Mortel – Season 1 Episode 6 (The Finale) Recap & Review

Trapped in a Mortel World

Mortel definitely had the potential to stand out in the supernatural teen drama genre but unfortunately, the show lost its way with the numerous supporting character storylines which deviated from the main plot line. Despite all this, the finale still offers a pretty decent episode, giving us a good plot twist toward the end while delivering some tense moments as the teens fight the killer.

The episode starts with a flashback of Reda tied to the tree with the masked man summoning Obe. When the god appeared, he asked him if he could get what he wanted in exchange for Reda’s sacrifice. Obe agreed and as the masked man stabbed Reda, Obe burst into flames and ended up in another dimension where he was desperately looking for a way home.

Back in the present, Sofiane heads to see Victor but when she gets there, she finds a dazed Victor frantically drawing on his wall and claiming that everything is connected. During breakfast, things get out of control for Victor as he rebels against everyone in his family by revealing their secret. Sofiane tries to stop him but as he struggles, he hold him down on his bed, determined to calm him down.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells a worried Luisa to banish Obe from the apartment until the Desandans comes as he is very dangerous. Victor finally calms down and confides in Sofiane about the abuse he was a victim of as a child. With a newfound determination, he tells Sofiane he wants him to help kill his brother’s killer as he believes people who hurt others should pay.

At school, Sofiane tries to explain himself to Melanie while Victor rushes to see Luisa to ask her about her Grandma. She tells her Obe got to her and asks him to come to her house in the evening as she’s planning to imprison him. After summoning Obe, the boys decide to convince Audrey to visit Laurine again. As they do, Victor and Audrey enter her mind to find out the identity of the killer. Audrey stops her from jumping out of the window and it’s here that we finally find out that the killer was Herve, who is the client Elizabeth performed an exorcism on during the first episode.

As the boys head to Herve’s office, they see Luisa going in. Inside, she pretends she’s there to protect him as she quickly thinks “now”, which Victor happens to hear. Both boys arrive inside and a fight ensues with the guards, where the boys combine their powers to get rid of the men. They rush into the office to find Herve attacking Luisa, so Sofiane starts to punch him. However, Herve manages to get the upper-hand and just as he is about to stab him, Victor levitates him, encouraged by Obe who tells him to go one step further and kill. Victor brings him over to the window but Luisa rushes over and pushes him through to his death before chanting to trap Obe in the mortal world.

The trio then head to the woods to bury the sacred knife, while Elizabeth speaks to Audrey about the boys and their powers, telling her that she’s the one who can help.

A desendan called Jocelyn arrives at Elizabeth’s house and warns her about what is to come ahead. He tells her they need Luisa but he is not sure she’s ready. However, she overhears their conversation and insists, as she knows she can do it. At school, Victor tells Sofiane he needs to go back to the hospital for a while and asks for his help to say goodbye to Luisa by showing her how it would have been if they had been together.

After Sofiane and Victor have an emotional parting, we see everyone’s life changing over the next few days. Melanie has a new boyfriend while Luisa is getting ready to leave to be initiated. The episode closes with Sofiane answering his doorbell and shocked when he sees his brother on the doorstep.

The finale of Mortel ends on a big cliffhanger and with many questions unanswered. Reda is still alive but we’re left to wonder where he has been all this time and if Obe is really gone. Jocelyn mentions that worse things are coming and desperately wants Luisa to learn all their magic too. She was probably one of my favourite characters on the show as she seems to be the glue that keeps the trio of friends together.

The show did show us some interesting Voodoo rituals and practices in the end which definitely made it more intriguing, but I still feel the show could have doubled down on this and spread it more evenly across the run-time.

Mortel is not a bad show but it isn’t a particularly memorable one either. As I mentioned before, it has far too many secondary storylines that never seem to go anywhere. What happened with the art teacher? Audrey’s dark past? And more importantly, where has Reda been all this time? Whether Netflix renews Mortel for a second season to answer those questions remains to be seen but in the meantime, anyone looking for an easy to watch supernatural teen drama may just find some enjoyment with Mortel.


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