‘Moonshot’ Ending Explained – Do Walt And Sophie End Up Together?

Moonshot Plot Synopsis

Moonshot, a new romantic comedy set in space, is currently streaming on Now TV and HBO Max. It’s far from being the best movie you will ever see but if you’re a fan of actors Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) and Lana Condor (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before), you might want to give it a go.

This future-set tale chronicles the adventures of Walt (Cole Sprouse) and Sophie (Lana Condor) after they board a space shuttle to Mars. He smuggles himself aboard the flight whereas Sophie buys herself a ticket. However, they both have one goal in mind: to be with the people they love.

Walt wants to be with Ginny (Emily Rudd), a woman he has only just met, who is on the space shuttle that he illegally boards. Sophie wants to be with her boyfriend, Calvin (Mason Gooding), who is already living on the colonized Mars. But during their journey to the Red Planet, Walt and Sophie start to bond with one another.

How Do Walt And Sophie Bond?

Initially, the two don’t get along at all. In fact, Sophie considers Walt to be an inconvenience but she reluctantly agrees to let him pose as Calvin so he can justify his existence on the space shuttle. After a while, she sees a new side to Walt and realizes that he isn’t the ass that she initially thought he was. He also starts to understand Sophie better and the two form a tentative bond with one another over their shared thirst for adventure.

As they both have eyes for somebody else, a more loving relationship is slow to form. But as they do romantic things together, such as going on a spacewalk, it is clear that there are sparks between them.

Unfortunately, their bond breaks when Walt is arrested for stowing away on the ship and she gets angry at him for lying about his relationship with Ginny.


Is There A Chance Of A Relationship Between Walt And Sophie?

Well, as they are both in love with somebody else, it would appear that a relationship is off the cards.

However, the situation changes when Walt discovers Ginny doesn’t share the feelings that he has for her. She is shocked to learn that he has followed her into space after only one evening of romance and introduces him to her boyfriend, the facility guard that is holding Walt prisoner.

Sophie’s relationship with Calvin is similarly doomed. When the shuttle lands on Mars, she is welcomed by her boyfriend and his family. However, she begins to realise that she is no longer in love with him and begins to reassess her priorities.

At this point, it could be assumed that Walt and Sophie are free to be with one another. However, they seemingly have different destinies.

Sophie, after realising that there is no point being on Mars after splitting up with her boyfriend, decides to take the next space shuttle back to Earth.

Meanwhile, Walt, after being released from captivity, is given the chance of a lifetime. A video of him stowing away has gone viral on Earth and for Leon Kovi (Zach Braff), the man behind the Mars colony, Walt has suddenly become a great marketing opportunity. He agrees to let Walt live on Mars permanently but this leaves the plucky young man with a dilemma: Does he follow his outer space dreams and live on Mars or does he follow Sophie back to Earth?

Do Walt And Sophie End Up Together?

Walt realizes that a life on Mars would be no life at all without Sophie, the woman he knows he now loves. He rushes back to the space shuttle and boards it before it takes off for Earth.

When they reunite, Sophie reminds him that this isn’t the first time he has followed his heart to be with somebody he has only just met. Walt tells her that this time it is different as his love for her is more real than it was for Ginny.

The two share a kiss as the film ends and it can be assumed that the two go on to have a happy life with one another back on Earth. Well, either that or they crash land on a planet far far away and have an intergalactic adventure but perhaps that is a plot for a different movie!



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