Will there be a 365 Days 4? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

The Next 365 Days

Laura has recovered from her gunshot wound last movie, and beyond a few mentions it’s never brought up again. Laura and Massimo’s relationship is on the rocks, so the former decides to get back into the swing of her career. As she starts to dive into the world of fashion again, Nacho returns and causes Laura to feel conflicted.

What will Laura choose to do? Does she stay with the abusive, controlling, toxic Massimo or does she move across to dating rival gangster Nacho? Or maybe she should just sail away from these toxic men and strike out on her own? Decisions, decisions!

The big question here though is will there be a 365 Days 4? The cliffhanger ending would seem to denote that there will be but let’s find out what we know so far:

Will there be a 365 Days 4?

At the time of writing, there is no news of a sequel to The Next 365 Days. This lack of news is hardly surprising given the movie has only just dropped on Netflix. However, the chances of another film in the ongoing franchise being green-lit are certainly high.

The Next 365 Days has not exactly been a hit with critics but audiences are lapping up this steamy Polish erotica. A follow-up movie would certainly please fans looking for a resolution to that big cliffhanger end.

Right now though, nothing has been officially confirmed but we’ll be sure to update this section when we know more!

What happens at the end?

We have extensive coverage of The Next 365 Days on the site, including an ending explained that breaks down all the big plot points and events at the end of the movie. You can check that out HERE and do be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

When could the next 365 Days movie be released?

It’s difficult to say at this point as the movie hasn’t been confirmed. However, given the quick turnaround between the second and third film, it’s not outside the realm of possibility to think this could actually be released around Christmas or the New Year. It all depends on whether this is green-lit though.

Who will be in 365 Days 4?

If a direct follow-on is made, expect all the cast members to return to their respective roles, including Massimo, Nacho and Laura.

That’s all we know for now but keep checking in on this page for updated information!

Would you like to see another sequel in the 365 Days franchise? What did you think of The Next 365 Days? What would you like to see in the next movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Yes Please male a 4th one!!! Both men a very sexy and so so hot!!! But Laura needs to stay with Massimo! Even tho the way they started out was kinda messed up either way she still fell in love with him and married him! I want to see her stay with Massimo and have a family! The love and chemistry they have is just so satisfying to watch! So please please please make a 4th movie! We need more!

  2. Yes we need a fourth laura needs to take in account massimo didnt cheat on her so that shows he really loved her .and nacho on the other hand knew is father. And massimo ex girl friend anna and his evil twin brother michael all schemed the making laura beleave massimo cheated on her nacho knew all along in my opion that makes him a lieing piece of shit if he loved laura he would of told her before they had sex massimo didnt cheat on her that his father massimo ex anna and massimo twin evil brother planned it to break them up so anna could have him back his evil twin wanted to be his brother and naco father knew Michael would go with what ever he wanted . So to me nacho allmost caused laura to die and from the guilt of being a lier breaking them up. Thats why he shot anna and kept massimo from being shot . It wasnt because nacho love laura. Massimo knew she cheated he couldnt and didnt cheat on laura he is the one that really love laura so if laura is smart she will see that and stay with massimo and have children with the man that loves her unconditionally . So yes we need a fourth movie . And nacho to be told bye laura she loves massimo to go on with his life because shes not going to be with him after all his deceatfull lies .

  3. If they called massimo a rapist and abusive then you needs to watch 50 shades spare. I think Laura and massimo deserve happy ending if those ones can be happy in the end despite everything.

