Will there be an Elf 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:


Elf 2

2003’s Elf is one of the most beloved Christmas films of the modern era, largely thanks to its sweet-natured story and the hilarious performance of Will Ferrell as Buddy Hobbs, the toy-making elf who journeys from the North Pole to Manhattan to find his real father.

It has been 20 years since the film’s release and hopes have been high for a sequel ever since. 

Will we ever get to see Elf 2? Or is the sequel never going to happen? Here’s what we know:

What is Elf about?

Elf tells the story of Buddy, a grown man who was accidentally transported to the North Pole as a child.

After being raised to adulthood among Santa’s elves, Buddy is unable to shake the feeling that he doesn’t quite fit in, so he decides to leave the North Pole to search for his real father. All kinds of comical hijinks ensue when he finds his dad, a cynical businessman named Walter Hobbs who has lost the Christmas spirit and who isn’t best pleased to discover he has a son. 

Will there be a sequel to Elf?

A sequel titled ‘Elf 2: Buddy Saves Christmas’ was once in development but this was a decade ago and the movie never saw the light of day. Apparently, the first movie’s director Jon Favreau wanted to move ahead with the movie but Will Ferrell wasn’t interested in reprising his role. 

In 2013, Ferrell was asked by Rolling Stone if he would be willing to return to his famous role, but he said “I just think it would look slightly pathetic if I tried to squeeze back in the elf tights.” This was the actor reiterating his unwillingness to star in Elf 2 and in the years since, he has spoken in other interviews about his reluctance to star in a sequel.

The thought of slipping back into those green tights apparently wasn’t the only reason why he didn’t want to return. According to late actor James Caan, there was tension between Ferrell and his director and co-stars, so this might explain the Anchorman star’s reluctance to return to the role of Buddy. 

The upshot of all this? You shouldn’t expect Elf 2 any time soon. While this might not be the news you wanted to hear, there are still other ways to slip back into the world of Buddy Hobbs via the book and the stage musical. 

What could Elf 2 be about?

If there is another Elf movie, it will likely focus on Buddy’s return to the North Pole with Jovie, his wife, and their daughter Susie. This is just speculation as a sequel movie is very unlikely. 

But if there were to be a sequel, what would you want to happen? Feel free to share your suggestions with us by leaving us a comment below.

If a Christmas miracle happens and Elf 2 is given the green light, we will update this article with new information. 

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