Movements – Ruckus! | Album Review

Track Listing

You’re One Of Us Now 
Killing Time 
Lead Pipe 
Heaven sent 
I Hope You Choke
Fail You 
Dance With Death 
Coeur D.Alene 


Empowering lyrics lash the sound as Movements push for the crowd to hang onto every waking moment and every concise line. The Orange County-based act up the tempo with Ruckus, which is a collection of tracks that really do cater to the rock believers. 

The band detail through sobering words their beliefs and their mental health worries. They look for love too, but it deals more pain than beauty, and the band knows that they’re falling a little every time they think about their own lives. 

Musically, this record boasts many melodies and rhythms, putting the band on the map, though we already knew they had the musical muscle to create sublime notes.  Anger comes to the fore here, hearts break, and the faithless follow on. Every moment completes the puzzle, every cry mounts up, and the music desires to contain the people listening to it, in a bubble of strength.

10 songs make up Ruckus. ‘Killing Time’ has grooves and an infectious bass line, putting the band into frame. The guitar licks are tremendously put together in such a way you’ll feel the beat in your spine. 

‘Fail You’ starts with a commanding riff, compelling in its output, and delivering a satisfying bass line yet again. The band feels weak and indecisive.

‘Dance With Death’ explores love again, but in such a dark manner. Death is dancing in the heart, waiting to pounce. This is a rock charm and the instrumentals increase the drama. 

Movements do not do things by halves, and Ruckus shows they’re equipped for the road to redemption, even though they’re deeply ingrained in disarray at moments. 

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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