Morbius Ending Explained – Does Morbius save Bancroft? And who shows up in the post-credit scenes?

Morbius Plot Synopsis

The story centers on biochemist Michael Morbius, a man who suffers from a rare blood disease. His life mission is set to curing himself and his best friend Milo from this debilitating condition, eventually settling on splicing his blood with Costa Rican bats to become the Batman. Or, well, Spiderman’s version of Batman anyway; the villain-turned-antihero Michael Morbius.

Morbius eventually finds this cure, but the results are far more devastating than he ever imagined, and before he knows it, he’s pitted against another vampire with very different ideas about humanity and the future.

Who is the villain in Morbius?

Michael Morbius has been driven his whole life to find a cure for his blood disease, but that’s only been half of his motivation. The other half stems from curing his best friend Milo as well. He first met Milo 25 years back where the pair formed a bond together. Morbius still cares for his friend but it’s been a long time since he’s visited the frail old man.

After admitting he may have found a cure, Milo becomes very interested in the experiments and eventually steals a bag holding the serum, thanks in part to Morbius being chased away from the scene of a crime. Milo takes the bag, becomes a murderous vampire and begins killing. However, news anchors and police alike believe that Morbius is the one responsible for this.

The reason stems from the opening parts of the movie where Morbius slaughters a ship full of mercenary soldiers, draining their blood and leaving puncture wounds on their neck. Because of this, the police are dead-set on bringing Morbius to justice.

When Morbius finds out what’s happening, he tries to save his brother, urging him to curb his desires and turn to artificial blood instead of human blood. Milo though believes he’s the next stage in evolution and wants Morbius to embrace his powers and join him on a murderous spree across the globe.

Does Martine Bancroft die?

As the film reaches its climactic third act, Morbius races after Bancroft whom Milo has kidnapped and left lying on her back on a rooftop. Weakened from his lack of blood, Martine encourages Morbius to feed on her blood in order to battle back against Milo. Regrettably, he does just this and seemingly kills her in th eprocess.

The two vampires eventually duke it out until Morbius realizes he can control sound waves, bringing in a whole horde of bats to swarm around Milo and pin him down, allowing Morbius to use a newly crafted poisonous serum to kill his best friend and stop his murderous rampage.

When the inept police arrive on the scene, they witness all the bats flying into the sky, forming black clouds that dip and weave around the skyscrapers. These bats carry Morbius out and he manages to live another day while the police come up emptyhanded. But I guess that’s what they get for leaving an unattended vamp in his cell.

The reference to this, of course, is when the police allow Milo to head in and see Morbius in his cell, completely unattended, where he leaves behind his cane and a blood bag. Anyway I digress.

Morbius eventually pans back to Martine who opens her eyes and reveals a strange purple hue. It would appear that she’s transformed into a vampire, as that earlier scene on the rooftop saw a drop of Morbius’ blood enter her mouth prior to the vampire biting her. However it could also be an undead version reawakening for reasons unknown. It’s not fully explained in truth, so we’re clutching at straws here!

Is there a post-credit scene?

Yes, there are two post-credit sequences which Sony have been pretty vocal about. It’s clear now that the film is setting up a potential Sinister Six film in the future but whether Spider-Man will be a part of that or not is another matter. For now, the scene shows Adrian Toomes (the Vulture from the MCU Spider-Man movies) somehow transporting from the MCU into a prison cell in Sony’s Spider-verse. He’s confused, unsure how he’s got there as he cracks a joke about the food.

The second scene involves Morbius driving away from the city and meeting Vulture out in a secluded area. He tells Morbius he’d like to team up and believes they can do good work together. “Intriguing,” is Morbius’ reply.

It’s pretty hasty and poor dialogue all round, but it also opens up the implication for Sony and Marvel’s potential team-up in the future.

Then again, all of this amounts for nothing if Spider-Man isn’t part of this, with these villains nothing without a hero to fight against.

If you enjoyed Morbius or want to see more of him in action, we’d highly recommend checking out the animated Spider-Man series from the 90’s, which includes a big story arc involving Michael Morbius. For now though, the ending leaves the door wide open for more of Sony’s films to follow.


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