Will There Be A ‘Dual 2’? Here’s What We Know:


Dual is a new movie starring Karen Gillan and it’s one that has plenty of sequel potential. It tells the story of Sarah, a young woman who finds out she doesn’t have long to live. This is devastating news but as this is a future-set tale where human cloning is commonplace, Sarah is able to pay for a replacement that will take her place after she has gone.

She does this for her mother and boyfriend who she thinks will be devastated if left to live a life without her but as is usual in sci-fi stories of this sort, things go more than a little awry after the clone has been created.

A little while after the clone has been commissioned, Sarah receives some encouraging news – she isn’t going to die! Miraculously, she goes into remission so has no need of the clone.

But as her double has been given an extended opportunity to experience life, it is allowed to carry on living, if it so chooses. This would be fine but in the future, the law has clearly taken cues from Highlander and decreed that there can be only one!

The law states that Sarah and her double cannot co-exist so they have to take part in a battle to the death.

Who survives? This is a twisty turny tale that concludes in an unpredictable way and if you would like to know how it ends, scroll down. Spoilers await, obviously.

What happens at the end of the movie?

Sarah and her double don’t actually dual to the death. Instead, they decide to flee the country together and start life anew elsewhere, as they are both unhappy with their individual situations. Sarah is unhappy that her mother and boyfriend both prefer the double over her, and the clone has realised that living life as Sarah’s replacement isn’t the kind of life that she wants.

But as they venture into the woods to escape the law and the consequences of the duel, it turns out that one of them has already plotted the other’s death. Stop reading if you don’t want to know the answer.

Still here?

Okay…well, here we go!

The double kills Sarah by poisoning the water in her drinks bottle. Or at least we can assume that Sarah has been killed – we never get to see her die.

Sarah’s double then turns up at the duel in Sarah’s clothes and lets the host know that she is the original (and not the clone). The movie ends soon after with the double leading a less than happy life as the woman she has apparently murdered.

For further exploration of the movie’s end, check out our Ending Explained article.

What could happen in the sequel?

If there were to be a sequel, it could focus on the double as she attempts to live Sarah’s life. As she clearly isn’t happy being Sarah at the end of the movie, it could chart her experiences living as her counterpart and the struggles that come with that.

A sequel could also see the return of Sarah. As we don’t see her die, it is still possible for her to make a comeback, perhaps because the poison wasn’t as effective as the clone thought it was. She could come back to make her clone’s life hell, perhaps by showing up at work and at her mum’s house, pretending to be the double posing as Sarah. It could end in spectacular fashion with the duel that we never got to see at the end of the last film.

Will there be a sequel to Dual?

At this point, no sequel to Dual has been announced. In all likelihood, it probably won’t happen as that doesn’t appear to be the director’s intent, despite the potential for a continuation.

Of course, if the movie manages to gain a large following, a sequel could be on the cards. Hollywood has resurrected Michael Myers from the dead numerous time and characters from the Fast and Furious movies have miraculously been brought back to life after being killed, so public demand could bring about a follow-up movie.

For now though, it’s probably wise not to get your hopes up as there is currently no news (or any rumours) of a potential sequel.


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