Will there be a Chupa 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Chupa 2

Chupa, a new Netflix Original movie, tells the story of Alex, a bullied 13-year-old boy who leaves his Kansas home to spend spring break with his grandfather and cousins in Mexico.

During his stay, Alex makes an unusual new friend: a young Chupacabra cub that has become separated from its family.

This is an enjoyable movie that is primarily aimed at younger viewers. However, adults can enjoy it too because of the fine special effects that bring Chupa to life and the life-affirming messages that it teaches.

If you or your children have enjoyed Chupa, you might be interested in a sequel. But will there be a Chupa 2? Here’s what we know at the time of writing.

Warning: This article contains brief spoilers about the movie’s ending. 

What is Chupa about?

As mentioned, Chupa is about a young teenage boy named Alex and his friendship with a supposedly mythological creature. As Alex has recently lost his father, he feels an affinity for the furry cub as the creature has also become separated from its parent.

The two are quick to bond but it’s not long before their friendship is threatened. A scientist by the name of Quinn is keen to capture the animal because of its blood which has healing properties.

Does Quinn capture Chupa? That isn’t something we are going to reveal here so if you would like to know more, check out our Ending Explained article which goes into a little more detail.

Will there be a Chupa 2?

A sequel to Chupa has not yet been announced. This is of little surprise as the movie has only just been released. Netflix tends to greenlight sequels for their Original films if they are critically well-received and viewing figures are high.

We don’t have information on viewing figures at the moment but when looking at reviews for the movie, it’s clear that there has been a mixed response. As such, there is a chance that Chupa 2 won’t be given the green light. But if we do hear news of a sequel, we will update this page with the relevant information.

What could Chupa 2 be about?

At the end of the first movie, Chupa escapes capture and returns to his family.

Alex says goodbye to his extended family and returns to Kansas to be with his mother.

But before the two of them separate, Alex tells Chupa that he will always be by his side. This is an unusual promise to make, as the two of them are destined to live hundreds of miles away from each other. However, if a sequel is given the green light, Chupa might decide to pay Alex a visit or vice versa. There may be a reason for this – Alex might be compelled to visit his furry friend if he hears the animal is in danger again – or the bond they created in the first movie could give them both reason to see each other again.

This is just speculation. But what do you think should happen in Chupa 2? Let us know in the comments below.

When could Chupa 2 be released?

If Chupa does turn out to be a success, Netflix will be keen to capitalise on this before our memories of the movie disappear. As such, they might aim for a 2024 release if they can bring the cast and crew together again.

Again, this is just speculation as there is a chance that the movie won’t be granted a sequel if the powers-that-be decide there is no reason for a follow-up movie.

Is there a trailer for Chupa 2?

As the movie hasn’t been announced, a trailer doesn’t exist. Of course, people assumed Chupacabras didn’t exist either but you have a better chance of seeing one of these winged beasts than a Chupa 2 trailer at this present moment.

Did you enjoy Chupa? Would you like to see a sequel? What do you think could happen in Chupa 2? Let us know in the comments below. 

8 thoughts on “Will there be a Chupa 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. I really hope there is a chupa 2 for various reasons such as will chupa visit or will Alex visit or how will his Mom react when she knows also because chupa is very cute. Another thing that I really loved bout’ this movie is that it was sad in the begging but then it goes to good then there’s more tension then there’s a happy ending, that’s what I personally like. I hope you see this and read all the other comments and hopefully decide to make a chupa 2. It is one of my favorite movies now and you can thank my sister Chloe because of it weren’t for her I would not be writing this right now. PLEASE!!! 🥺🙏🤔😍🥰

  2. I agree with Nancy. The return of adult Alex in current time and reconnecting with Chupa. I would add that Alex brings his own kid and remembers / teaches / connects with chupa and his new pup. It would be great to see his cousins kids as well. The land developer angle would be great as well. I love how much culture and meaning they packed into the story as well. Would love to see a Chupa 2!

  3. There is a reason why this movie is set in 1996,after he leaves he made his grandfather a promise he will never forget..part 2 fast forward..after his grandfather passing adult Alex returns and he has forgotten..until one of his cousins gets in trouble with a local developer to buy their grandfathers land..,praying for help…And there comes an all grown Chupa

  4. Chupa 2 could have kid go back to Mexico to rescue chupas kids. The mean old geologist is hunting them again. Was a good family movie the kids loved it.

  5. Der Film ist so cool der Film hat si was liebe volles und es gefällt mir mega vorallem chupa ist so cute ❤️🥰

  6. I loved this movie and I definitely think there should be a sequel. The Chupa is so cute and the whole movie is written very well and I definitely think there should be a sequel.

  7. Wonderful movie. Teaching respect for family and nature. I think Alex will return to visit abuelo and abuelo will become disoriented and lost in the big city. Chupa will aid Alex to find abuelo. But how did Chupa, with his beautiful, magical voice, know that Alex needed his help and how did Chupa and Alex find one another again!? I love that even the mountain lion was unharmed.

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