Will there be a Dark Harvest 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Dark Harvest 2

Currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video is Dark Harvest, a gloriously gory horror movie that will please most people looking for a Halloween-themed terror tale to watch during the spooky season. 

Dark Harvest’s ending sets up a possible sequel.

But will there be a second movie? 

Here’s what we know about Dark Harvest 2.

What is Dark Harvest about?

Dark Harvest tells the story of Sawtooth Jack, a menacing pumpkin-headed monster that rises every Halloween to take revenge on the small Midwestern town of Bastion, Illinois.

According to local legend, if Jack reaches the church before midnight, the town’s harvest will be ruined. To stop this from happening, the Mayor organizes a hunt every year, in which the high school boys are given the opportunity to catch and kill Jack in order to win a prize. 

At the start of the movie, a high school jock named Jim kills the monster and receives his prize: a shiny new Cadillac. A year later, his younger brother Richie joins the hunt for the now-resurrected Jack and discovers a dark secret that the adults of the town have kept hidden.

What is this secret? We won’t reveal that here but check out our Ending Explained article if you would like to know more about the movie’s plotline. 

Will there be a Dark Harvest 2?

At the time of writing, a sequel to Dark Harvest has not been announced.

As the movie is based on a book that didn’t receive a sequel, it could be assumed that Dark Harvest 2 won’t happen. As many critics have hated on the movie, this is another reason why a sequel probably won’t be given the green light. That being said, we gave it a positive review, as we think it’s better than some critics are saying. As such, we’d be happy to see a sequel, although we aren’t getting our hopes up at this stage. 

What could happen in Dark Harvest 2?

At the end of Dark Harvest, the truth about Sawtooth Jack is revealed. He returns the following Halloween, ready to take revenge on the town. If there is a sequel, we will see him take his revenge and possibly end the curse that has befallen him.

But as we mentioned, we don’t think Dark Harvest 2 will happen. But if we do hear news of a sequel, we will update this page with new information. 

Would you like to see Dark Harvest 2? Let us know in the comments below.


11 thoughts on “Will there be a Dark Harvest 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. Yes, yes, yes I hope there will be a sequel!! I think it was a great movie and would love a sequel and one explaining how sawtooth came to be!!

  2. Dark harvest deserves a sequel. It started off a bit confusing but had a great story an was kinda sad in the ending. We wanna see Richie take on the town an end this once a for all. Yesss to a sequel.

  3. Thanks for commenting Siddharth. I completely agree with you. There’s no news on a sequel yet, unfortunately. But hopefully soon…

    Lee 🙂

  4. yes please
    we need a sequel, so what if the book doesnt have a part two… this movie deserves a sequel and ending the movie like that in the first movie isnt doing justice to sawtooth jack

  5. Thanks for commenting Addie. You’re right – the ending was sad! The movie was still very good but like you, I wished for a happier conclusion.


  6. I loved this movie so much and it would make me so happy if a second movie came out. I would love to see a second one come out to see what happens with Richie and I feel like Richie and Kelly’s story isn’t over. I mean their ending was so sad! But I don’t know is it just me that feels this way?

  7. I think there should definitely be a sequel this movie has given me so many emotions and made me cry when no other movie I have watched has therefore I am for a sequel

  8. Although the source material doesn’t have a sequel (or a prequel, for that matter) I feel like it would be beneficial and justified to have both! A prequel to explain how and why the curse befell the town, who was the first victim of Sawtooth Jack etc. Then, a sequel to show how Richie/Sawtooth will break the curse and perhaps either release all previous victims from the curse and they all return to human form or setting them/their spirits free. The movie also never explains what happens to the dead Sawtooth Jack after it gets captured and eaten every year?!

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    Bye 4️⃣now
    Peter C. Liardi

  10. I’m a Canadian/ American citizen I live in Canada 🇨🇦 and get my movies through Prime Video. Taking this into consideration I feel I deserve two votes 1 for the U.S. & 1 for Canada 🇨🇦. Making my vote a BI / Entertaining vote. Further more I’m especially adept in Horror film genre. Love the suspense, the Special Effects, Make Up just about everything to do with Horror films. In conclusion I leave with the advice to have fun and listen to the Monster Mash song, it will give you side splitting enjoyment. Sincerely Mr.MaybeCrazy from Brockville,Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 reporting from the family room in my home. Lol! Funny, Aye?

  11. I really think there should be a prequel! I’d like to know the full story as to why the town was plagued by the curse in more detail!

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