Monsters at Work – Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Damaged Room

Episode 3 of Monsters at Work begins with an emergency. There’s a damaged room alert, thanks to a monster stuck with a cold. Acid burns up the walls and Monsters Inc is called into emergency mode. This room happens to house one of their best gigglers.

This leads to the MIFTers forced to head in and fix the bedroom, with Tyler joining the gang for their first on-location gig. Unfortunately this also means bringing the baby out from the room while the bedroom is fixed. Sulley is all for this but after the incident with Boo, Mike doesn’t want to take any chances. So it falls to Mike to take control of Operation No-Wakey-Baby.

Sulley has tickets to the big game so Mike shows up with the child – dressed as a monster no less. Mike isn’t exactly enthused, especially when he’s the one who has to change the baby. Even worse, a rowdy fan behind them starts to get a little too aggressive with Mike. After a rogue baseball knocks him out, the pair decide to take their leave.

Back at the bedroom, things take a turn for the worst. The MIFTers are stuck thanks to a rogue football hitting the controls and shutting the room down. After a particularly funny moment involving the parents and one of our MIFTers pretending to be their kid, they’re saved by a worker back at Monsters Inc.

The one highlight here comes from Val though, who finally opens up and reveals that she didn’t know that many people back at university. Tylor was one of the few people who actually made an effort to talk to her. Val is convinced he doesn’t remember, until Tylor speaks up about his memories of college – and specifically of Val. It does the trick and Val brightens up as the pair end up as work buds.

With the work complete, the child is eventually returned thanks to Mike’s singing,  as the episode comes to a satisfying finish.

The Episode Review

Monsters at Work returns this week with another slice of animated goodness, right out of Monsters Inc. The decision to split up Mike and Sulley from the MIFTers is a good one, something that helps both sets of characters to thrive.

Everyone loves Sulley and Mike, and this week sees the duo back to their roots of looking after a little toddler. The baseball game certainly brought up some humorous moments and there’s some nicely timed jokes here too.

By comparison, the MIFTers are tasked with an on-location gig but the real highlight comes from Val and Tylor’s chat. Seeing the pair open up and finally end up on the same page is a nice inclusion, developing both their characters in a satisfying manner.

Given this is an animated show for kids, it’s difficult to be too critical although it’ll be interesting to see if this series has an overarching story or if it’ll be purely episodic content from here on out. Either way, Monsters at Work returns for another fun and vibrant episode.

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