Motionless In White – Scoring The End Of The World | Album Review

Track List

Signs Of Life
Cause of Death
We Become The Night
Burned At Both Ends II
B.F.B.T.G.: Corpse Nation
Red, White & Boom
Scoring The End Of The World

This is music of urgency and the gloves are off. Motionless In White describes the end of the world with their heightened tones and lyrics, which are razor sharp. The band has always taken the unconventional through new avenues, and they’ve always basked in the darkness, propelling but not really hitting their full stride.

Scoring The End Of The World is their LP of defiance, and the act does not want to fall into obscurity, as the record does have moments where the music and words make sense.

The record is dark, there’s no doubt about it. And the screams are effective, with the raucous instrumentals streaming through like a shooting star. At times, though, the lyrics can sound awkward and stilted. This can be a problem, as the full album has this setback. Sometimes they work, and sometime they don’t, giving the album this unsteadiness about it. Although the band aren’t truly poets; they try to piece together stories of clarity and meaning.

Scoring The End Of The World doesn’t hold up against the metal-core godfathers. It falls flat at moments, becoming a problematic listen, using techniques that have been done over and over again. It’s not a sorry listen, though, as the band bare their souls and ultimately try to create a masterstroke.

The album has 13 songs. ‘Sign Of Life’ batters along, asserting itself. The growls and instrumentals come together, and there is potential here.

‘Masterpiece’ begins slowly, with subtle vocals and lyrics that are strained. They can be hyperbolic, and that’s not a good sign, although there are flashes of clarity. ‘We Become The Night’ hits the world with a bang, and lyrically it’s intelligent enough to count. Those instrumentals, though, become droned out.

Motionless In White try to make a creative change here but mostly, their new record doesn’t seem altered or scaled up.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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  1. Totally disagree with this review, not to say I love or hate this album, but simply the reviewer does not seem to do any research onto this band at all. This is the sound this band has been working towards for a while, it isn’t new. Also of 13 songs, they reviewed 4.

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