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Hunter Moore is known as the most hated man on the internet, which just so happens to be the title of Netflix latest true-crime documentary series. Split across 3 episodes, The Most Hated Man on the Internet deep dives into the story of Hunter Moore, a man who prolifically created the website isanyoneup? During the early, wild-west days of the internet, this site essentially served as a revenge porn hub, with Hunter donning the bad-boy internet persona and calling himself a “professional life ruiner.”

Boasting an army of followers by his side, known as “The Family”, Hunter Moore allowed pictures to be anonymously uploaded to his website by different users, mostly centering around explicit photos of men and women. With links to their social media for all to see, and many pf the pictures being uploaded without consent, the show simultaneously depicts the dangers of internet infamy, as well as how one person can start a revolution to topple a seemingly untouchable empire.

The first episode introduces Hunter and the main “players” in this case, who work to take him down. Kayla Laws is one of the victims on isanyoneup? and when her mother, Charlotte Laws, finds out, she sets to work trying to take down Kayla’s picture from the website.

The opening hour interweaves her journey across multiple days, getting in touch with the FBI, law enforcement and even Hunter’s own attorney to try and get Kayla’s pictures taken down.

The second episode then sees the tide turn, with an infamous TV interview on the Anderson Cooper Show depicting the sleazy, remorseless side of Hunter Moore and how much he doesn’t care about the victims he’s hurt along the way. As the FBI step up their investigative efforts and Moore finds control slipping from his fingertips, the third and final episode gives a conclusive end to isanyoneup and what happens to Hunter Moore.

The Most Hated Man On The Internet may not be the most hated man on the internet per-se, but the moniker given by the media at the time definitely fits. Hunter’s nonchalant attitude and replying to cease and desist letters with “LOL” is telling enough, but his smug attitude on national TV is equally as abhorrent.

What’s interesting though is how the blame is put on the victims for taking these photos in the first place, at least to begin with. The thing is, a lot of these photos were taken between partners, intimately and privately. To then find those uploaded onto a website, and there being no laws around doing that, is telling as to how outdated and archaic the system is.

While this docu-series does touch on that, it doesn’t go anywhere near far enough to explore the law and how outdated the system actually is. These outdated laws are the reason Activision Blizzard can get away with paying zero tax and getting a tax refund, courtesy of us, the tax payers. They’re the reason why some millionaires pay zero tax and how there are absolutely no rules against revenge porn like that seen on isanyoneup.

Even within this documentary, hearing Charlotte’s lawyer literally tell Kayla “Ah don’t worry about it, just ignore the picture and it’ll go away”, shows how far behind the law is lagging. It’s also rather telling that the only time the FBI step up and go after Moore is when someone powerful is the victim but alas, that’s indicative of life itself isn’t it?

Either way, The Most Hated Man On The Internet is an absorbing and well-written docu-series, even if it is stretching a bit with that title of most hated. There’s some good material here though and the show has a decent range of interviews, archival footage and shots of Hunter to keep things engaging to the very end. This may not be the best documentary of the year, but it’s another absorbing true-crime treat from ‘Flix all the same.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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