Will There Be A ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ 2? Here’s What We Know

Dear Evan Hansen is a 2021 movie based on the musical of the same name and it explores the consequences of a lie Evan tells when trying to get close to the girl he has a crush on.

The stage musical was very popular but the movie was critically slated for its casting of Ben Platt, who many considered to be too old for the character of Evan. Platt successfully played him on stage when the musical opened on Broadway in 2016, but many thought he was far too old to be playing a teenager at 27 when the movie adaptation eventually hit theatres.

Platt still managed to pull off a good performance, however, and while the movie didn’t receive the acclaim of its Broadway predecessor, some of its fans have speculated about the possibility of a sequel. One such fan even wrote their own sequel entitled Sincerely Me!

So, could there be a Dear Evan Hansen 2? Let’s consider the possibility.

What is ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ about?

Evan Hansen is a 17-year old high school student riddled with anxiety and the inability to make many friends. He is largely invisible at school but his life turns around when a letter he wrote to himself ends up in the hands of troubled teen Connor Murphy.

Sadly, Connor takes his own life soon after and his parents are understandably distraught. But when they find Evan’s letter, they believe Connor had written it to Evan shortly before he died. They give it to Evan and question him about his friendship with their son. Evan didn’t really know their son at all, of course, but to provide solace to Connor’s parents and to get closer to Zoe, the late teen’s sister, he fabricates the truth and pretends that he was close friends with Connor.

From there, the lies spiral out of control. As a consequence of these, Evan is invited to speak at Connor’s memorial service, a fund-raiser is started on behalf of Connor, and news of their friendship starts to go viral.

Of course, it’s not long before the truth about Evan’s ‘friendship’ with Connor is revealed. Our young protagonist’s life then takes a downward turn but it’s not all bad news, as he learns a few valuable life lessons along the way.

Will there be a ‘Dear Evan Hansen 2’?

A sequel to Dear Evan Hansen is unlikely. If there is ever a follow-up to the original musical on Broadway, then the chances of a sequel could be increased. However, there has been no news about a second musical featuring Evan or the characters that surrounded him, so in all likelihood, it will probably never happen.

As the movie adaptation received some very negative reviews from critics, this will also dampen the chances of a sequel. However, the movie did strike a positive chord with some audience members, despite its failings, as there are a lot of Evan Hansen fans online. If they petitioned for a sequel, there is a small chance that it could happen, but at the moment, there seems to be no online movement in support of this.

All hope isn’t lost if you do want to see a sequel, however. You could read the fanfiction that can be found online if you want to continue the story of Evan Hansen. You could also write your own, so if you have a good idea for a follow-up story, you could put something together and share it with the world on one of the many fanfiction sites. And who knows, a movie or Broadway bigwig could read your story and use it as the basis for a film or stage sequel! Sometimes dreams do come true!

What could ‘Dear Evan Hansen 2’ be about?

As the first movie touched on themes of mental health and self-discovery, the sequel could continue Evan’s story as an adult. It could explore his ongoing battle to beat his anxiety and to find his place in the world. It could also see him reconnect with Zoe and her parents, perhaps with a look at how they are all moving on after Connor’s death.

The sequel could also hinge upon another lie that Evan gets caught up in and the consequences that follow.

These are just a few possibilities but the fanfiction that can be found online suggests there could be other stories too.


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