Moon knight – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Gods & Monsters

Episode 6 of Moon Knight begins this finale with Steven’s lifeless body being picked up by Harrow at the tomb. He apologizes to both Marc and Steven, telling him that sometimes we need the cold light of death before we can see reality.

When Arthur and his minions leave, Layla hurries out the shadows and picks up the scarab – the one showing the location of Amit -and decides to follow Arthur. She brandishes a knife and looks set to take him out… until Tawaret possesses several dead bodies and urges Layla to follow a new task – bring Marc/Steven back to life.

Does Harrow free Amit?

As Harrow heads into the Great Pyramid and begins destroying the Avatars of the other Gods, Layla slips away and grabs the little statue of Khonshu, something that Tawaret admits will help bring Marc/Steven back. With Marc gone and the statue destroyed, Khonshu tries to tempt Layla into being his avatar. She refuses, as the tricky God admits that they need to rebind Amit. The same Amit who has now been released by Harrow in the main chamber.

Marc rejects the Field of Reeds and decides to go back and save Steven. He admits to his stony counterpart that he’s thankful for him existing and embraces his other self. Marc refuses to leave Steven, and as he starts turning to stone, Marc holds Steven’s hand.

How do Mark and Steven return?

The gates suddenly open and both of them inexplicably return back to life.┬áMarc and Steven hurry through the open gates, which brings Steven back to life. He becomes Khonshu’s avatar again and this time, embraces the title of Moon Knight. After reconvening with Khonshu, the gang head off to Cairo to stop Amit.

The only way to stop Amit is to trap him in mortal form. Layla allows Tawaret to use her as a temporary avatar to help bring this to fruition, while Harrow heads to the top of the Great Pyramid and sends his followers out to “judge everyone”. As purple souls begin floating in the air once more, Amit grows in power.

As for Layla, she turns into Falcon (well, she sprouts wings, courtesy of Tawaret’s power) and saves Steven as he’s beaten down by Harrow.

What happens in the final fight?

The final fight begins, with Steven and Layla working together to stop Harrow. All seems lost… until Steven and Marc black-out between Harrow having them at his mercy and being stopped. There’s someone else inside them.

For now, Layla and Steven work together, taking Harrow’s body and trapping Amit inside him. The only way to stop this for good though is to kill Harrow. While Khonshu wants him to kill the old man, Steven decides not to. He also wants to be free as well, which the God allows.

Marc/Steven head back to their apartment and the story ends… or does it? Stay tuned, there’s a post-credit sequence!

What happens during the post-credit sequence?

This sequence involves Harrow, who happens to be in a psych ward. In a wheelchair, he’s taken down a hallway full of dead bodies and bundled into the back of a limo by a shadowy figure. Khonshu is there with him, as he taunts Harrow that the old God has an ace up his sleeve. And that ace? Jake Lockley; Steven’s third personality. He steps in as driver, turns to look at Harrow and shoots him dead.

The Episode Review

So the final episode of Moon Knight wraps up all the big plot points but it does so in a rather hurried way. We don’t really get much of an ending for Layla, despite her made out to be a big part of this final fight, while Marc/Steven returning to the real world so to speak could have done with a bit more Marvel-esque humour or re-integration, rather than just a quick scene in Steven’s apartment.

The final fight is pretty good though and there are some nice fight sequences involving Moon Knight, who finally gets back in costume this episode. It was perhaps obvious that he was going to return to life (The MCU is like Dragon Ball Z, no one ever stays dead!) and alas, Steven eventually returns to take out Amit before it’s too late.

There’s a great nod to the whole “laters gaters” line here too, given Amit has the head of a crocodile (yes, I know it’s not EXACTLY the same, but it’s pretty close!) and the resolution for stopping Amit is pretty good too, given it’s fitting with the theme.

Slightly rushed ending aside, Moon Knight does bow out with an enjoyable final episode, one that certainly leaves the door open for a possible second season to come. Whether this one is renewed or not though, remains to be seen.

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  1. It’s almost like the sixth sense lol you wanna go back and watch it again to see if you can catch any lockley teasers. I loved every minute of it. The whole thang!

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