Monsters at Work – Episode 8 Recap & Review

Little Monsters

Episode 8 of Monsters at Work begins with Tylor in trouble. He’s not a laughster and he’s struggling to make the kids laugh. Although it’s only a training exercise, it seems to be a sign of things to come.

However, back at Monsters Inc it’s a big day as all the kids show up and are teamed up with the MIFTers. Tylor decides to switch kids so he’s teamed up with Ms Flint’s child, Thalia. After all, if he can make her laugh then he could get some big brownie points and another shot at being a certified jokester.

Tylor eventually realizes, as the day drags on, that he’s not going to make Thalia laugh. In a fit of frustration, he vents to Val but Thalia overhears and decide to tell her Mum everything,

Tylor does manage to stop her, especially after a bit of a comedy mishap featuring doughnuts and sweet treats, and admits he’s just trying to make her laugh so he could get another audition.

Thalia is impressed with his honesty and it pays dividends. As the episode closes out, Thalia heads back to see her Mum and admits that Tylor was quite funny.

The Episode Review

Monsters at Work rolls round this week with another decent episode, this time showing the nature of honesty and not trying to be deceptive to get ahead.

It’s a good message and Monsters at Work has always done a great job of capturing that across its run-time. The show has a good theme and a wacky tone behind it, making each episode great fun to watch.

The ending is certainly intriguing too, leaving the door wide open for where the rest of the season may go.

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