Motionsick – The Inner Side | Album Review

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Empty Voice
The Shed


Motionsick comes forward out of the shadows with a point to prove. The band screams for a revolution, walking towards the shimmering light that has been sorely missed. Atmospheric, the record the band have produced here features lyrics that are darker than most, evocatively tinged, and have the power to embed the mind.

Musically, the band has the tools to generate mammoth sounds, guitar moments which pay homage to the 90’s grunge movement. There are snippets and grungy tones layered within the concepts, and that shows a sense of development by the band.

Not for the faint-hearted, The Inner Side has the shock value, capturing the essence of hindered hope, and Motionsick does well to get their points across, even when the sound is distorted.

The music shown here has its moments of brilliance, starting with those arresting guitar lines which trigger a riveting array of tones. Though this is all good, some songs seem like they’re going along the same lines, which causes a collision.

‘Salvation’ opens with brooding vocals and well-toned guitar lines. The anarchy has no resting space, as this track blends insanity with musical moments.

‘Sick’ starts loudly with powerful screams and melody, then the chorus bursts through the edges. There’s not much in terms of diversity here though, which is a bit of a shame.

‘Mythomaniac’ opens with slender touches until those unconventional vocals batter in, and the words tell us stories of unrest. Another stand-out is ‘Parasite’, which yet again offers a decent melody, though it sounds much the same as the previous tracks. Diversity is key to progression, and this track lacks that hook.

Motionsick shows they’re competent at creating energy, and The Inner Side has its moments of sheer power, though it could do with more musical diversity.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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