Will there be a Woody Woodpecker 3? Here’s what we know about a sequel:


  • Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp is currently streaming on Netflix.
  • The decision to renew a movie is based on various factors such as viewership numbers, production costs, and more.
  • We discuss the possibility of Woody Woodpecker 3

Fans of the screwball character Woody Woodpecker, made famous by the animated shorts from Universal Pictures,  might be interested in the live-action movie Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp, which is currently available to watch on Netflix.

The movie is a sequel to the aptly named Woody Woodpecker, which went straight to streaming in 2017. As you can read in our review, we didn’t think much of the latest flick featuring the crazy bird, but if you enjoyed it, you might be interested in a second sequel.

But will there be a Woody Woodpecker 3? Here’s what we know:

What is Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp about?

At the beginning of the movie, Woody is kicked out of the forest after his latest antics cause chaos and destruction. He stumbles across Camp Woo Hoo, which he thinks might be his new forever home, and gets mixed up in the rivalry between the kids from the camp and the bullies from the opposing Camp Hoo Rah.

The movie’s plot goes as expected, with Woody learning some valuable life lessons while helping the Camp Woo Hoo kids win the Wilderness Games. He also has a run-in with another animated character, Buzz the Buzzard.

Kids might enjoy this latest movie for Woody but those nostalgic for the screwball humour of the animated shorts are going to be left wanting. 

Will there be a Woody Woodpecker 3?

At the time of writing, a third Woody Woodpecker movie has not been announced. The decision to move ahead with a sequel will largely depend on Netflix as well as Universal 1440 Entertainment, the co-producers of the film.

If there is a demand for a sequel from audiences, and if the second movie performs well enough for Netflix, then the studio might decide to move forward with a sequel.

Of course, the decision will also depend on fresh story ideas and whether or not Woody Woodpecker is deserving of franchise potential.

We’re going out on a limb and suggesting Woody Woodpecker 3 won’t happen. This is because the previous movies are pretty poor, so we can’t imagine many people banging on Netflix’s virtual door and asking for a sequel.

We could be wrong though so bookmark this page for future updates.

What could happen in Woody Woodpecker 3?

At the end of Woody Woodpecker 2, the comical bird returned to his forest home, so the sequel might take place in that locale, as was the case with the first movie.

But in terms of plot, it’s anybody’s guess really. If the movie is given the green light, the creators would be wise to take inspiration from the best Woody Woodpecker cartoons and perhaps base the sequel on one or more of them.

Would you like to see a third Woody Woodpecker movie? What did you think of the bird’s latest outing? Leave us a comment with your thoughts below.


7 thoughts on “Will there be a Woody Woodpecker 3? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. Thanks Corinne. I much preferred the older cartoons to the movie. What did you think of the film?

  2. Thank you, Lee, I love Woody, Buzz, but i especially love Winnie, i love her classic Walter Lantz’s character design, because is for the graceful ponytail, but i don’t like her late 90-2002’s look…

  3. Thanks for getting in touch Corinne. There’s no news yet of a third movie but I love your suggestion.Your artwork is great.


  4. I wish a third movie of Woody Woodpecker with the title “Woody Meets Winnie”, with Winnie Woodpecker, his girlfriend from “Real Gone Woody” and the 2018-2023’s Web Series, and i wish that the third Woody Woodpecker’s live action movie can be a romantic-animated-comedy, i want a love story with Woody that’s meet Winnie, and i want that they made Winnie with this character design, i love her cute ponytail, and i want her with Tara Strong as her voice actor, you look this my art:

  5. Hey, thanks for getting in touch. Those characters would be great so I hope they make it to the screen at some point.


  6. Yes, bring out Chilly Willy spinoff from Woody Woodpecker 3 which I hope can feature more characters like Winnie Woodpecker, Splinter and Knothead, Sugarfoot, Andy Panda, Beary’s Family, Denver Dapper Dooley, Miss Meany, Chilly Willy, a beaver from the cartoon, etc. Bring in Maxie the Polar Bear, Smedley the Dog, Space Mouse, Beary’s Family and a little appearance of Woody Woodpecker in a Chilly Willy solo spinoff Christmas movie.

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