Move to Heaven Season 1 – K-Drama Ending Explained


The Story

Suffering from Aspergers, Geu-Roo is our main protagonist and he’s looked after by his Father Jeong-U. These two live together, running a business called Move to Heaven.

When a loved one passes away, a team arrive and clear out the room, collecting up any valuables in a yellow box while getting rid of everything else. This forms the crux of what Move to Heaven is all about.

This act also allows the loved ones of the deceased a respite from the harrowing ordeal of having to do this themselves.

When Jeong-U passes away however, Geu-Roo is left on his own until guardianship falls to his estranged brother Sang-Koo.

Numerous cases ensue across the season, eventually culminating in this dramatic and emotionally stirring finale.

Does Sang-Koo continue on as Geu-Ru’s guardian?

After the three month guardianship period comes to an end, Lawyer Oh tells Sang-Koo he’s not fit to look after Geu-Roo. However, the decision isn’t up to him. Despite his own profession opinion, Geu-Roo makes the choice independently and decides to keep the man around. So basically yes, Sang-Koo is now officially Geu-Roo’s guardian.

Does Sang-Koo’s debt get paid up?

No, Sang-Koo is still in Madam’s debt but this sub-plot does get settled, in a round-about way. Early on, during Sang-Koo’s fight, police raid the illegal gambling ring and arrest almost everyone involved. Sang-Koo, Geu-Roo and Na-Moo manage to escape before they’re captured.

However, this is left unresolved so there is a possibility that it could be rekindled if the show is renewed for a second season.

Do Na-Moo and Geu-Roo end up together?

No, although we do learn that Na-Moo has liked Geu-Roo since she was six. The girl has never acted on it though, so this is left as wishful thinking rather than a genuine love angle to be explored.

How does Move to Heaven end?

Sang-Koo finds Geu-Roo at the aquarium of their childhood town after he goes missing. Sang-Koo tells Geu-Roo that the dead still speak and with this confidence, it allows Geu-Roo time to symbolically clear out his Father’s room.

It’s a really emotional segment, one that sees Geu-Roo finally ready to let go. He finds Jeong-U’s phone and Geu-Roo watches a video addressed to him. It’s a beautiful clip; a final goodbye from Jeong-U to his son.

Geu-Roo then joins his family and friends as they say goodbye to Jeong-U at the memorial center. A tree is planted, and Geu-Roo hugs it tightly.

Who is the girl at the end of the episode?

The final segment of Move to Heaven sees a girl shows up at Geu-Roo’s house requesting his services for Move to Heaven. Three months have passed and this girl is Cha Eun-Byeol. Apparently she called the team herself several days back. Quite what could be up with her however, remains a mystery. Does she have a terminal illness? Or is she just reaching out for help?

Interestingly, a white butterfly lands on her head and flies away so that could be a good place to start dissecting this segment.

White butterflies are symbolic of hope and transformation. We know that Geu-Roo has been going through a transformative experience this season, but this girl could be symbolic of the hope he’s been looking for. It could also hint toward an upcoming romance between the two, if this one is renewed.

However, another interpretation could see this as a way of Geu-Roo looking at these new cases through a different lens; he’s seeing things with a lot more clarity after saying goodbye to his Father.

It’s certainly an ambiguous conclusion and one that leave things open to multiple interpretations.

Thanks for reading our Ending Explained article! What did you think of Move to Heaven’s ending? Do you think there will be a second season? Let us know in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Move to Heaven Season 1 – K-Drama Ending Explained”

  1. I love move to heaven it was an excellent series I love all the characters all the stories was moving and very thought-provoking I’m looking forward to a second season I can’t wait

  2. I watched “Move To Heaven” with my family, and we all thought it to be a brilliant and heart-warming gem. Devoid of the usual foul language and gratuitous sex pervasive in virtually every series and movie we’ve seen, this series is a refreshingly intelligent, transcendent creation that artfully combines heart-wrenching drama with comical undertones, masterfully executed by a cast of truly endearing and lovable characters. The story is mapped out in a sensible, easy-to-understand manner without the often convoluted jumping back and forth in time, distasteful gore, disgusting language, and incessant sexual trashiness.

    That said, we found the ending to be a monumental disappointment. The series would have been perfect if it had ended with the uncle’s happy acceptance of permanent guardianship for his nephew. The sudden confusing of a new character at the end shattered the orderly format of storytelling established throughout the entire work, leaving us all at sea, spoiling the warm and fuzzy feeling to which the series treated us. It seems fairly obvious that this unfortunate decision was a clumsy attempt at creating a hook for a possible second season, but, without question, there are an endless number of alternative ways in which this could have been accomplished without the laying of the proverbial egg in order to achieve this goal.

  3. Love this movie so much, turned around and watched again! Please do a 2nd Season! Has given me a better understanding of Autism and what children and parents contend with. Love the respectfulness that is given towards death…we need that these days! Heart wrenching but much needed!!!❤️

  4. I absolutely love Move to Heaven. The story line was fascinating! Please have a Season 2!

  5. does anyone know who the girl that appear in the end is? like her real name or another drama that she has acted in before?

  6. I love “Move To Heaven” movie, but I think the last scene was left open ended. Will there be a Part 2, which will reveal the story of the little girl? If so, this is great, if not I don’t care for how it ended.

  7. I love Move to Heaven so much! Loved the story and the actors! ❤️ Please make a second season!

  8. Good series! Looking forward for 2nd season. Just a suggestion : Pls don’t make the girl as romance story, she’s dying and that’s tragic already, maybe made her more like a mentor to Geuru, letting him sees that dying, if properly prepare, is not TRAGIC after all but a PEACEFUL FAREWELL.

  9. Loved Move to Heaven!!! I’m in tears for the loss of Geu-roo’s adoptive parents 😢 But happy to know his long time neighbor friend would be working with him & his Uncle will continue to be his guardian! Great movie! ❤️ El Paso, Texas

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