  4. I think Nacoh is up to something, what if they are using Laura as a bait to get massimo. Laura needs to come back to her husband and figure out a way to change him cos I’m sure massimo will be ready to change for her, remember when she told he “teach me how to be gentle for you.” Laura leaving massimo will make him miserable ,the chemistry they had is real and sweet moreover,massimo has change a little after Laura confronted him and tell him” I am your wife you can’t control me” I can’t to see them happy again pt 3 really hurt me

  5. I really hope she goes back 2 her husband cause even though things wnt tht way i jst kw thy definitely love each other so i really hope thy stay 2gether and have a baby and thy show sum more very passionate sexy cause i jst think they r all sexy as hell and i luv watching it so plz come out with the part 4 soon jst like sum1 else said i watched the 1st 1 about a year ago and didnt even knw there was 2 more but as soon as i did i watched the 1st 1 and thn the other 2 all back 2 back and ive even watched it all 4 the 4th time now showing it 2 friends cause its so good so ive watched the last 2 jst a couple months ago whn i realized there was 2 more and ive watched all 3 4 more times since thn so yes it is the best movies ive ever seen so i would luv 2 see part 4 very soon

  6. Wow!! Such beautiful men 😍😍
    Laura is such a lucky girl..

    Just love it, just keep delivering ppplleeeasssssee..💯

  7. Laura needs to go somewhere, where she can be married to both , Massimo and Nacho😊. Or just give Nacho to me 😜. Cuz i love me some Nachos. LOL. But seriously though!!! When Laura is making love with Nacho, it’s clear they are making love !!! When she’s with Massimo, it’s like hard core sex 😏. And YES, PLEASE let there be a part 4 . I’m team Nacho ,all the way!!!

  8. I loved this trilogy and hoping for another three!!! I’m a Massimo fan and hoping Laura chooses him over Nacho. The chemistry between the two was amazing!!! Massimo and Laura belong together❤️❤️❤️

  9. These movies by far are the best movies I’ve ever watched,I would be so disappointed if there aren’t future sequels.

  10. I really loved all the movies 🎥 1 thur 3 but Laura when she returns and talking to Ogla she said where is Massimo she said by the beach 🏖 and she said I have to go work out things with him so I think 🤔 she’s going to give it one more go before walking away because she’s been doing wrong herself and it wasn’t his fault his twin brother fooled her into believing a Lie because Massimo really love ❤️ Laura but she has to be able to put her feelings in check he almost slipped at his Club with those women but he got out of there before things went to far Laura have to give him more credit then she does because he could find love ❤️ else where to but his love 💕 her is stronger so yeah this marriage can be fixed but something has to change with the other stuff in the way. Because Laura do love ❤️ him to but again the other things is confusing the situation with her husband. So good luck to the Marriage and hope part4 comes back soon 🔜.

  11. Loved all the movies but Laura and Massimo should reconnect with their passion. As she remembers why she fail in love with him. Of course this passion lead to them finally having a baby maybe even twins. Massimo gives up the criminal life and she continues her design career with the family. Nacho becomes the mod boss and allows Massimo to leave the criminal world for Laurie’s happiness.

  12. Yes I just got done watching the second and 3rd. I saw the first one a year ago. Didn’t even know their were 2 more until today. Then I watched them back to back. Netflix should advertise better. I loved these movies, they are brilliant and sexy. The ending was awesome but made me definitely wonder who she will pick. Love to see more!
    Plz bring 365 days 4 back Netflix.

  13. Omg! I’m breathless right now. Please make another one and another after that… Quickly! 🤣 I finally get Netflix after hearing of a few shows and this was the top one I wanted to watch. I watched all three, looking for more, realize that’s it ! 😩😩😩 Either one of those guys could take me any day. Id still play hard to get though. This show is hot 🔥🥵🔥🥵🤣

  14. Fantastic storyline.
    Massimo is basically a good guy but has control issues & mainly focused on himself.
    Marcelo “Nacho” is definitely a good guy, focused on Laura & VERY in control of himself.
    Laura loves pieces of them both but is very drawn to Nacho – I feel because they’re alike with same ideals & wants.
    Book 4
    Laura gets pregnant & we have to wait to see who’s baby it is….
    Book 5 discover whose eyes the baby has & which man will accept his rivals child to raise ad his own because of his love of Laura.

