Will there be a Bad Things 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Bad Things 2

Currently streaming on Shudder is Bad Things, a psychological horror movie from writer-director Stewart Thorndike.

The movie centres around a group of friends who take a vacation in an empty hotel. But as this hotel is haunted, this isn’t a vacation that will encourage them to write a 5-star review on Yelp!

If you have seen and enjoyed this movie, you might be interested in a sequel.

But will there be a Bad Things 2? Or are we short of good things to say about a potential sequel?

Here’s what we know:

What is Bad Things about?

The movie’s main character is Ruthie, a young woman who has inherited a hotel from her grandmother. Ruthie decides to sell the hotel but before she passes it on to a new owner, she decides to stay there for a few days with three of her friends.

What should be a week of fun and games descends into terror when it becomes clear the hotel is inhabited by ghosts. That isn’t the only problem our protagonists have to deal with as they also have to cope with the mental deterioration of at least one of them.

Do they survive their week-long vacation? We aren’t going to go into further plot details here but if you would like to know more about Bad Things, check out our Ending Explained article which goes into further detail about the movie. 

Will there be a Bad Things 2?

At the time of writing, a sequel to Bad Things has not been announced

Generally, Shudder, like other cable networks and streamers, gauges numerous metrics before renewing a show or a movie, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate. With some of its content, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton, Red Notice etc.) Other times, it can take months before streamers like Shudder make a decision over a show’s future.

The opinion of movie critics can also determine whether a sequel is given the green light. 

As Bad Things has only just been released on Shudder’s streaming platform, it’s too early to say whether or not the streamer is considering a sequel. However, we think a sequel is unlikely. This is partly because of the mixed critical response the movie has received and also because the movie doesn’t particularly need a follow-up.

Of course, if Bad Things 2 is announced, we will update this page with the relevant information. 

What could Bad Things 2 be about?

The sequel could focus on the surviving members of the first movie, perhaps with a return to the haunted hotel that they frequented for a nightmarish stay. There is also the potential for a prequel where we learn more about the fates of the people who later became the ghostly inhabitants of the hotel. 

This is just speculation as we really don’t think Bad Things 2 will be given the green light. 

But what do you think Bad Things 2 should be about, if a sequel is given the go-ahead? Leave us a comment if you have any suggestions! 

What did you think of Bad Things? Do you think there is scope for a sequel? Let us know in the comments below. 


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