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Episode 7 of Moonlight Chicken titled ‘My Heart Represents The Moon’ begins with Wen spacing out while Alan is going through his physical therapy after breaking a leg and hand. The nurse asks if there is anyone to look after him and Wen says he will without any emotion.

As they go home, Wen points out that Alan doesn’t usually take a bike taxi that got him into an accident and he states that he was drunk. He tells Wen that he doesn’t want to impose and that his sister-in-law Jeab will look after him. Wen tries to refuse as he says that Alan would do the same and offers to help when Jeab can’t.

After Alan leaves with Jeab, Wen meets with Jim who is waiting for him nearby. While they plan a lunch date, Jeab’s car passes by and Alan looks at them wistfully. Jim and Wen have lunch by the beach and they playfully banter as Wen tries to get him to call it their first date.

An unromantic, Jim says there is no point keep track of anniversaries as he is too old and he needs to think things through. Wen offers him a bite of chicken and says if Jim doesn’t eat it, he will disappear from his life. Jim chuckles but ends up eating it and they smile.

At Hong’s stall, Gaipa’s mother tells him that he doesn’t need to help around if he doesn’t want to see Jim. She also assures him that he will find love and at that moment Jim comes over for the day’s order. It is awkward and Gaipa keeps his back turned to him. Hong tries to make peace as she asks her son to pack some lunch for Jim and he tries to wipe his tears while he does it. Jim looks worried and after he leaves, Gaipa hugs his mom. 

As Jim heads out, the tea shop owner gives him Li Ming’s stamp card and he suddenly remembers the bubble tea he took for him and Heart. Jim also recalls walking in on them kissing and he looks tense. Meanwhile, Li Ming is busy making Valentine’s day plans with Heart when Jam, his mother arrives.

While she is all smiles, he is cold and aloof. He looks further annoyed when his mother hints that she has Tong, a new boyfriend who she wants to marry. She says that Li Ming can live with her again after she is settled and help him get into college. The same old argument continues as he rants that all adults take decisions for him without consulting him.

As he tries to go to Heart’s, he runs into Jim who stops him. His uncle confronts him about kissing Heart and questions why he had to be gay as he already struggles due to his financial status. An angry Li Ming points out that Jim is gay as well and that he too can kiss anyone he wants and walks away while his mother looks worried.

Jam blames Jim for ‘turning’ Li Ming gay as he wasn’t that way when he was with her which annoys Jim. He points out that there is nothing wrong with Li Ming being gay and Jam changes the conversation as she reveals that she has come to take her son. She gives Tong’s land deed for his loan and in exchange asks Jim to help convince Li Ming to live with her so she can be a better mother. 

Elsewhere, Leng is worried about the cost of baby items while Praew is still working despite her pregnancy. Li Ming suggests abortion and Leng while grumbling about the cost says he can raise the child as Praew’s parents will support them. Li Ming wonders if he has any questions for his parents and Leng adds that their parents won’t be with them all the step of the way.

Meanwhile, Jim goes to Wen who guesses about his fight with Li Ming. Jim voices his fears as he wonders if Li Ming did actually turn gay because of him and Wen assures him that is not the case. Jim adds that he doesn’t mind if Li Ming is gay but that it will be difficult for him as their country still doesn’t accept homosexuality. Wen jokes about running for the government and then later tells Jim to listen to his nephew instead just being strict. 

As they get ready for bed, Wen offers his bedroom to Jim as he trusts him. They joke as Jim mocks him for giving up so soon and Wen says that if he gets tired of chasing him he will just vanish. Jim asks if he is threatening him and ends up kissing his cheek. Wen smiles giddily as he goes to bed while Jim chuckles and takes the couch.

The next day, Leng and Gaipa are walking through the market while talking about baby names and they end up mentioning Jim. Leng apologizes and tells Gaipa that he can get any man he wants with his gold chain. Gaipa acts insulted and says he was going to gift it to him but won’t and they banter. As they play around, they see that Mrs. Hong has fainted and Gaipa runs to her.

At the hospital, as Li Ming, Jim and Leng wait, Gaipa breaks down after he finds out that she has passed away. During the funeral, the diner staff help around while Jim looks after him. Meanwhile, Alan arrives and tells Gaipa that he had business with his mother and to meet him after the funeral to deal with the insurance.

Elsewhere, the Supochs are introducing Heart to acquaintances in sign language while Jim tells Li Ming to help them. Heart offers to help and he and Li Ming go around giving drinks. The landlord Song meets Jim and tells him to take a decision soon. Jim says he doesn’t want to move to a new location and that he will call after the funeral.

Song gossips that Hong left Gaipa a fortune and Jim can’t help but remember Beam’s funeral when his parents had taken all of the money from their joint accounts since Beam was the primary holder. They also undermined Jim and Beam’s relationship and wondered why he needed to run a diner he opened with his ex, leaving Jim upset and hurt by the betrayal.

Later, Jim consoles Gaipa as Wen looks at him and Alan looks at Wen sadly. As Alan tries to leave, his crutch falls and Jim runs and helps him. He tries to keep him company till his taxi arrives but Alan blames him for ruining his relationship. Jim points out that they broke up before he met Wen and Alan is at a loss. Jim anyway apologizes and helps him when his taxi approaches.

After the funeral ends, Jim brings Wen dinner who is working. He tells him about his conversation with Alan and Wen says he doesn’t love him anymore but just cares about him. Jim then goes to Li Ming and asks him about moving in with Jam. A sulky Li Ming is upset that she left him for 5 years and says that while he doesn’t love her, he loves Jim. His uncle is surprised and offers him a beer for growing up. 

Later, at home Jam and Li Ming eat together and he asks her about love and if she loves Tong as well as his dad. She tells him that love is complicated and Jim joins them and tells her to let Li Ming choose what he wants as he’s a grown-up. 

Later, at the memorial, Gaipa remembers his parents and sings his mother’s favourite song for the first and last time. As he cries while singing, everyone tears up as well including Alan and Jim. As the memorial ends, Li Ming joins Heart, Wen says goodbye to Alan once and for all and Jim cancels the diner lease as he wants to figure out another way instead of using Tong’s land deed.

The Episode Review

Alan is not the type to break his leg and emotionally blackmail Wen into nursing him but it does feel like that. Especially with the way Wen reluctantly takes care of him and is more worried about what Jeab might think. But it looks like Alan has truly moved on even though it may still hurt him to see Jim and Wen together.

And while it was just wishful thinking from us FirstKhaotung fans, looks like the director heard us and gave us that small interaction between Alan and Gaipa which could always lead to something more if we had more time.

As for lover boy, it’s only January but Li Ming is pretty fast with the way he is already thinking about Valentine’s with Heart. Looks like all of their romantic genes skipped Jim and went to Li Ming. And while he may not have understood Jim’s concern as he didn’t really voice why he was not happy with him being gay, he did handle it pretty well.

We also see character growth as he goes from being a rebellious teenager to someone who takes a step back and thinks things through as seen in his conversation with Leng. He also understands his mother’s and uncle’s perspective instead of just being angry at the world.

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