Monster (2024) Movie Review – A very engaging and nail-biting thriller

A very engaging and nail-biting thriller

Never in my life did I think a movie with no dialogue would keep me this engaged but the latest Netflix Indonesia thriller – Monster – comes as a welcome surprise. The film has absolutely no dialogue apart from a few names thrown here and there and it is still one of those nail-biting thriller films that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Monster narrates the story of a young boy – Rabin – who’s kidnapped by a middle-aged man on his way back home from school. Rabin’s friend/older sister,  Alana, who was cycling back home with Rabin watches the man put Rabin in his car trunk and tries to flee but is taken hostage.

The man takes the two kids to a cottage but leaves Alana in the garage while taking Rabin inside the house and tying him up inside a room.

The film narrates Alana’s journey from escaping the man to saving her friend from the dark world. The film is well shot and the child actors playing Alana and Rabin are great at what they are doing. Anantya Kirana, who plays Alana,  is beyond phenomenal as she keeps you rooting for her until the very end. Due to the lack of dialogue, the movie leaves you with many unanswered questions.

You are left wondering why the man and Murni kidnap the kids, what their motives are, why they are killing young boys and what is up with chopping the dead bodies of the kidnapped boys and sending them away. All these questions are never answered and you are left wondering why you were rooting for the kids against the bad guys.

The first half of the film focuses on Alana’s battle with the man which leaves you perplexed. You catch a breath of fresh air once Alana comes victorious but soon realise that this was the beginning of it all and Alana has an even bigger enemy. Without any word being said, you are guessing what is to happen next. Be it Alana or Murni, you are eager to see what either party does and how the film ends.

The last section of Monster is just as infuriating as the rest of the film and it is in the last few seconds of this one that you can finally stop holding your breath. Monster makes for an engaging watch with little to no scary scenes but a whole lot of thrill.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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