Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Bogeyman

Episode 9 0f Dahmer begins with a brief glimpse of Dahmer’s situation in jail. Dahmer receives cash and letters from his admirers. His reputation as a serial killer seems to attract people who are drawn to the macabre. Dahmer is shown evolving into this figure who represents something sinister and hip.

Dahmer entertains his followers, responding to their letters, and even carrying out their requests, such as drawing and signing with his name. Dahmer’s popularity with his fans appears to have gotten to his head, and consequently we witness his outbursts at the prison’s lunch area. He acts insensitively and pulls practical jokes on the prisoners to amuse himself during his stay. His actions upset the other inmates, especially one in particular who we later learn suffers from psychotic breakdowns.

Glenda is seen attempting to return to her normal self. She leaves her daughter’s home to return to her own, where she is attempting to resume things as they were before Jeff. Glenda looks a little disoriented and recalls old memories, including the smell of dead bodies coming through her vent. Glenda’s daughter tries to convince her to stay at her house instead, but Glenda is adamant. After much discussion, she convinces Glenda to promise and follow the other residents outside if she feels scared.

By ordering a tape with whale sounds in exchange for the cash he received from his fans, Jeff causes chaos while in prison. He wakes up the other prisoners by playing whale sounds while he sleeps. When Jeff complains to a guard about how difficult it is for him to fall asleep, the guard tells him to take his complaint up with the warden rather than him and snatches away Jeff’s tape.

Tony’s mother, the mother of Jeff’s victim, receives a letter asking for her signature, which is included with Jeff’s unofficial biography. Infuriated, Tony’s mother seeks legal counsel to have the comic book pulled from publication because it is evil and insensitive. The attorney suggests a different course of action and lets her know that Jeff’s father is writing a book. He suggests that they divert any proceeds from his book and use them to pay Jeff’s victims, including herself instead.

Tony’s mother initially hesitates to go after Jeff’s father because she believes he and Shari are decent people, but the attorney persuades her to go after them and Dahmer.

Shari and Lionel Dahmer appear to be excited about Lionel’s upcoming book, and Jeff is notified about the book his father is writing on television while imprisoned. Jeff appears to be very pleased with his father’s efforts to change the course of the tragedy.

Lionel Dahmer learns the victims’ families’ intentions to seize any money he makes from the book. He speaks with a lawyer about the situation and tells him that he can’t compensate the victims as there aren’t any profits, to begin with. The lawyer tells Jeff’s parents that the families of the victims are pursuing the meagre earnings Jeff receives while imprisoned, and Lionel and Shari are upset.

At Konerak’s home, where Jeff’s victims’ family members live, we observe the situation. They are seen hosting a gathering and attempting to return to normal life. His father receives a cryptic call, possibly from one of Jeff’s fans, telling him to return to his native country because he is not an American.

Konerak’s brother, who was nearly killed by Jeff, has nightmares about the incident. Konerak’s mother tearfully tells them that they no longer even bring up her son as she cuts Konerak’s picture from all the family photos while sobbing.

At the same time that Glenda receives a commendation for her bravery, the two racist police officers who ignored Glenda’s requests that Jeff looked into are also felicitated.

When Konerak’s father and brother visit a lawyer, the lawyer devises a plan to file a federal court lawsuit against the city for failing to provide equal protection for Konerak and informs the family that they will seek 10 million dollars in damages. The attorney also tells them that Jeff’s possessions are being auctioned off and that the proceeds will benefit both the victims – including them. The deceased Konerak’s family is seen holding a ceremony in his honor and offering a prayer for him to find peace.

Glenda attempts to escape the trauma that Jeff’s incident caused her, but she is still plagued by the memory of Jeff cooking his victims and the smell coming through her vent. She tries to divert her attention, but it doesn’t work, so she joins the other residents who are taking shelter together in the lobby, trying to comfort one another because they are all frightened of what happened.

The manager of the building informs the residents the following morning that they are no longer permitted to sleep in the building’s lobby due to safety concerns. Instead, he tells them that those who wish to continue living in the building must pay 25% less rent, and he continues by telling them that those who wish to break their lease will not be penalized for doing so.