  15. Plz make a 4th one . I know all women out there can hear me when I say the whole series so far is a feeling that no women too much gets (even men) that’s why it’s so interesting n a beautiful fantasy that feels so real when it comes down to the teasing, sexual intimacy n all. I believe both men are very attractive but Massimo was there from the beginning. If he had not found her/kidnapped her nacho wouldn’t even know about her . That’s him right there that’s alll Massimo n he’s the reason that some girls wouldn’t mind getting kidnapped if it’s going down like that 🤣… cause let him come get me talking about some “are u lost baby girl” cause “YESSS YESSS I AM, CAN YOU TAKE ME TO WHERE I NEED TO GET BABYBOY” 😭🥰🤪

  16. Laura needs to deal with herself first before choosing. More communication between her and Massimo would round out a final book and movie. I think that Laura would be bored with nice guy nacho and go back to Massimo so why not have them solidify their love and commitment to each other. Besides the steamy passion they share is very sexy.

  17. I love the movie. I can’t get enough of it. Massimo is too fine. Where did he come from? I love myself some Italian men. Please make part 4. I must watched the movie like 5 times already all 3 parts, and I love it. I’m not crazy about Laura I think they could had gotten someone prettier than her, but she got both of those Italian hunk fighting over her. I hope she stay with her husband

  18. Please please do a 4th one. Omg I love this movie. I must had seen all 3 parts like 5 times. I tell everyone about it. Lara husband OMG he is so fine, she better stay with him. He can do anything to me. Don’t care, that man is too fine, but I like to see him fight for her

  19. I personally love the thought of the THREE of them ending up in a relationship together… oooooo that kiss between Massimo and Nacho was soooo steamy hot!! I’m so hooked! PLEASE release #4 ASAP!

  20. There will be a 4th and they will share her!! I mean she wasn’t assaulted by the thought of them kissing each other…right?????
    But she seemed to have her mind made up about Mossimo

  21. Yes a 4th movie. Great cliffhanger deserves a fourth. Got to keep the mystery of her feelings about Nacho and Massimo going. If not another one after the fourth let it be a decision

  22. Definately another movie needed there needs to be an ending massimo started out bad but he never lied and he had looked for her for 5 years nacho had lied from the beginning how could she honestly trust him

  23. I really felt so bad when laura slept with nacho i felt like i was being cheated on 😩 And Massimo even though he was having problems with laura he never cheated even when he went to the strip club he was thinking about laura that’s why i feel that laura and massimo should stay together because massimo loves her so much that he forgotten her affair and i really don’t think that laura feels love for nacho that’s just sex and massimo is true love and i’m praying for part 4 we need a happy ending. PS: The scene with massimo and nacho kissing was to much 😂

  24. I loved watching all three movies. I would like to see a part 4 with Laura being on her own and the climax building up to her going back to her husband. I believe the chemistry was there between Nacho and Laura but there were things he lied about.

  25. That’s exactly why I keep repeating watching the 365 days because I really want to know what will happen next..it should be a happy ending..and that will be Massimo and Laura back together and solve things up not that Nacho..I don’t like him either.. Massimo is a good guy..people says and think that Massimo is a abusive man and I think that reason why Massimo treated Laura so hardly because he don’t want to loose her and he want to protect her as his own lover..and not taking from anyone..I think thats reason why he’s been jealous if Laura get to use wear short dresses..because he wants Laura only him to see what he wants to see..team Massimo..please I need a part 4

  26. There has to be a 4th movie. Can’t leave us hanging wondering if Laura is back or not. Need to have a happy ending. Love 365 days. Can’t leave the audience hanging by a string. I think Laura and Massimo get another chance. If they don’t give it a chance than yes she should start being with Nacho.

