Will there be an Indiana Jones 6? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Indiana Jones 6

After the disappointment of Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, which was a less-than-satisfying comeback for Indiana Jones, hopes were high that the fedora-wearing hero’s fifth and final entry in the adventure movie franchise – Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – would be a return to form. Unfortunately, the movie isn’t quite as good as we hoped it would be, although Ford gives his grizzled best in his famous role and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who stars as Indy’s goddaughter, manages to elevate the movie with her bright and lively performance.

Another sequel could deliver the movie we expected this time around but is Indiana Jones 6 likely to happen? Here’s what we know:

What happens in Indiana Jones 5?

The movie is set in the late 1960s at a time when Jones is living in an apartment alone, having separated from his one-time lover Marion (Karen Allen), despite their reunion in the previous instalment.

Indiana is a bit of a grouch, prone to scowling at his neighbours and telling them to turn the music down, but when his goddaughter re-enters his life with information about the fabled Antikythera mechanism, a legendary contraption that allegedly has the power to give its wielder control of time, he kicks off his retirement slippers and sets forth on another adventure.

There’s only one problem: a modern-day Nazi sect also wants the device so Jones must thwart his archenemies before they get their conniving hands on it for their own nefarious purposes. Does Indiana find what he is looking for? We aren’t going to reveal that here but check out our Ending Explained article that goes into detail about the film.

Will there be an Indiana Jones 6?

Indiana Jones 6 hasn’t been confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm but you shouldn’t expect a sequel to happen. At 80 years of age, Ford is probably too old to play the role of Indy again, which is something he likely agrees with.

In an interview with Total Film, Ford confirmed Dial of Destiny is his last time playing Indiana Jones and he anticipates it will be the last time the character appears in a film. He said:

“I had been ambitious to do this film for 10 years, and there finally came a time when we all committed to that. It was a joyous moment for me. I think it’s a rare situation that I find myself in.

I’ve been able to deliver amazing films developed by Steven [Spielberg] and George [Lucas] over a 40-year period, and to end it not with a whimper, but a bang, has been my greatest ambition for this excursion.

This is the final film in the series, and this is the last time I’ll play the character. I anticipate that it will be the last time that he appears in a film.”

As such, Indiana Jones 6 will probably never happen. Some have speculated that a new actor could take over the part, perhaps taking us back to a younger version of Indy, but we think this would be a mistake as Harrison Ford is pretty much irreplaceable!

What could happen in Indiana Jones 6?

Indiana Jones 6 will never materialize – that’s what we are assuming – but if it did, it would probably focus on an older Indy at a retirement home.

Titled Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Lost Biscuits, it would detail Indy’s attempts to retrieve a packet of Bourbons that have been secreted away by the newly-hired retirement home nurse who is revealed to be a former Nazi. Why does she hide the biscuits? The reason will probably have something to do with world domination – either that, or she selfishly wants to keep them for herself to dip into her cup of herbal tea (which turns out to be a magical potion that has links to an ancient brew developed by Merlin). Or something like that!

We are joking of course, although if this movie ever does come to fruition, we would like to be compensated for coming up with this less-than-thrilling idea!


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3 thoughts on “Will there be an Indiana Jones 6? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. I loved the movie – action and fun, comedy and adventure – what a viewer expects (hopes) to see with each sequel. I think there could be another series along the line of the Indy movies… not named the same of course as there can never be another Indy, but perhaps his god-daughter and her sidekick “Teddy” discovering some unexpected documents left to her upon Indy’s demise… more historic treasures potentially destructive to the world as we know it. I would watch them.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion Matthew. Unfortunately, we hear his son died during the film. As such, a movie centered around Indy’s son is unlikely to happen…unless he had another son, of course.

  3. It was a very interesting movie to watch but I think Indiana Jones’s needs another movie when Dr Jones steps back and becomes his own father for his son to take over from him to continue his legacy

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