At Konerak’s memorial service, Glenda speaks with his father and begs for his forgiveness for not doing more to protect Konerak from Jeff even though she was aware that something was wrong. Konerak’s father assures her that it’s okay and that she tried her best.

We have already seen that Catherine Dahmer, Lionel’s mother, and Jeff’s grandmother, is a dementia patient, so Lionel Dahmer pays her a visit in the hospital. He updates her on the situation and tells her that the movie won’t be happening. He explains to her that his sole goal with the movie was to spread awareness to other parents about the early signs so they could be on the lookout for red flags. He goes on to say that she did her best for Jeff and that he truly loved her in his own special way. In addition, he affirms that she was a great mother to Lionel as well. After promising to return the following day, he leaves.

Outside Jeff’s building, his admirers can be seen taking offensive photos of them acting out murder scenes. As Glenda and her daughter pass by, they are furious at the scenario. Sandra, Glenda’s daughter, breaks a teen’s camera in a fit of rage and orders them to leave. Following the incident, Sandra is arrested on grounds that she assaulted a young man and broke his camera as he filed a complaint against her.

Konerak’s father and brother are informed by the attorney that the judge rejected their argument that the police had a duty under the constitution to protect their son. However, she tells them that the city has agreed to settle, admitting that they violated his rights to equal protection under the law. She tells them that the amount of money is less than what they anticipated—just 850,000 dollars—and further encourages them to accept it and begin the healing process.

A man named Joe Zilbert visits Konerak’s father and tells him that while he is aware that the auction’s proceeds would’ve been donated to the victims, he couldn’t bear the thought that the items would become collectibles and so he paid extra to have them all destroyed. He gives Konerak’s father his share of the funds – 32,000 – which represents his portion of the total distributed to 11 families.

Konerak’s father receives another call telling him to leave the country, and this time we see who calls him: the two racist police officers.

One of Jeff’s almost-victims is seen telling another that he avoids social situations and no longer goes out because he feels ashamed and finds it difficult and hurtful to be around people since he tested positive. The other assures him that he understands and makes an effort to convince him that he can’t remain hidden in his apartment permanently. Eventually, he will have to face his fears and begin living again.

Glenda is told by the building manager that she will receive a formal notice informing her that the city is purchasing the building and demolishing it. He continues by informing her that she and the other tenants will each receive reimbursement for their moving costs. She is then informed that they have 60 days to relocate.

She inquires as to what they intend to erect in its place, and the manager replies that a park might be constructed there. She continues by advising him that they ought to create a memorial in honor of the victims, to ensure that the victims are never forgotten. The manager promises to make sure to let them know what she told him. Glenda accepts the building manager’s sincere apologies and tells him thank you and that he is a good man.

Two months later, as the residents of the building watch from outside, the building is demolished.

Meanwhile, Jeff participates in a prison prayer meeting, where another prisoner stabs him in the neck. Jeff is saved and taken to a hospital. On the hospital bed, Jeff reads letters from his fans.

The Episode Review

The episode showcases the victims’ families’ attempts to resume normal lives, as well as Glendas’, Jeff’s next-door neighbor. Glenda is portrayed as having PTSD and we see her having nightmares about Jeff. The relatives of the victims are also shown to be struggling, each in their own unique way, amidst Jeff’s popularity.

Jeff’s father attempting to make the best of his situation, including writing a book to inform other parents about the warning signs to watch for in their kids. The families of the victims demand a share of the money he was due to make from the book and a movie that would follow. It breaks our hearts to witness Jeff’s father abandoning his desire to write the book.

Furthermore, Jeff’s situation in jail is also showcased. He is a fascinating figure because he manages to elicit both our pity and our contempt at the same time. Jeff is brilliantly portrayed by the actor, who does a brilliant job at bringing the character to life. He portrays an antagonist who is also the protagonist, and he is able to make the character sympathetic while also making him cold and cruel.

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