Will there be a Do Revenge 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Do Revenge 2

After having watched the film, there is little hesitance in calling Do Revenge one of the best teen movies Netflix has given us this year. 2022 has been riddled with disappointments. So much so, that Netflix registered its first-ever quarterly drawdown in viewership in its history. This does not mean that the OTT hysteria is coming to end or is fading. It simply is a warning sign to Netflix – the original for streaming services – that its content is lagging behind. They desperately needed Do Revenge to work – and the film has delivers.

Camilla Mendez and Maya Hawke, two teen heartthrobs with humungous fan followings, star as the bitter-sweet duo set on taking revenge for (on) each other in the setting of a posh high school. Sarah Michelle Gellar also makes a stunning guest appearance in it. Unlike other teen movies, Do Revenge has fully-fleshed out characters with great personalities, a steady narrative, and a fresh take on the genre that has become so outdated.

Having watched the film, you must be wondering if there is going to be a sequel. A million-dollar franchise is something studios can’t say no to, after all. So, here is what we know right now about a possible sequel to Netflix’s Do Revenge:

What is Do Revenge about?

Drea (Mendez) and Eleanor (Hawke) have an inadvertent meeting at a tennis camp, which both are visiting for different reasons. Drea’s public humiliation at the hands of rich Casanova boyfriend Max (Abrams) has hit her hard and put her bright career on the verge of dissipating. Eleanor is about to start school at Rosehill – Drea’s school – and strikes up a friendship to have a familiar face when she does. In their conversations, they passionately talk about their burning desire to exact revenge on Max and Carissa, a girl who outed Eleanor and accused her of predatory smears.

Drea floats an outrageous plan for them to meet their ends. Eleanor targets Max, while Drea targets Carissa. This way, they can avoid suspicion and get the satisfaction of destroying their enemy’s life. Eleanor agrees and the plan is on. It all goes well until the Shyamalan twist before the third act that really takes you by surprise.

Will there be a Do Revenge 2?

Director Jennifer Robinson or anyone else really from the cast has refrained from talking about a sequel. As of now, there aren’t any concrete plans for one by Netflix. Given the kind of budget that the film has been shot on, it is extremely likely we can have another film and maybe even more if Netflix gauges the audience response to be up there. The cycle that they follow is that of four weeks, and at times, even before that if the content becomes viral. It has happened with Squid Games before. How quickly a sequel is commissioned might depend on the views.

And at times, the renewal may even take more time. The two Zombieland films were released almost a decade apart.  A lot of factors are at play here beyond the response as well, such as schedules, availability of talent, and Netflix’s whim. We cannot see another Daredevil happening again. As far as the plot goes, the sequel will not be short on options.

What could Do Revenge 2 be about?

As we said, if a sequel does happen the writers have plenty of options to choose from and pick up from how it ended. Mendez and Hawke have amazing chemistry and gave serious Bonnie and Clyde vibes when together. I know it is a bit of a stretch, but they make a very good pair and are performers that are naturally gifted with impressive comic timing and gravitas. They’re able to add heft to their acting, making them the perfect combo. Maybe the two can be placed in a different setting together – college – where they navigate adult problems and deal with a whole new group of people altogether.

The possibilities are endless but of course it depends what the writers choose to do! Even though there’s a very slim chance, always keep your hopes up and do not underestimate the power of the young seeking what their heart wants from these two teen sensations!

When could Do Revenge 2 be released?

If a sequel is given the green light, there is the chance that it could be released as soon as next year but as a follow-up doesn’t seem to be in pre-production, we might have to wait until the mid of 2024. Optimists can even mark their calendars for an end-of-2023 release.

But if we do hear news of a sequel, we will update this page accordingly.


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Would you like to see a sequel to Do Revenge? What did you think of the first movie? What could happen in a sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I loved the movie do revenge it is my absolute favourite of all time I would 1000 percent want another one on how it ends it would be a dream come true

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