Moon Knight – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Senfu’s Sarcophagus

Episode 3 of Moon Knight begins with Arthur leading a large caravan of people into Egypt. Using the scarab, he gets a fix on Ammit’s tomb and doubles his efforts to get there before Steven.

Meanwhile, Steven (who’s now Marc if you’ll remember) scrambles to find the location of the tomb himself. Noticing his reflection in a knife, Steven urges Marc to stop and seemingly takes control of his body again. It’s only temporary though, and Marc soon wakes up in a taxi bound for the airport. Naturally, he blacks out again and after chasing one of the goons, there’s a further blackout as Marc comes to and finds a knife plunged in the chest of a man.

Marc believes this is Steven’s doing but Steven urges him to listen and see the truth. There could well be a third in control here, but we’ll have to wait and see. With very few answers right now, Khonshu uses his magic to cause an eclipse in order to attract the attention of the Gods.

A secret entrance opens and in doing so, gains transport for Marc to head inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Inside, they find Horus, Isis, Tefnut, Osiris and Hathor there, ready to hear Khonshu’s account. Arthur also rocks up not long after, and encourages the Gods to see how unhinged Khonshu actually is. Not only that, he points out Steven has multiple personality disorder, turning the Gods against him. Arthur’s concerns fall on deaf ears.

Instead, Marc/Steven is given an alternate quest to find the location of Ammit’s tomb, focusing on finding Senfu’s sarcophagus.

As Mard begins questioning the locals, Layla shows up and agrees to help. Marc isn’t exactly thrilled, given their history and what Khonsu has planned.

Marc dons a new alias as Layla leads him over to see a guy called Anton Mogart. The thing is, Steven is the one with the knowledge on Egypt but he refuses to divulge it until he gets his body back.

The pair do end up arguing and eventually Steven succumbs and agrees to help. Mogart is smart and stops Marc in his tracks, holding him up at gunpoint. This is only stopped by Arthur showing up with his cane, seducing Mogart into giving up the tomb.

While they’re talking, Marc transforms into Moon Knight (hey, couldn’t he have done that literally 30 seconds before?) and quickly dispatches all the guards, shrugging off several gunshots. We then cut back and forth between Layla dispatching Mogart’s bodyguard while Moon Knight takes out the rest of the guards himself. Eventually though he stabs Mogart as he passes on his bike and takes off.

More importantly, Layla and Marc manage to take off with the cloth of star constellations. Layla encourages him to let Steven take control. As Steven takes the reigns of his own body, he manages to solve the star constellation almost immediately.

Instead of leaving and heading home though, Steven doubles down on helping to find Ammit’s tomb, pointing out that Layla’s initial idea to triangulate stars into coordinates is a good one. Stars move over time and the only solution is to use Khonshu’s powers to turn back the night sky to how the constellation was originally back then.

Khonshu’s meddling causes the Gods to take action as we see them imprison Khonshu. Arthur shows up at the Pyramid, where the Gods confirm that Khonshu has been tethered there, like so many before him.

Tellingly, Steven passes out in the middle of the desert but they do learn the location they’re seeking – it’s 29 degrees north and 25 degrees east.

The Episode Review

Moon Knight returns with one long fetch quest as we see our two sides racing to find Ammit’s tomb. The rules around Moon Knight’s powers, changing from Steven to Marc and all the intricate ideas around this haven’t been fully explained but it still makes for an enjoyable watch.

While the initial gimmick in episode 1 of switching away from the action and jumping in time is unique, this has now been overused to the point that it loses its effectiveness. At its worst, it distracts from the fight scenes. Did we really need to cut away from Moon Knight to see Layla tackle a bodyguard twice her size? We also know very little about Layla which will hopefully be resolved further on down the line.

For now though, Moon Knight delivers an effective and enjoyable episode, despite those gripes, but we’re still light on characterisation for the supporting characters and our main antagonist, Arthur. Hopefully the second half of this show can kick things into high gear.

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  1. The idea that the first plan they came up with and executed was to magically alter the sky instead of googling what did the stars look like 2000 years ago is ridiculous. Layla has a super advanced app that can immediately give her exact directions based on a couple very rough looking star chart fragments, but can’t imagine theres a planetarium app for looking at old skyscapes

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