  27. The next part should be the best writing the team can think of… I think what would entice it is Nachos Dad dying and him Being incharge of the mafia. Massimo has unapologetically been Himself, yes he yells and he gets upset as any man who has loved a woman faithfully and wholeheartedly would. Nacho is however brave and very all rounded and a total sweetheart, but that just shows these two were raised different and Laura and only her needs to make a final decision. And p.s let Olga and Domenica get married lol, Shes a total nut but they pair qell and will make a great family

  28. After reading everyone’s comments and spoilers… I must admit that I think the script writing is very creative… because I don’t think it matters WHO chooses but more about WHEN it happens. Is there a way to make fans happy? Yes, there is but it’s probably going to be a version that no one expects…oddly enough I think the script writers are going to make this into a “3 some” deal. How they do it … will be the question, because if they make this into choosing only one person – then this will turn out to be just like every generic “trashy”. But steamy – romance paperback book. I’d like both men to prove themselves worthy… to swallow their pride and share … just like in her dream – I believe she needs both men in her life.

  29. Laura she stay with Massimo he may be a gangster territorial tough very powerful and doesn’t know how to show humbleness he’s a good hearted man he’s in love with her has been with no other woman Since he been with her she can’t say the same I hope there’s a part four and more after this is the best romantic intense exciting sexual Movie I have seen. Massimo is gorgeous sexy his lips are my favorite his body amazing if she don’t want him I’ll keep him 😍🥰😘

  30. She needs to stay with massimo, dump nacho he can kick rocks, massimo has unapologetically been him self and has lived Laura with everything in himself, nacho will never love her to the extent of massimo. Massimo has remained faithful and her safety is always he priority. Also the sex scenes between her and massimo so much more passion and love, if I am being honest with nacho she looked bored, and I think that’s how the rest of the relationship would be as well she would get bored with nacho real fast I think.

  31. Nacho for sure. He is the most ideal and well rounded choice. She can be herself and live like her mother outlined and be selfish for herself. The domineering, overbearing, and intense control is too much. The outlet of drugs, unstable rage, when faced with pressure is crazy. She deserves to try out happiness like book ending with Nacho. It was a lot of deceiving with Massimo with how he set up ex her ex boyfriend among other things with kidnapping.

  32. Absolutely need a 4th… Mossimo & Laura all the way! She’s gotten herself into a predicament between Mossimo and Nacho but just as she was dealing with the things that happened in her own way her husband was dealing with it in his own way. This should make them stronger and work on expanding their family. Hope to see Olga and Domenico get married, Olo cracks me up… Please let there be a 4th and 5th

  33. Yes,there should be a 4th ,maybe a 5th,just as long as Laura ends up with Massimo, this is all Nacho and his fathers fault from the beginning, she needs to wake up to the fact it’s his fault she lost their baby,she’s too smart for her to be played, kill Nacho off in a family hit,let her pull the trigger, keep the parts coming, absolutely love them..

  34. I think she should stay with Massimo. He was giving her space in his own way knowing he could lose her but like he said if you love something you let it go. As in let it make its own choice I’m sure he wanted to make sure she still loved him and he probably wasn’t feeling the love that they had. Every marriage has bumps in the road like he said he hated that she didn’t come to him about the baby. Because she felt like she couldn’t and he made it clear that he wanted to change that. I think they should stay together and start fresh. That’s my opinion anyway lol

  35. The Plot of the first part was interesting, very erotic and with some drama -action that made one want to watch the second part. The second part was a good follow up, including this new hot guy Nacho and Massimos evil Twin brother and the bitch of an ex girlfriend and the shooting of Laura…(God does she not learn that being hooked up with a Mafia guy of this calibre she is the perfect target also in part 1 ? Maybe the money and power have blinded her?) So big expectations for part three that came over a little bit lame….no action only steamy erotic scenes ( that threesome I would not say no to with Massimo and Nacho). Laura and Olga come over like 2 sleazy, drunk party girls on the roam.The plotting of this script will for sure get an Oscar Nomination hahahaha…
    If there is a part four, they should include a better dialouge and more action and drama…
    Girls…do not phantazise of becoming the girlfriend of a mobster…it is not as cool and fun as it is projected in the movies…the guys are usually ugly too !!!

