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Episode 6 of Moonlight Chicken titled ‘Chapter 6: The Walk to Forget and Forgive’ starts off with Wen waking up in Jim’s bedroom. Wen thanks him as he has finally been able to move on from Alan. Jim wonders if he is the reason and Wen assures him that he had broken up with Alan long ago. He says he can stay in a hotel but Jim responds that he is welcome to stay till he finds a new place.

Wen makes Jim breakfast and they enjoy it together as he offers to cook in exchange for letting him stay over. At that moment, Li Ming enters grumpily and leaves without eating breakfast. Wen asks if they fought again and Jim looks downcast. They play with Jimbo the cat and Jim notices that he trusts Wen. Wen asks if his owner also trusts him and Jim deflects the question. 

As for Li Ming, he heads to the Supochs but Mrs. Supoch tells him that his debt has been paid off and he doesn’t need to work for them anymore. He asks if he can continue seeing Heart and she looks conflicted. He apologizes for taking Heart out without permission but tells her that he felt suffocated at home.

He tells her that Heart actually talks a lot and feels happy when he is with the deaf community of the Paolo Church. Mrs. Supoch looks sad but allows him to take Heart out. At that moment, Heart is moodily going through their photos together in his room when Li Ming appears and he is delighted to see him. 

At the diner, Leng is surprised to see Jim and Wen come together and he prods into their relationship. Wen too looks exasperated with Jim as he says he doesn’t know if they are boyfriends or not. He jokes that Leng should find out and the cheeky guy asks aloud. Jim looks annoyed and says they are friends while Wen looks disappointed.

After the diner closes, they hang out by the bridge drinking beer and Jim asks Wen about his home in Bangkok. He adds that he would like a permanent home and Wen rests his head on his shoulder. He says love is like a permanent home and once we find it, we won’t ever move out. He then tries to kiss his cheek and while Jim doesn’t move away, Wen stops. He asks why his walls are high and Jim recalls his past relationship. 

He had confronted his ex, Beam about Khwan, the female ‘friend’ who wouldn’t stop calling and why his couple ring would disappear every weekend when he went home. Beam tries to explain but since his ferry is leaving, he boards and leaves. Jim looks on angrily while Beam tries to wave him goodbye.

Later, while Jim is watching the news at home, he sees that Beam’s ferry had capsized. He tries to call Beam and starts worrying over the possibility. He is later called to the hospital and he sees Beam’s dead body. He tells Wen that he had wished he had put up a bigger fight so Beam would have never boarded the ferry. He says he has tons of questions and Wen just hugs him.

The next day at the bank, Alan suggests that Jim should get the loan from another branch or bank as he is not sure if he can separate work and feelings. He suggests a colleague but Jim simply leaves. At that moment, Gaipa calls Jim over for lunch. He tells him about his parents’ love story as his mother kept chasing his father till he gave in. Jim feels that if the person isn’t the right one, this strategy won’t work.

Gaipa asks if he can be the right person for him and Jim apologizes. Gaipa looks hurt at the rejection and tries to go back to his cheery self but fails. Jim is surprised and tries to change the topic by giving back Gaipa his mother’s land deed as he needs a relative’s deed. Gaipa looks dejected but wipes his tears and pushes Jim to continue with the meal while the older man looks sorry.

Gaipa then calls Leng who tries to cheer him up. At that moment, Jim returns to the diner and Leng asks why he refused Gaipa’s help with the loan. Jimm says he would feel selfish if he used Gaipa’s feelings to get help. Leng understands and Jim thinks he will ask his sister, Li Ming’s mom and at that moment she calls him.

Later at home, Wen arrives to see Jim decorating the house for the new year and helps him. As Jim is standing on a chair, Wen holds his waist to steady him and points out the sparks they have between them. Jim doesn’t disagree but says they have talked about it and Wen backs off. After decorating, Wen asks if he can sleep on Jim’s lap. He allows him and starts caressing Wen’s hair.

The next morning, Jim dresses up and cooks for the temple’s offering which has Wen waking up and offering to accompany him. They give merit as family and then Jim visits Beam’s memorial. Jim wonders about death and Wen tells him to meet Khwan so he can finally get closure. 

They find her go-to hangout place by the beach and visit it. Wen tells him that he is waiting for him while Jim talks to Khwan alone. She says she knew about him and that she had been with Beam since their university days. Jim feels awful that he came later but Khwan tells him that it doesn’t matter since Beam dated both of them.

She says when she found out about him, Beam had asked her for time which Jim takes it as he wanted to break up with him. Khwan disagrees as Beam would have broken up with Jim long ago if he wanted. Jim wonders if Beam ever loved him and Khwan instead adds that they both fell for a selfish man. At that moment, her daughter approaches and Khwan tells Jim that she is married. She says that she has moved on and forgiven Beam. 

Jim goes back to Wen and thanks him for helping him get closure. They banter about what life would be like if Wen had never met him and Jim calls him his #1 waitstaff. Wen is touched that he included him as part of the diner family and Jim holds his hand as they walk on the beach. 

Meanwhile, Li Ming brings Heart over to his place and they play with Jimbo. Heart says the cat’s name aloud and Li Ming is excited to hear him speak. He asks him to say something again as he wants to hear his voice and while Heart is shy he says his name. Li Ming hugs him and jumps around while Heart is adorably confused by his excitement.

As they watch the New Year’s countdown, Heart tells him that he has never celebrated with a friend and Li Ming boasts that he has him now. At that moment, Jim and Wen reach home. As they are heading inside, Wen forgets his charger in the car and tells Jim to go ahead. Inside, the clock strikes 12 and the boys burst streamers. As they keep looking at each other, they hold hands and kiss.

Jim enters and sees them kissing and he leaves. He looks dumbfounded but at that moment Wen asks him for a ride to the hospital as Alan is injured. Turns out he was drunk and Wen points out that he never drinks. Jim tells him to stay and look after him while Wen looks at Alan’s hand where he is wearing both of their couple rings.

The Episode Review

It is so sweet to see that in just a few weeks Li Ming has learned so much about Heart just to make him happy. And while it must be painful for Mrs. Supoch to find out that Li Ming knows more about her son than she does, it is nice of her to allow her son to continue doing things he likes. Well, thank god for that as Heart is finally spending his first NYE with a friend and possibly had his first kiss as well.

As for Li Ming’s uncle, poor Jim’s past is even more tragic than what we had assumed as he did not get closure for 4 years. And with him always wondering about the possibility of who that female friend actually was and if Beam had ever loved him, it makes sense that he was not ready to open up ever again.

However, the conversation with Gaipa that the right person can tear down someone’s walls is seen in the way Jim has slowly started to get close to Wen from caressing his hair to not rejecting his advances anymore.

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