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Switched At Birth

Episode 19 of Mouse begins with a long-expected twist that many may have predicted up until now. Ba-Reum is actually the Head Hunter’s son and Yo-Han was an innocent in all this. Seo-Joon tells a shell-shocked Ji-Eun exactly this when she arrives at the hospital. Seo-Joon did the operation simply to keep Ba-Reum alive.

Meanwhile, Moo-Chi does some blood test work of his own and figures out as much. At the same time, Ba-Reum awakens and realizes Bong-Yi has seen the scar on his arm. He hugs her close but Bong-Yi pulls away. She hurries outside, shaking and incredulous that Ba-Reum could be the killer.

Hong-Ju heads into hospital and notices her Mother is in a bad way. Her baby is okay thankfully, as she steps outside and sees Du-Seok bringing her back unharmed. He hands the child back to her and apologizes on behalf of his wife. He tells her she’s ill and walks back into the hospital.

With her child safe, Hong-Ju heads into prison to visit Seo-Joon. He claims she’s more like him, as we cut back and see moments involving Hyun-Soo. Specifically her captive time and managing to get away from the Head Hunter. She promises to kill Seo-Joon for what he’s done, telling him it will exceed all expectations. When she leaves, he chuckles.

Given the two kids being switched, Ba-Reum heads up to visit his Aunt, who’s shocked to see him. It turns out she isn’t really his Aunt but was recruited by OZ. Jae-Hoon was her first assignment. She was tasked with keeping a watchful eye on him while carefully monitoring his progress.

Soo-Ho was originally tasked with this but after he murdered Jae-Hoon’s family, was replaced by her. The day Hoon-Suk was over at Ba-Reum’s she quit her job working with OZ. That’s why she was so hysterical – she didn’t want Ba-Reum to kill her son, knowing what he’s capable of. OZ were also behind Ba-Reum being struck by a car in the street while chasing Yo-Han the night Bong-Yi’s grandmother died.

OZ have been instrumental in all of this, tailing Yo-Han and suppressing him from admitting the truth about Daniel Lee and Ba-Reum.

Meanwhile, Detective Shin recovers a laptop from his apartment. While trying to get forensics to crack into some files, Detective Lee shows back up at the station and notices him carrying the computer. Lee tries to keep Shin Sang in his grip but given his wife has just given birth, the man is having none of it. Unfortunately he’s stabbed by a random guy in the parking lot, who takes his laptop and lets the detective bleed out and die right there.

When Shin’s body is found, Bong-Yi immediately suspects this is Ba-Reum’s doing. Moo-Chi does too, but on the CCTV it shows Ba-Reum is in Jeju during this time. He has an alibi but Detective Lee does not. Bong-Yi doesn’t know this though and heads over to Ba-Reum’s apartment. She intends to stab him, until someone hurries up from behind and knocks her out.

At the same time, Ba-Reum shows up at Choi Young-Shin’s apartment with big news. Daniel Lee gave him this address, claiming that she’s a “top predator.”  As she puts her bag on the table, Ba-Reum steps up to confront her.

The Episode Review

Mouse returns with more details surrounding this OZ organization and the people working within. So it seems like there’s a whole stack of people working behind the scenes to keep everything ticking by. Detective Lee is certainly one of them, while it seems Young-Shin is heavily involved too.

It would appear Daniel Lee has been using Ba-Reum to take out other predators while at the same time also taking out other OZ agents. The fact that he’s been given Young-Shin’s address would hint that this is what’s going on.

Meanwhile, the theory about the switched kids holds true, as Ba-Reum is actually the Head Hunter’s child. This would explain his psychopathic nature and also just why his “Aunt” was so afraid of him around Hoon-Suk.

With only one episode left it’s concerning how much is still left unresolved. There’s some big questions hanging over this one and right now it’s unknown whether the show can wrap everything up in a satisfying manner. Hopefully Mouse can pull everything together though but we’ll have to wait and see for next week’s finale!

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8 thoughts on “Mouse – K-Drama Episode 19 Recap & Review”

  1. I remember the scene where both mothers were talking, one of her said to kill baby if any signs of psychopath appear so I think they switch because they were afraid that they might not kill their own child in case of being psychopath….( I m not sure though)

  2. too many illogical characters in this drama.
    why would the nurse want her son to live as a murderer’s son
    how can hong ju live around her parents and watch them suffer their whole life while claiming she is an orphan- in my opinion this is an even more pathetic act than leaving her brother behind
    she doesn’t even bother to acknowledge her dad when her own mum is about to die
    the idea of her claiming to kill head hunter is laughable
    why would a psychopath leave his house door completely unlocked for anyone and everyone to walk in when it contains so much incriminating evidence
    why is bong yi walking around ba reum’s house with a knife all alone if she knows what he’s capable of

    nevertheless its no doubt entertaining

  3. I believe…as I learned of the last shooting having finished…for everyone’s satisfaction… everyone did their best…what is now left with me, is to appreciate their work, efforts and justify their chosen ending and will do my best to make a personal assessment and will send personally to one of those connected with the project

  4. I agree. It’s disappointing enough when suddenly we miss a couple of weekly episodes unexpectedly then to have unanswered questions. On top of that Vagabond and Arthdal Chronicles were major disappointments lacking proper finales to their stories. Just saying.

  5. I still don’t understand why the babies were switched. There was no clear indication of why. Are we supposed to believe the nurse wanted her biological son to grow up fated as a murderers son. Why? Dumb!!
    Hung Ju berating anyone for deceiving anyone is laughable since she grew up knowingly watching her parents suffer. Dumber! I have a feeling the final explanation is that Oz killed everyone. Dumbest! JMO

  6. That’s exactly what I think as well.. After spending 19 episodes spanning over 10+ weeks with 3 special episodes I still don’t think they can address all the unanswered questions. Until 18th episode I was sure that they will manage to address but now I too feel that may not be the case. Especially, relating to OZ. I hope I’m wrong here..
    I know there can’t be any happy ending for JBR. Meanwhile, I don’t want to see Mouse2 with JBR surviving somehow in the last min. unless well explained. I don’t want another Vagabond here

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