  36. She needs to stay with Mossimo, he didn’t cheat on her. I think he realized in the end that he needed to relax and not be controlling and he told her that He’s sorry and I think he wants to be different. There isn’t much chemistry with nacho. They need to forget the books and make her go back to Massimo

  37. Yes definitely need a 4th the 3rd was good just seemed like it was more focused on sex like a mini porno witch is Kool but needs a lil more action

  38. I like for nachos to be with her cause she some one not her husband bring a new man to the picture that will be good

  39. I think she is just obsessed with Nacho. While he plays a sexy want you role she needs to remember his father is the one who caused her wreck and loss of child. He even said it was to send a message to Massimo. I love all three but wish they would speak English all the way. The subtitles kill me and move fast lol. But the way he says “Baby Girl” grrr 😁.

  40. First Of Allll…Everybody who gets on here and Gives Away The Ending Of The Book(SPOILER)…Is Sooooo CORNYYYYYY!!! For those of us who haven’t read the boooks!!! You Could Have Kept that to Yourselves!!! Unbelievable!!!

  41. The ending denotes there will be a fourth too much of a cliffhanger while I thought it was great that supposedly nacho spared Massimo‘s life there’s such chemistry between Laura and Massimo he never lied to her he never cheated on her his lifestyle has made him forceful and a boss he told Laura when he took her that he needed her to make him gentle again the chemistry with these two is unbelievable I love them together. Truthfully I think in the next plot twist Laura will be pregnant she will stay with Massimo and nacho won’t go away because guess what the baby may not be Massimo‘s . At least that’s what I can see happening whoever had the good eye on the comments as far as her wearing nachos necklace good point I didn’t see her wearing that necklace but she did tell Massimo on the beach that one day he would make a good father. I hope she stays with Massimo they’re both feisty strong they belong together. I did not like part three as much because when you fall in love with someone with such passion and you marry them once she found out that Massimo had a twin brother and it wasn’t him doing her wrong at all why in the world would she ever choose nacho cheese lol that someone else that was a part of the plot that got her shot. Isabella ❤️

  42. So every ending to me was heart wrenching! Like how in the world could they end it like that lol! Hubby and I were looking for a movie and when I seen the 3 rd release I could not believe there was another movie! I love all the characters in this movie hope to see another one!

  43. Laura really pissed me off by cheating. The 4th should show how she choose Nacho but he turns around to not really b the person she thought and now regretting breaking her marriage!!! Ugh she pissed me off. -#TeamMassimo

  44. Yes they need 4th and she needs to choose her husband he is willing to forgive her for cheating and still loves her. He is not controlling just protective he is in mafia with many enemies he has already seen the horrible things that can happen and is trying to keep her safe.
    And if with nacho she will still be in same lifestyle he is also in mafia. Just because people forget he is reason she almost died.
    She was tricked into thinking her husband cheated so she needs to pull head out of ass and fix her marriage she lied she cheated he is still there willing to forgive. He not telling him about losing baby killed him she should work on fixing what is broken not just throwing it away.

  45. Love to see a 4th season . Both men are controlling… Massimo is in your face kind of man. Nacho is subtle … they both had their moments. Lara she did what she did out of hurt & payback. I want her to stay with Massimo …chemistry is there. Makes me wonder if he is really giving it to her.

  46. Yes definitely need a part # 4 the way they left the ending had me mad the whole night I think Laura should stay with Nacho you can feel the love the sex even seemed more intimate where with massimo his more cold, rough and Laura always seems to be alone and looks sad. So yes we need that closure I’ll be waiting for #4 I can’t bare the suspense

  47. I have read all the books. I’m disturbed by the author and hate Nacho, WHO ALSO KIDNAPPED LAURA AND HELD HER HOSTAGE IN HIS BEACH HOME IN THE BOOK FOR THOSE WHO KEEP SAYING HE DIDN’T ABUSE HER. Laura has Stockholm syndrome, she’s also a $lut who cheated on her husband. I don’t like her. She also lied to Massimo, and he never lied to her. Massimo deserves better than her. Anyways, Netflix did not give us a HEA, which is fine, I’ll daydream and use my imagination that she went back to Massimo, because I hated, HATED the book ending of her marrying Nacho and having kids with him. The author made Massimo a r@pist and abusive husband in the 3rd book, which they also left out of the Netflix movie.

