More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers – Episode 1 Recap & Review

Living in the Same Place, but Not Living Together

Episode 1 of More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers starts with Shiori Sakurazaka at the temple where she finds her classmate who is also the ‘it-girl’ aka Gyaru – Akari Watanabe. Akari is embarrassed for been seen at the temple and runs away while Shiori makes a wish before going to school. In class, Jiro Yakuin and his best friend, Sadaharu Kamo are talking about video games and Jiro’s longtime crush on Shiori when they spot Akari and her clique passing by.

Akari mocks Jiro and Sadaharu for blocking the staircase but speaks to Minami Tenjin, her crush in the sweetest way possible shocking the two boys. The class bell rings and the students are gearing up for the pair announcements. The entire class was going to be split into groups of two who were going to live as married couples for the new few months. This practical experiment was to prepare these high-schoolers for the real world and Shiori wishes her childhood best friend, Jiro all the best for the pairing.

Jiro wishes to be paired with Shiori but does not make that obvious to her. Shiori on the other hand would love to be paired with someone she knows and is comfortable talking to. The homeroom teacher explains the rules of the practical and tells the students that they will live with a student of the opposite sex. Not only that but they will also have their own separate rooms for privacy. The couples will have to score well in order to pass the practical that also contributes to their entire academic score for their final year.

Just as his luck would have it, Jiro is paired with Akari while Shiori is paired with Minami. Akari is infuriated by their pairing as well and starts mocking Jiro for being a nobody virgin. As Akari and Jiro continue to fight, their score starts decreasing, going from 0 to a -3 within the first few minutes of entering their room. Akari asks Jiro to cooperate with her in her plan to them both their desired partners. She tells Jiro that the rule book mentions that once a couple reaches the A grade rank, they will be allowed to change their partners.

Not only that but each of the two students could use their couple scores individually which would be added to that of their new partner’s score. Jiro is weirded out by the idea of getting an A rank with Akari because doing so would mean being extremely romantic with her. Akari tries to convince Jiro and acts all coy with him which immediately reflects better on their score. Jiro is still unconvinced by her requests and decides to go outside to get a drink.

Upon seeing Shiori and Minami walk together, Jiro gets furious and decides to act on it by moping in his room. Akari makes fun of Jiro for crying like a baby but eventually tries to cheer him up. Jiro rethinks Akari’s initial idea and agrees to score well in order to get a good score. Sadaharu arrives to call Jiro out when Akari insists that Jiro should give her a goodbye kiss before heading out with his friend. Jiro is unwilling to do so but with Akari’s insisting pleas and Sadaharu impatiently ringing the bell, Jiro is unable to think straight. He grabs Akari and kisses her on the lips before rushing outside.

Once Jiro has left, Akari is embarrassed and states out loud that she never meant for the kiss to be on the lips. On their way out, Jiro himself is flustered after the kiss but it works in their favour as their score has been reset to 0 again. Later that evening, Jiro has a dream about Shiori waking him up with a kiss but it is Akari who is yelling him down for his help with the house chores. One week passes by and Jiro is at school when he sees Shiori and Minami walk to school together.

The homeroom teacher tells Jiro that she wanted to meet Akari and him after school. That day in class, Jiro is moping about the fact that Shiori and Minami were getting along just fine while he was having a hard time getting along with his partner – Akari. On their way out of school, Jiro tells Akari that they were supposed to meet their homeroom teacher. Akari refuses to join Jiro because she has a plan for karaoke with her friends and Minami.

Jiro meets his teacher by himself and she tells him that he was performing very poorly on the practical. The teacher claims that if Jiro and Akari don’t buckle up, they would not be allowed to graduate. Meanwhile, at the karaoke bar, Akari tries her best to impress Minami. Jiro is still at school waiting for the rain to stop when he wonders what Minami and Akari would be up to.

Just then, Shiori shows up and waits with Jiro because she too had forgotten her umbrella. She hugs Jiro all of a sudden alarming him but states that she was really afraid of bugs and saw one on the window. Jiro recalls her hugging Minami that morning and thinks that a bug could be the reason for their closeness. Shiori insists that Jiro should call her by her first name as he did when they were younger but just as Jiro is about to, Minami shows up with an umbrella to pick Shiori up.

Jiro tells the couple that he would be fine waiting by himself and asks Shiori to go back with Minami. Meanwhile, Akari is waiting outside for Jiro with an umbrella. The two share an umbrella on their way back home and Akari pushes Jiro to not give up. In their room, Akari tries hard to improve their score by cooking Jiro a delicious omelette for dinner. Jiro offers Akari a bite and after some bickering, Akari takes the bite from his spoon. The two get close and are about to kiss but Jiro gets distracted by a phone call. Both Jiro and Akari are confused about the fact that their hearts were weirdly pounding after the almost kiss.

The Episode Review

This anime is really cute and right up my alley. Being a K-drama fan, I was never inclined to watch anime all my life. However, after seeing a lot of cheer for this one on Twitter, I decided to check it out and I have not been disappointed since.

The plot of the show is really odd considering these characters are high school students and the only thing I am glad about is that my school did not force me to live alone with a boy at the age of 17-18.

I love the fact that Jiro has a crush on a non-gyaru girl and our gyaru also dislikes Jiro’s guts. I am sure Shiori likes Jiro too with the way she was talking to him in class and Jiro is too naive to take notice of this.

I can’t wait to see how chaotic Jiro will be as he grows to live with a girl like Akari who is as high-maintenance as teenage girls can get.

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