Will there be a Vacation Friends 3 ? Here’s what we know about a sequel:


Vacation Friends 3

Vacation Friends became a sleeper hit when it was released in 2021. The movie was very well received by viewers and praised for its no-nonsense silly humour. Prompted by its success and appeal, 20th Century Studios greenlit a sequel, which was released in August 2023.

Vacation Friends 2 picked up the pace from the first part seamlessly. We witnessed yet another disastrous vacation adventure involving four contrasting protagonists and yet another “father-in-law.” 

We gave the film a thumbs up in our review. The sequel is definitely entertaining and the perfect stress buster for your day’s troubles. There are no dramatic surprises, although John Cena’s performance is a notch above the others. We have also written an ending explainer on Vacation Friends 2 that will help you navigate the plot and ending of the film. Although we are still waiting for official numbers and ratings, Vacation Friends 2 has mostly matched the reception of the first film.

There is a general consensus that the sequel comes across as jaded and dated compared to the fresh ideas from Vacation Friends. “More of the same” is always not a rosy creative choice and with the recent fatigue in content, Vacation Friends’ future hangs in the balance. 

If you have seen and enjoyed Vacation Friends 2, you may be wondering if there will be a sequel. Here’s what we know at the time of writing:

What is Vacation Friends 2 about?

Vacation Friends 2 is set in the Caribbean Islands where Marcus, Emily, Ron, and Kyla once again assemble for another fun vacation. Kyla gave birth to a baby boy after the first film and has invited Maurilio, the manager of the hotel they stayed in last time, as a full-time babysitter. Unbeknownst to Kyla and Ron, Marcus is also planning on meeting Mrs Kim, the chairman of the Kim Wae Group. The Korean conglomerate owns a national hotel chain and wants to expand with a five-star offering in Chicago as well.

Marcus is one of the contractors in the running to win the bid. The meeting is set after Ron and Kyla’s vacation finishes. So Marcus is in the clear. However, as fate would have it, the meeting is moved up by a full week and coincides with the free-spirited couple’s stay!

What makes matters worse is the presence of Kyla’s father, Reese, who gatecrashes their vacation after being released from jail. His dubious connections and drug dealings make matters worse for Marcus. Will he be able to win the bid? Will Ron be able to win his father-in-law’s respect? The film has a funny twist on these questions and more! 

Will there be a Vacation Friends 3?

At the time of writing, 20th Century and Hulu have not announced a sequel to Vacation Friends 2. It remains unclear if the third film will materialize due to contrasting metrics and the ongoing strikes by writers and actors. While VF 2 has not set the stage on fire quite like the first film, it has still done well with viewers. The critics remain unimpressed, however, and have lamented the bloated production’s lack of freshness.

Since the movie’s release was recent, at the time of writing, we do not have news of a sequel at this stage. The strike has made the future of many projects already in production uncertain. So speculating on projects that are not even in development is a little vain. We do expect this decision to be a tough one for the studios. On the one hand, the films offer traditional laughs with a fairly recognizable brand. But the flip side is that these films are not released in theatres and hence don’t make any money.

Moreover, if a third film were to be released in the theatres, there is no way to gauge the reaction from audiences. It would be unwise to probe untested waters without any profits from the first two films. We will update this page whenever the studios make an announcement. However, we do not expect Vacation Friends 3 to get a sequel. 

What could Vacation Friends 3 be about?

As with the first two films, Vacation Friends 3 would most probably take place during another tumultuous vacation. Perhaps the writers could experiment with the concept and infuse fresh ideas to change the setting. The USP of Vacation Friends is its main cast, led by John Cena. The challenge would be to sculpt a story around the main four characters – and possibly Maurilio – and optimise their synergies. Fans would love to see them in a different setting giving similar vibes and some new storytelling elements. 

When could Vacation Friends 3 be released?

As we don’t have any concrete information to go on, it’s fair to assume that the film won’t be ready until it is ready. It would be worth revisiting a release date for the sequel after it is discussed in public forums by creatives or producers from the studios. But as mentioned before, we do not expect a third part of Vacation Friends to be released. 

That’s all we know for now but if we do hear news of a sequel, we will update this page with the relevant information.

Did you enjoy Vacation Friends 2? What do you think could happen in the sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed both films. I believe Vacation Friends and the sequel were equally entertaining. I hope to see a third.

  2. Vacation friends number one and vacation friends number two were both well done actually very funny loads of funny action at the same time looking forward to the stunts and John Cena and cast cannot wait for a vacation friend’s number three to come

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