  48. I would love to see Lari chooosing Massimo they are meant to be together!!! Please don’t leave us hanging these movies are the best better than fifty shades of grey

  49. I hope there is a 4th part of this movie. I think Laura should stay with her husband, never has he once cheated on her. The white powder change him a lot after he found out about her losing there baby. Massimino has the potential to change.

  50. I think everyone is giving massive a rough deal after all he did not cheat but she has although they were tricked it didnt take long for her to be with another man. Christmas she wasnt complaining she knew he was a gangster and she did fall in love with him u cant turn tour feelings off like a switch and he’s not controlling he’s assertive knows what he wants what a turn on she should stay with massimo

  51. Elle va choisir Nacho pcquelle veut voir des matchs du FC Barcelona et avec Massimo ça sera pas le cas. Aller voir des matchs de la Juventus ça l’intéresse pas.

  52. There should absolutely be a 4th showing her leaving Massimo and show the fans what marriage with Nacho looks like and there life with kids or a kid. Massimo had his chance and needs to let laura choose Nacho and let her be happy. Massimo’s character shows how he was destroyed by the loss of there baby so now he will have to live with that and her cheating with Nacho shows how an already broken relationship cannot be mended.. He will always love Laura but he should let her move on with someone else as well as show him with someone else. I would love to see them in Tokyo- drinking up, in bali mediating,…Showing the time has past. In the books it tells her choice let see what that looks like please?make a 4th movie!❤

  53. I think she should stay with her husband ! Nacho is awesome but Massimo brought her to that world and never lied to her , he may have been silent but he’s her challenge and he changed for her at the end if she don’t say I’m back I wouldn’t want a 4th ! She needs to try at least and let them have a child r children !

  54. If there is going to be a 4th 365 days

    I want Laura to choose nacho over Massimo, because when she with Massimo I am getting a Toxic relationship from Laura and Massimo, but went she with Nacho, l don’t get the feeling of a toxic relationship, l get the feeling of a good relationship.

    I hope In the 4th 365 days, Laura choose Nacho over Massimo. And l’m on team Laura and Nacho

  55. I was disappointed with the ending because we did not get to see who she choose to be with. I want her to end up with Massimo . Yes their relationship did not start out on the right foot yes he kidnapped her for her to fall in love with him . Nacho kidnapped her because of his father he put her life in danger .she was shot because of what nacho did plus she lost her child too because of that.

  56. Laura was already a strong-minded business woman. She didn’t come from rags to riches. She is just like all of us who want to be In love. And be loved. Although i wouldn’t want to have to choose .. I love them both !!!!!!!. WITHOUT A PART 4…. How you leave us hanging?!?!?!?!


  57. I’m hoping they make a part four. I can’t stand how this ended especially after reading all the books. I hope she chooses Nacho as this movie did not show the true sides of amassing that are shown in the reading.

  58. Love the movie the characters play their part very well just don’t like the ending that can’t be the end that’s no way Fire just got steamed up.

  59. Definitely need a part 4. I love Massimo and Laura. These movies are incredible. So much love passion and it’s just a addictive movie of love. I hope that a part 4 is made and many more. 365 movies are the best.

  60. „If you want to know the ending, you need to read the book“ o-tone of the author herself, Blanje Lipinska.

  61. I want to see a fourth installment. But it needs to culminate with m9b activity where one 9f the brothers dies or they come to terms with Laura’s decision peacefully yes, it is a love story. But it is also a mob film. Keep men engaged as well as women. Great series! If it ends now, the speculation is bliss and the fan fiction afterward should be fun!

