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Crescent Apples

Episode 13 of Mouse begins with Moo-Chi revealing to Ba-Reum that someone else’s blood was found on the knife; an inmate from inside the prison. He believes the culprit may be doing this on purpose, throwing the officers off the scent of the real killer.

Meanwhile, Hong-Ju offers Bong-Yi a job working with her firm. While she agrees to think about it, Bong-Yi heads outside and becomes flustered when she hasn’t heard from Yu-Na.

Ba-Reum shows up to reassure her though, handing over his phone with a video message on. Here, we jump bakc and see the moments involving Ba-Reum holding the brick. He didn’t kill Yu-Na and instead actually dropped it after Yu-Na agreed to keep things a secret between them.

Yu-Na explains all of this to Bong-Yi via her voice message, even going so far as to call her brave and a hero. These encouraging words of wisdom are enough for Bong-Yi to make the decision to join Hong-Ju’s team.

While this is going on, Bs-Reum meets back up with Daniel Lee. He’s not happy about the urges to kill Yu-Na but Lee reassures him that there’s no way he would have killed her. After all, with Yo-Han still inside his brain, the kind instincts are still fighting back.

As Lee questions Ba-Reum’s motives, it turns out he wanted to get his own back on Duk-Soo. This explains why he picked up Bong-Yi’s grandmother’s knife from the evidence room – and also why he replaced it. Once again Ba-Reum blames this on Yo-Han.

Ba-Reum’s is interrupted though by a call from Moo-Chi, who happens to have found a new dashcam on a bicycle – the same bicycle that was knocked off the road. This could well have clues relating to Ba-Reum at the crime scene.

As Ba-Reum races up to see Moo-Chi, they both learn that someone has taken the dashcam footage. That someone, as it turns out, happens to be Hong-Ju. She checks the footage and finds a man in a raincoat standing under the tunnel. As we know this was Ba-Reum – and now she too seems to figure it out.

While she heads into the prison with Bong-Yi, Moo-Chi too sets his sights on the same place. The reason for this stems from Jae-Shik, who happens to be the man who shared a jail cell with Duk-Soo before his release. It’s also his knife and he was the one blamed for the tragic Suseong Serial Murders all those years ago.

Moo-Chi heads in to interview Jae-Shik but Hong-Ju is already there. He barges her out the way and questions Jae-Shik himself about a piece of fabric Duk-Soo was wearing. It turns out Duk-Soo actually stole it from Jae-Shik on the day of his release, which explains why he has it.

Meanwhile, Bong-Yi becomes determined to figure out the truth regarding the Suseong Serial Murder Case. Given the culprit in prison is showing real emotion, and he was allegedly coerced into a confession, Bong-Yi is having doubts. After finding all she can from the internet, she has Ba-Reum show her the files in the evidence room.

It doesn’t take long before Bong-Yi makes some startling revelations. A case two years prior involved a killer eating an apple at the crime scene links to the Suseong Murders. One of the victims had traces of apple in her stomach. This is enough for Bong-Yi to cling to as she works with Ba-Reum to piece everything together.

Finding the one survivor from this incident, Bong-Yi heads up to visit this lady, Jin-An. This woman happens to be the same one we saw in a brief flash at the start of the episode. Here, she was saved by a mysterious man who looks a little bit like Yo-Han. However, he could also be the boxer – which would mean the apple killer is also the seven deadly sins killer. But we’re jumping the gun a little here.

Bong-Yi brings this story to Hong-Ju, who’s impressed by her work. The police refuse to look into this case again though, despite the mounting evidence. This pressure eventually causes them to cave though, especially when it begins to make waves on the news.

Sherlock Hong-Ju head to the news, breaking down the case and all the inconsistencies with the evidence, including the age of the culprit and the hair too.

After the show, Moo-Chi arrives and speaks to Bong-Yi. It’s a pleasant greeting, and one that sees him reassure her that Ba-Reum likes her a lot.

At the same time, Hong-Ju receives a call regarding video evidence that can blow the Duk-Soo murder case wide open. As we know already, this actually happens to be the dashcam footage from the bicycle.

Meanwhile, police and prosecutors hit back at Hong-Ju and the gangs’ accusations. They confirm that there’s no evidence linking the attempted case in Guryeong with the Suseong Serial murders. And now things start to really escalate.

Jae-Shik is released from prison while the attention turns to Detective Ko. Jae-Shik could well be the serial killer here but it could also be one big smokescreen too. Either way, we cut to Ba-Reum out in the fields where he keeps his man pinned to the ground.

While he does, Bong-Yi checks the dashcam footage and sees for herself that Ba-Reum is the killer from that night.

As Moo-Chi heads off to investigate, he charges through the fields and shines a flashlight on Ba-Reum’s location.

The Episode Review

Mouse continues to twist and turn this week with more revelations brought to the table. With Bong-Yi now knowing the truth about Ba-Reum and Moo-Chi potentially seeing the same thing, it’ll be interesting to see how the show tackles their relationship going forward.

At this point it’s nigh on impossible to guess what direction this show is going to take next. There are so many different ideas thrown into the mix that it can sometimes be difficult to figure out who’s telling the truth, who’s seeing things and who’s actually got their finger on the pulse. I’d imagine Daniel Lee is an apparition though, given the inconsistencies with his story and the strangeness that he’s only showing up in the basement.

On top of that, it seems like more of the past is coming into view now with more suspects and a very suspicious Detective Ko a possible killer.

It looks like we’re going to get some big reveals in the episodes ahead too, as this week bows out with another big cliffhanger.

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  2. Please change this phrasing:

    “Jae-Shik is released from prison while the attention turns to Detective Ko. He could well be the serial killer here but it could also be a smokescreen too. Either way, we cut to Ba-Reum out in the fields tracking him down and keeping the man pinned to the ground.”

    “He” in the 2nd sentence sounds like it refers to Detective Ko, your sentence structure is misleading.


  3. Hey Moonita!

    Yes I believe she did take it and I think they mentioned this episode that the footage is automatically uploaded onto the computer. It would well be that Bong-Yi viewed the footage while working at the Sherlock Hong Ju HQ…or she could have taken a USB from there. There’s still lots of question marks surrounding this though!

    Thanks for reading the recap, it’s very much appreciated!

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  4. Greg,
    Didn’t Hong Ju already take away the bike’s camera?
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