Will there be a Black Adam 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Black Adam 2

Black Adam recently hit theatres and despite the low expectations of some, the movie has turned out to be something of a success. The movie ended its first week at the box office with domestic takings of $83.4 million and reviews have generally been quite positive.

If you have seen and enjoyed Black Adam, you will no doubt be hoping for a sequel.

But will there be a Black Adam 2? Or can the first movie be considered a one-hit wonder? Here’s what we know at the time of writing:

Be warned: this article will contain spoilers!

What is Black Adam about?

Based on the DC comic book character of the same name, Black Adam is a big-budget action film about a superhuman being who was imprisoned in an ancient tomb 5,000 years ago. Fast forward to the modern day and he is released from captivity when a resistance fighter named Adrianna Tomaz manages to release him during an expedition to locate the Crown of Sabbac.

After escaping from imprisonment, Black Adam is compelled to carry out his special brand of justice against anybody who gets in his way. But before he can be considered a supervillain, he is convinced to fight for the side of good when he meets Adrianna’s young son and the group calling themselves the Justice League.

Together with the League – Dr. Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher – Black Adam must face off against a villain who wants to be reborn as the champion of the six demons of Sabbac and claim God-like powers. Does he succeed? Check out the movie if you would like to know more!

Will there be a Black Adam 2?

Updated information

Black Adam might return to cinema screens at some point in the future but given the recent shake-up at DC, we likely won’t see Black Adam 2 any time soon. If the character is given a new movie, it might even be with a different actor, as has happened with Superman, who will no longer be played by Henry Cavill.

What could Black Adam 2 be about?

At the end of the first movie, Black Adam remains in Kandahq to become its protector.

In the credit scene, he is told by Amanda Waller, founder of Task Force X, (you may remember her from the Suicide Squad movies) that he must never leave the city. He boasts that nobody can stop him from doing what he wants but then Superman arrives to tell him otherwise.

So, could the sequel see Black Adam leave the city and face the wrath of Waller? We don’t know. As the next Black Adam could be a reboot for the character, the story might not follow on from that told in the first movie. As such, we don’t know what might be next for the comic book antihero but if you have any story ideas, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Who could be in Black Adam 2?

Dwayne Johnson could reprise his role, as could Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher and Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone. But if the next Black Adam is a reboot, expect to see a new cast of characters in the next movie.

When could Black Adam 2 be released?

It’s hard to say as changes are afoot within the DCEU. But if we do hear news of a sequel or a reboot, we will update this page when fresh information is released.

Would you like to see Black Adam 2? What do you think should happen in the sequel? What did you think of the first movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. My boyfriend & I enjoyed the first movie therefore
    we’re hoping that the Sequel to the first Black Adam air

  2. The movie was awesome the effects was out this world the actors was on key the sound effects through the whole movie was out of this world the costumes were very beautiful made and Mrs Dwayne Johnson himself was awesome I can’t wait to see part 2 see what’s new the Black Adam on the next chapter all his movies are awesome please keep up the great work

  3. I’ve been waiting to see Black Adam and I really enjoyed it. I definitely think there should be a black adam 2. I will be looking forward to watching it. The cast did a great job.

  4. Black Adam is an excellent auctioneer and proves a very good vehicle for Dwayne’’s first role as a quite complex super-hero. His character development is such that by the end of the action the film audience will have taken him to their hearts. He is ably supported by a good supporting cast with Brosnan giving credibility where it is needed. Very good CGI and a stirring musical soundtrack add to the enjoyment.

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