  62. I would love to see Laura and Massimo giving their marriage a second chance.
    I would like to see Nacho gone for good.

  63. if you want my opinion, I can say her husband to be with is the best choice, that’s why he has been waiting for her for many years, he deservs to be with.

  64. Please have a 4th!! I have to know who she chooses! I hope she stays with her husband and gives it a chance atleast but damn they are both fine men. There has to be another one especially the way they ended it

  65. Nacho seems a nice guy but – i feel that Laura needs to choose who has given her the lifestyle she has not for so many years, i understand that she has fallen for Nacho he such a sweet guy, but Massimo has looked after her and loved her for so long, it would wrong for Laura to be with Nacho. I think that she may go with Nacho if there is a part 4 and decide its not what she wants to go back to Massimo because Massimo was the one she originally fell in love with before Nacho came on the scene. These are my thoughts

  66. I want to see her end up with nacho he did kidnap her and it’s very controlling and even though they have chemistry and can have good sex nacho and her have good chemistry too and there’s his war a loving way so yes I want to see a four too

  67. Part 3 is just complicated. I feel like i dont want Nacho and Laura to continue their relationship but i want Massimo to stay together with Laura. I think Laura must see who is the real man among them where from the very begining and Massimo kidnapped Laura with an idea that he will makes falling for him and when she doesnt need 365 days and Massimo loves her very much never cheating on her . Nacho doesnt loves her as he is part of the plan that makea a lovely couple to live a complicated life. At the end of part 3 Massimo accept the truth that his wife cheated on him he did nothing bad to her.that a real man and also he is a good husband.
    I want part 4 and i want them to start their new life and want Laura to love her husband like Nacho doesnt exist in her life

  68. I think we need real closure.
    Laura loves Massimo they have a real
    Connection. Nacho is just playing love type but she always feel guilty, she was curious of this Nacho love.
    Nacho is Massimo’s enemy he doesn’t love her, family is first. He is using Laura at first he told her I love you and now he is confessing to her that he didn’t love her at first that little by little fall for her, he is doing all that to get her because he knows she doesn’t love him is just a plan. Why you will keep messing around with the wife of your biggest enemy when she is not willing to move with you at once.
    Massimo is man and he can be with anyone woman but he just want to be with Laura. I hope either she stays with Massimo or move from all of this

  69. If there isn’t a 4th it would be a waste of a really great love story. I would love to see Laura back with her husband having their second chance on having a family. Losing a baby changes a lot of relationships and if love to see them survive this.

  70. That ending was not fair… omg.. part 4 please…”are you back baby girl” I hope she goes back to him.. but it seems she doesn’t..hmmm , from what I’m seeing about the book.

  71. Loving these, can’t get enough! but am I the only one that thought the music and still shots were taking up too much movie time? I hope there is a fourth movie that satisfies our craving for a happy ending. We all love “feel good” movies

  72. We forget the way that she and Massimo began, he kidnapped her and held her for an entire year to fall in love with him. Which she did. Massimo has been good to her and gives her everything she wants except TRUST and FREEDOM. Now Nacho on the other hand started their situationship on a horrible foundation as well. He lied to her to bait her husband. None the less with Nacho there is trust,freedom, warmth and love. Not a cold love which she gets from Massimo. They love each other but Massimo is always cold and aloof whereas Nacho is always warm and welcoming. That is what Laura wants. Even in the way she and Nacho has sex it’s more sensual and love making but with Massimo it’s dominating, cold and lacking love. In part 3 we saw a vulnerable side of Massimo something we haven’t really seen before. I do hope in the next part they bring that out more. The release the Husband in Massimo and let her make her choice

  73. I think there should definitely be a 4th movie or maybe even a 5th if they dare to. I have high hopes on Massimo changing for the sake of their marriage. He let Laura go and she came back with intentions of working things out…but what things are they going to work out???

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