Monsters at Work – Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Cover Up

Episode 5 of Monsters at Work begins with Needleman and Smitty parodying game shows. Specifically, this comes in the form of various different vacation doors, allowing monsters to head off and visit faraway worlds to spend their holidays.

These game shows extend over to the MIFTers too, as a wheel is spun to choose a new supervisor. Although Val wins, Duncan guilt-trips her into giving up the title to him. Consequently, it all goes to Duncan’s head as he takes advantage of everyone while he lies about and fails to pick up any of the slack.

Things soon take a turn for the worst as different gas canisters go awry and spin out across the room. This causes havoc across the entirety of Monsters Inc as a temporary blackout attracts the attention of the M.E.R.C. This happens to be an investigative team looking into electrical disturbances.

Workaholic Argus Blinks is the main man who arrives on campus, and he promises a change in management if there’s anything wrong.

Mike does his best to try and bribe the guy but it’s no good. He’s certainly not budging! Instead, Blink opens up a briefcase full of eyeballs, allowing him to keep an eye (no pun intended) on everything that’s happening across the company.

Well, one of those eyeballs spies Tylor and Duncan together covering up their evidence. Blink heads down to the basement and recommends Duncan be banished or fired for his efforts. As he talks, a rogue cannister falls from the ceiling and knocks him clean out.

After debating about whether to hide the body or not, the MIFTers decide on sending Blink on a well-earned two week vacation through the door instead. When he returns with Fitz, he’s certainly lighter and more bubbly. He agrees to write them up on a warning but thankfully no one loses their job.

Sulley and Mike are understandably not happy with Duncan. However, the MIFTers band together and manage to make sure everyone stays where they are.

During the post-episode comedy session, Mike is taken out on a stretcher on the back of his lesson for knock-knock jokes.

The Episode Review

Monsters At Work returns with another charming episode, this time diving into the world of power trips. We all know the guy (or girl). They get a whiff of power and before you know it, it goes straight to their head.

Much like the previous episodes in this series, the end-game here is very much on-point regarding its life lessons. This one is all about taking responsibility for your actions and – dare I say it – showing that with great power comes great responsibility.

Mike and Sulley do okay in their cameo roles too, with Mike’s bribery another amusing tidbit to add to his growing series of moments throughout the season. The real star here though is Duncan, who has a satisfying character arc right up to the very end.

Monsters at Work isn’t groundbreaking TV but it is an enjoyable ride that kids and adults can enjoy. This is another fine episode to add to the collection.

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