 Dumbledore was gay. Always gotta ruin these amazing films with their dumbass narratives. At least we won’t see a tranny wizard lmaoooo. We know jk Rowling’s don’t like them

  4. There definitely needs to be a 4th and 5th movie and they need to bring Johnny Depp back. He brought Grindelwald to life and the other guy could not he made that character dry and dull. Just my opinion.

  5. Still hoping they won’t let go on E. Miller…. enjoying this complicated character simply too much. And they should publish at least books no 4 and 5 for the story to be finalised… (a pity this will not be possible contract wise I guess)

  6. There was no way that Johnny Depp should not be recasted again. He was the very soul of Grindenwald. He was grindenwald I was so disappointed in beast 3. Everyone wants to throw stones at Johnny and I would like to throw stones at everyone who is throwing the stones at him. I think Johnny would help bring back the beast. I must admit that I found beast three was the most boring of all the movies Harry Potter and beast but it is a close tie with deathly hallows three. Please find a fantastic director and there will be no problems with beast 4. There I said my mind not that it will do much good but I feel better.

  7. There needs to be some tying up of the story. All the “controversy” needs to go away. Either you like the story or not. If you don’t, don’t go to any more movies, but thousands of us LIKED the story and want more.

  8. There should be at least one follow up to tie up the loose ends with the third movie. I personally didn’t start watching any of them until the 3rd movie came out. Which made me buy all three movies. With the pandemic it has had a huge impact on cinema sales and should be kept in mind when deciding to make another.

  9. I think if Johnny Depp came back as Grindlewald would be FANTASTIC!! News releases, controversial comments by any staff on project should be kept private and even JKR should not make public comments regarding things that can rip a family apart.
    Wrap it up in #4 and be done with it!! Marlene K

  10. Please Mr Zaslav,
    My minds fantasy section needs a solution via a movie to J K Rawling’s Grindelwald- Dumbledore saga to allow my creative portion to smoothly transition physically overseeing antique aircraft production.
    MAJ. USAF, ret.
    Airline Capt. Ret

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